• Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

Throughout my life, I’ve always found myself attracted to people who shine, who are happy, and demonstrate positivity about themselves and others. Whether it’s “good vibrations”, big hearts, or maybe an innate sense of being able to find happiness; I strive to raise my consciousness and find joy in both the complexity of other humans and our shared journey through life.

As someone who believes in authenticity above all else, it’s easy for me to go forth in my days with the attitude that everyone out there deserves my acknowledgement and respect. When I go out, I tell myself that “I like everyone” and look forward to the magical moments that this mindset unfailingly provides. Often a laugh or smile with a stranger is enough to raise my spirit and belief that together we can be better, conquer our discordant world, and one day live in harmony.

Happy people who live in a high vibrational state are always ready to help, they’re calmer, more capable in times of crisis, and they consciously think about their actions and the importance of their words and meanings. They are the bright lights that beacon to us when we feel sad and lonely. Happy people vibrate on high, and their energy and spirit are always on display with a welcoming light and friendly smile.

I believe that empathy is a super-power that can bring so much to our lives. Learn to look at others with an open heart and let fear fade into your subconsciousness. Empathy grows with practice and creates a wider understanding of the world around us. It helps survive and adapt to change while easing the pains and fears of others. Set your goal to raise your empathy and feel the sublime joy that comes from raising your vibration.

As the Happiness Warrior, I spend a lot of my time writing and talking about happiness and how we can all be happier. I write from my heart and often feel like there’s something bigger guiding my voice. When I write I feel more connected to the power of the universe, and I can feel my vibration rise.

I went through most of my life hearing songs and popular sayings about good vibrations and how blissful that feeling was. I never really thought much about it, had many insecurities, and spent most of my energy just to feel safe and out of sight. I often struggled to reveal my authentic being and was at odds with myself. My earlier years were ones of survival and I had little time to care for my spirit and happiness. I was at war with ego and spirit on so many fronts with many years of self-created shame and doubt. My vibration was damped through my self-doubt and confusion about myself.

Today, my mission is clear, helping others to experience happiness on their own terms and start living their lives for themselves. It’s a gentle process and one that always brings me a sense of purpose and meaning. I don’t tell anyone what they should do but I listen to their innermost thoughts that they share with me. It’s a privilege to listen and to offer a thoughtful response. I help them to uncover the best parts of themselves to know their self-worth, help them realize their dreams, and discover their potential. It’s an undeniable truth that we are always happiest when we’re in service to others.

There are so many in our world who are marginalized and forgotten. The world has changed in the last few years and it’s time to let others speak and be heard. Imagine the world we could create when we can all feel empowered to use our voices to share our thoughts and experiences? How much have we missed out from those who we’ve marginalized, ignored, and forgotten?


People who live in a high vibrational state are not only happier, but they will find their lives are filled with more opportunities, experiences, and meaningful relationships. They are more able to reach their goals and find time to help others find their own path. They display happy emotions that act like magnets for others. They bring us together in times of chaos when the world feels lonely, and we feel forgotten. They know that a solid sense of the self is the foundation for living a good and happy life. They know that their actions can make a difference and seek experiences that raise all our lives.

People who live at a higher vibration are also healthier and have learned that their bodies are also a product of their minds. They’ve made the mind/body connection and use their wisdom to create more fulfilling lives for themselves and others. When we live in high vibration, we can get through almost anything with less struggle and more confidence!

As The Happiness Warrior I believe that words have spirit and intention is the power that creates the path that we take in life. This means that how we feel about ourselves and the words and thoughts that we use are a benefit that we often take for granted, ignore, or suppress. I believe that as humans we can control our outcomes and create the landscape that we envision for our lives. When we raise our vibration and look at the world with open hearts and minds, we can live the lives we dream of!

Stay true to your word and I can promise that you’ll be happier in every way. Integrity and self-esteem are all related to truth. Truthful people vibrate on a higher frequency and provide value with their words and actions.


Happiness is as much a chosen emotion as much as it can be a way of life. We are all passengers on this planet as it hurls through space and the attitude that we choose for ourselves is how we survive and build our best lives. Circumstances and obstacles will always be part of our experience and the attitude that we adapt is the way that we move forward and conquer our fears and expand our lives.

Know that this “attitude” is the framework for creating a purposeful and happier life. Some can take this too far and become too virtuous and judgmental. Be accepting of others and give them time and encouragement. Judgment only makes our hearts harder and dampens our spirit. Make a difference and help rather than criticize or berate unfairly. Shaming others lowers our vibration and weakens our connection with the universal energy source. Be proud of the attitude you take and show the world how at peace you are through self-acceptance and caring about others.


According to new age thinkers, gratitude is the highest level in our vibrational spectrum. When we are consciously grateful our vibration rises to new heights, and we live in a more peaceful mindset. Gratitude is a practice as much as a mindset and helps us to find happiness in even the darkest of times. Gratitude shows that we are thankful for what we have and humble in our hearts and minds. Our lives will be much happier when gratitude is a part of everything we do. We can always do better, and we can always be humbler and more forgiving.

People who are aware of their vibration and its power over their life and destiny all share things in common. They are grateful for life even when it’s hard and are always striving to be better. They are aware of their impact on others and feel a sense of purpose and duty. Who else will show up when the rest are hiding and living in fear? Good vibrations provide us with more than a sense of purpose but provide us with a new way of life. Consider these principles and how they relate to you in the present and be grateful for your wisdom and adaptable personal values:

1.       You think with a positive attitude and realize that all life’s challenges have solutions

2.       Your memories are focused on good times, and you’ve made amends and forgiven yourself for the past.

3.       You celebrate your successes and think about how you can do it even better the next time.

4.       You’re able to accept compliments and know the difference between flattery and ego driven praise.

5.       You surround yourself with positive and happy people wherever you go.

6.       You’re able to understand the natural process of grief and tragedy. Grief is like a spiral and eventually we rise and come to a new understanding.

7.       You practice gratitude and know that somewhere there’s another human suffering far greater than you. Perspective is a process of seeing the truth.

8.       You realize that not everything is black or white. There’s always a middle ground or something that you’ve not thought out thoroughly before making hard decisions.

9.       You go forth in your life with a feeling of love for yourself and empathy for others. You know that every life matters and just one kind gesture can change the world for someone.

Creating a higher vibration for our lives always starts now in the present. It doesn’t have to wait, it doesn’t take long to learn, and with practice it becomes more than a habit, but a way of life.

If you feel that you are living in a low vibrational state, the best thing to do is to stop and tell yourself that you deserve better. Say it aloud slowly and listen to your soothing voice. This is the first step to raising your life and vibration. Everyone can do this, and no one needs to be left behind. Know that you can do better and take small steps. Each step is a path to a higher vibrational life with more connection, understanding, and happiness.

Action taken in a low vibrational state will yield a result so much more different from an action taken in a high vibrational place. When we are thinking and living in high vibration, we stand a better chance of yielding a desirable outcome. Otherwise, we’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes and receive the same poor choices over again.

The energy of an action taken in high vibration generates the action required to change our lives. Anything we do with low vibrational energy causes a path of harm and self-destruction. Never waste time when you are frustrated, and your vibration feels weak. It’s not only self-defeating but it wastes valuable energy and stalls momentum.

Low vibration will give us clues at every juncture. They are signals that tell your body and mind that you need to slow down and keep your consciousness in the present. Snap judgments and fast reactions to events are self-created obstacles that slow us down, keep us from growing, and impair any chance of happiness.

Know that our vibration can always grow. The more of us that vibrate on high the better chance we will survive and be our best selves. Learn to love yourself and nourish your spirit, watch your life expand, and make your dreams come true. Vibrate on high and feel the love that surrounds and protects you. Life can be a magical journey when our compass is set for adventure and growth. Vibrate on high, love yourself more, change the world, and show them who you are!


Logic and systems are very important, but only when we are also in alignment with our thoughts and feelings can our actions create our intention and move forward in life. We can prioritize this alignment to help make better decisions and choices to take the right path in life. When we choose to take a simpler path of self-awareness and understanding we can help lead others to greater consciousness for themselves. A happiness warrior is always looking for ways to provide value for the greater good of all. Be your own happiness warrior and be at one with energy of the universe and live life at a higher vibration.

Good vibrations are more than just a hippie philosophy but provide a greater dynamic for life. Be your own Happiness Warrior and know that as humans we are all here to do our best for ourselves and our communities. We are best when we are united and working for a common good. All too often I see the opposite in our world and the chaos and harm that it invokes. We are our best when we are accepting of others and our love for ourselves shines on everyone. Good vibrations are everything and elemental for a good life. Soar free of conventional behaviors and restrictions and be your best. Raise your vibration and live with a sense of magic and purpose. Life is better when we’re “vibing” on high!

ERIC NORTH - The Happiness Warrior

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