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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

As the Happiness Warrior, I’ve always believed that every human deserves to be happy and enjoy life’s opportunities and choices.  A firm belief every human has meaning and purpose. It’s a life-affirming belief system that enables me to have empathy and compassion for others while maintaining an optimistic and healing mindset. Always in alignment with my desires and core values. It means that I choose to be cheerful and strong in any situation. I know that the only thing that matters is staying true to myself and keeping the steering wheel of life in the right direction. I tell myself that I’m the captain of my ship and I must be strong and steady to get through the storms.

Happiness is a lifestyle and attitude where bitterness and emotional drama are rejected. A mindset where we’re in control of our destiny while creating our own value. A choice to be happy when others need us the most. The ability to show others through the scope of our words and actions that happiness is something we deserve to feel at will.

Happiness might seem innate and very accessible for some, but for the vast majority of us happiness can feel elusive and something that we don’t deserve. A sad condition that’s all too easy to understand.

This is where we find ourselves currently in our fast paced and chaotic landscape. The sinking feeling that we’re just getting by and watching everything that we once knew disappear. Stuck in a vortex of self-created negative emotions and irrational fears. None of it is real and all self-created by our careless actions and self-degrading words. Lives that have so much promise hampered by self-created negative feelings and emotions. Hardly the life we dream about or deserve.

Most of this fear and dysfunction is caused by our addiction to gossip, and fabricated lies designed to trick and fool our minds. Propaganda and half-truths that are out to trap us in a perpetual cycle of paranoia, irrational hatred, and fear of the unknown. The decline in vibration that comes when we lose our sense of self-awareness and ability to function without causing harm to others.

This can cause us to fall into the trap of guilt and victimhood which are created in this setting of disinformation and hysteria. It causes us to believe that we don’t deserve to be happy and wallow in our misery. Placating ourselves with inactivity, laziness, online games, and symbiotic attachment to our cell phones.


The good news is that more and more of us are aware that we deserve to be happy and view it as a sacred right. We know that we can do more with our lives with a happy mindset and change the lives of others for the better. The ability to choose our own authentic state of being where happiness radiates from within, and our vibration rises.

Although we all have different circumstances and advantages, happiness is there for everyone to use to improve their perspective and self-confidence. It’s the key to helping us reunite and heal our divisions. The path to relearning what we have most in common and finding a happier middle ground where all are accounted for. A happy rise in self-respect and ability to empathize with others.

It's a proven fact that happy people will always become happier if they believe in their right to be happy and live life fully.

Bitter people will always become angrier and more closed off from the pleasures of life. This is exacerbated by all of the other negative feelings and emotions that are associated with sadness and lack of self-esteem.  Hurt people hurt others to hurt themselves further. They don’t know when to stop and have usually lost all sense of compassion for others. They live shorter lives and waste so much of their lifespan trying to get even or take a meaningless stand for something they don’t fully understand. Unable to apologize or admit when they are wrong. They are easily influenced and misled.


For those of us who’ve learned the value of forgiveness, empathy, and happiness certain traits and characteristics are universal and provide the only affirmation that we need. Happy people have a set of core values from which to draw from and know the difference between right and wrong. They choose to be courageous and strong.

For those who choose happiness over bitterness these are the things that we can do in our daily lives:

1.      We refuse to blame others and believe that the victimhood mentality has no place in our consciousness. We know that sometimes things just happen and are prepared for anything that might occur. A surprise event might change our path, but we are always ready to find new windows of opportunity that arise. We know that serendipity is always a possibility and that a setback is how we grow and learn to thrive.  Victimhood is the path to emotional and physical ruin.

2.       We know that all humans are connected and equal in value and purpose. We don’t single ourselves out as being special or better than anyone else. We know that a humble and open outlook is how we gain more perspective and momentum. We believe that happiness is a basic human right for all of humankind to enjoy and thrive. People who think they are special are always easy to con!

3.      We know that a cheerful countenance comes from our abundance of wisdom and courage. Happy people keep smiling even in the face of danger. We know the power that comes from maintaining our self-esteem and self-discipline. This is how we lift up others in their time of need.

4.      We know the difference it makes when we don’t allow ourselves to sink to negative thoughts and behaviors. We are unashamed of our ability to create positive habits and self-affirmations. It’s how we help shape our destiny and live a life of endless possibilities.

5.      We are always curious and continuously educating ourselves. Life is so short, and we have so much to learn which will inspire our creations and ideas.  Happy people know how much we can learn when we close our mouths and open our ears to listen.

6.      We realize that judging and shaming others is a window into our own irrational negative emotions and fears. It’s soul destroying and makes us look like fools.

7.      We know that despite how wrenching our heartaches can be that there is a reason and purpose for our temporary stress or misery. We know that time heals and that verbalizing our fears and troubles is the first step in making them grow smaller and disappear.  We love to come back from the darkness with more self-love and wisdom.

8.      We understand that a healthy balance in our ego is essential for happiness and serving others in times of need. We never take our ego too seriously and develop empathy and perspective. We realize that life is best played like a game that we can win if only we put our selfishness and greed aside.

Happiness is often called a choice which I believe is too finite and simplistic. As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that happiness is a mindset that we choose, but also one that can start small, grow, and flourish. Choose misery and make a big out of life or choose to be happy, grateful, and self-confident. We all know the answer lies in our heart. When we are kind and forgiving of ourselves anything can happen!




Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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