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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

As the Happiness Warrior, I’ve always thought that the best way to look at life is that we are all players in a great game with many levels and dimensions. This helps me to understand my place in the universe and the ability to shape my destiny. I have dreams that I’ve yet to explore and know that I have many adventures yet to come. I know that we are all capable of being our best and happiest when we learn to level up.

I’ve always engaged with a mindset that’s firmly planted in the here and now that provides a solid base to achieve our hopes and dreams. The process of learning to level up and get more of what we seek in life. A conscious effort to employ self-discipline. A life-affirming attitude where core values and the desire to succeed are both the message and method. Experiencing life with the ability to think freely and be the best version of ourselves. 

The life-changing powers that come when we can learn to love and believe in who we are and what we stand for. A desire to be authentic and grow. A spirit of renewal that comes from our desire to succeed.

 Leveling up is something that all of us have the opportunity to practice in our lives. It’s when we realize that we deserve more and can always be better. A fusion of self-discipline and destiny. A set belief that doing the hard work is how we grow and reap the results. An exciting new period in our life when we can let go of our inhibitions and finally start to believe in ourselves. The perfect place where we can live in harmony with our authenticity. A life lived fully without guilt or shame.

Authenticity is the goal when we realize that life has no boundaries. When the truth in our hearts provides the fuel for our thoughts and actions.

The process of leveling up starts with envisioning a life where we are consistently purposeful, confident, and actualized with a happiness focused perspective. This type of mindset that we can always be our best and that everything we need comes from within is the guiding principle for growth and wisdom. Providing the ability to direct our intention and align with the truth of our integrity is all that really matters. Integrity is the only thing that we can take with us when we pass.

What mattered in the past has no meaning and where we find ourselves at this moment in time is how we’re currently doing. Each move forward is a potential step towards a new beginning on the path to our destination. Skill is demonstrated by how well we are able to adapt when we encounter new obstacles and situations. An irrefutable understanding that life is never easy no matter how hard we try to avoid any problems. A mind-altering realization that the definition of winning is always elusive and difficult to define.

The game is never fair, but each misstep always has a lesson and clear message. Each win is a victory to savor for a moment before it’s forgotten. Every triumph or loss is a lesson on how well we listen.  A life-changing moment when we realize that intention is drawn from the understanding that comes from our last action or vocalization. Life is never certain, but when we are in control of our lives, greater happiness and serendipity always lie in waiting.

Sometimes the game of life is harder than we’ve ever imagined, and we feel trapped and unable to move. The hard truth is that we always have choices. A malleable mindset that can be improved where we grant ourselves the ability to think for ourselves and steer a new course.

We are capable of growing strong and creating wisdom.  It’s entirely self-directed and self-motivating. No one else can do it for us.

We can choose to adopt a positive mindset for manifestation and creating more happiness. We are stronger than we think and will always find ourselves tested. The trick is to understand that nothing is personal or preordained. No higher power has more authority than ourselves and the ability to think freely. We can persist and overcome almost anything when we know that a more fulfilling and powerful life takes work and self-discipline. A happier and more fulfilling life is always created by our powers within.

Many of us go through life ducking our heads, silencing our ideas, and trying to stay out of sight. We tell ourselves that we desperately want to be heard but shy away in fear and self-loathing. This causes so much unnecessary unhappiness that’s entirely self-created. We do what we’re programmed to do and repeat the same cycle in a misguided mindset of conformity and devotion. A life lived for the sake of others with a predetermined destination. We’ve forgotten what it means to think for ourselves and are terrified of defying convention. This is the time when we are most able to see the way to move forward and cast away all doubts and crippling fears. No looking back in the mirror.

As humans we are one big bundle of emotions, nerves, wiring, and receptors. These provide the pathway to success and self-acceptance or emotional failure. They can be consciously experienced and better understood with practice and intention. They can be controlled and used as needed to flow through the obstacles and pressures of the day.

We can use our self-directed powers to further our understanding of our truth and authenticity. A human who’s in control of their powers and emotions is someone who understands the gift of life and lives in gratitude and humility. Living in balance with their feelings and desires. Understanding that it takes work, good habits, and self-discipline to achieve greatness. Everything is earned on merit and strength of will and intention. This is how we learn to level up and create the lives that we’ve always dreamed about. The process of being better every day and knowing that anything is possible. The triumphant spirit that all humans share in one way or another.

The life-changing decision to become the best version of ourselves is how we learn to love and appreciate ourselves better. It’s how we express gratitude and show that we care about respect and appreciation for others. It’s how we learn to show up for our lives with grace and distinction. A mind-expanding process of learning to love ourselves better and create more fulfillment.
As The Happiness Warrior, I’ve always looked at work and personal development as privileges that are responsibilities as well as desires. I believe that we should live our lives by setting an example and striving to be the best versions of ourselves. It’s a choice and the barrier to entry is nonexistent. No matter how hard the world might feel like it’s against us, we have the power to accept fate or believe we can achieve anything.
1.      Realize that our thoughts and words create our reality.

2.      Dream, set goals, visualize, and activate.

3.      Develop a resilient and winning mindset.

4.      Respect time and use it effectively.

5.      Invest in personal growth and education.

6.      Learn to live authentically without need for external validation. Develop a clear plan for life that aligns with core values and intentions. Always picture a happy and exciting journey and create a vision to work towards.

7.      Incorporate good habits and healthy routines.

8.      Adapt a ready for anything mindset and learn to embrace challenges and look forward to finding solutions.

9.      Finding our passion is perhaps one of life’s greatest moments. The life-affirming realization that we’ll be happier when we’re aligned with our truth and purpose.

10.  Cultivate empathy and self-awareness. I like to think of this as leaving a softer footprint wherever I go. We know we are doing something right when others are happy to see us again.

Life will always provide us with uncertainty and moments of insecurity and self-doubt. The trick is to get to know and trust ourselves better. To learn to listen to our instinct and react with care and precision.

All of our actions and behaviors are diplomacy of sorts as we navigate through the game of life. Learn to care about being better and remember to learn to show ourselves more love, forgiveness, and acceptance. Growth comes from creating more happiness and connection in the world around us. Choose to be the best and do the best and experience the world from a new perspective. See the world with new eyes when we learn to level up!


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Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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