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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

We all know the feeling that comes when we’re unnoticed, feel disconnected, and fearful. It might be temporary and completely random in nature, but it can make us feel small and so alone. Life is often unfair, and many are easily forgotten or neglected. Put off for another time or occasion that will never happen. Lost in a sea of humanity and making the motions without any passion or conviction. Unnoticed, feeling unhappy and untethered.

A self-created paradigm that can easily be broken if we believe that we are worth it and allow ourselves to be happy and content with our lives. To stop time and look at where we are in the present and focus on self-discovery.

The day will come when we realize that all of our fears and misapprehensions were all imagined. We must get out of our own way and take courageous steps to make it happen. This is the moment we give ourselves permission to be happy.

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that we’d all be much happier if we can learn to love and trust ourselves enough to show up and be noticed for the first time in our lives. To be able to live in a place where the only permission and validation that we need comes from within. Where we are free to be unique and original. To feel the endorphins that come when the light is shining on us for a moment of shining intention. The rise in vibration that comes when we allow ourselves to belong and take part in the world around us. A renewal that comes from within without anyone else’s permission.

Being noticed comes from the state of grace and happiness that comes when we’re living in our authentic being. To be free of shame and judgment and stand tall in our mindset and physical being no matter our physical ability. The joyful process of learning who we are and yearning to share our thoughts and ideas with others. No longer bound by the conventions and rules that have always determined our happiness and outcomes.

No matter what our trials and terrors from the past, we have the choice to be happy and loosen our defenses.

So many of us go through our lives with our heads down seeking to be left alone and unnoticed. A fearful paradigm that can reign terror and panic at any time. Forcing us to question our choices and seek more forgiveness and understanding. A life spent hiding from the spotlight, honest criticism, and unrealized failures.

The feeling of being unnoticed usually comes from a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. This is ingrained in our patriarchal societal structures and shame-based means of control and subversion. Living our lives in communities of people who seek to control and divide us with their own irrational fears, unhappy belief systems, and unhealthy lifestyles. Determined to take others down with them because they can’t themselves.

There’s nothing more frustrating to a happy person than someone who has given up on their lives and is determined to live in the shadows. Never seeking joy and always expecting the worst. An almost fathomless fear-based attitude and mindset that’s always sitting out through the best parts of life. These are the people who need happiness the most and are often appalled by the attempts of others.

There’s always someone else nearby who needs a happy person to step into their life. The sense of connection and empathy that produces happiness hormones and smiles. The lights that stand out from all others continuously expand perspective and raise vibration. A happy person knows when to walk away when there’s no point or momentum.


One of the first things that will have the most impact on someone who seeks to be noticed and counted more in life is to spend more time outdoors and in direct sunlight. This raises natural vitamin D, but more importantly it brightens our mindset and makes our outlook more positive and hopeful. This will help us live longer and healthier and is crucial for brain health and hormonal production. When we’re in places with little daylight, a light box with a healthy spectrum or a short indoor tanning session can do wonders for our outlook and positivity.


There are no set rules or guidelines for being noticed and getting what we deserve in life. Know that all humans deserve to be happy, and that happiness is a basic human right. All of us are equally important and all of us deserve a fair and secure life.

Helping others rise with kindness and generosity is how we become noticed for all the right reasons. To share our dignity and courage in standing up for what we believe in. Empathy is contagious and showing others the path is another way to be noticed in a positive light. Continue with good acts and thoughtful deeds and see how others become attracted to our light. This will shift our consciousness and reinvent our destiny. It’s how we make our dreams come true and let others know how we feel about ourselves and our needs.


1.       Be aware that displaying anger in public hurts our credibility and cautions others from staying away. Notice how people who raise their voices and yell at others are quickly shunned and ignored. Others will always take note when we react with care, peace of mind, and intention. Strength is beautiful when it comes from someone who’s confident and self-directed.

2.       Words matter and never disappear. They have spirit and can be forever on someone else’s lips. Never speak too much or reveal more than is necessary. This makes us look desperate, sad, and untrustworthy.

3.       When we are excited and passionate we often talk too fast and rarely stop to consider if our message is being received. There’s no race and no one is measuring our intelligence by how fast we talk or rush through life.

4.       Embrace silence and provide assurance that a quiet space is an important part of anyone’s day. This creates an aura of respect and keeps them guessing. It’s up to us to reframe the picture and setting. What will we do or say next? Everyone’s waiting to see!

5.       Much like anything in life “less is more” and rambling in our speech shows a lack of clarity and an insecure unwillingness to give up the spotlight and respect other’s rights to be heard and counted. Say or think the following statement aloud and let it be our guide “Stick to the point”. As simple as that!

6.       Being noticed is being the one who listens with full attention and lack of judgment. Let others speak and share their thoughts and ideas. This can lead to an explosion of thought and actions in our personal journey.

7.       Learning to say no is usually one of the hardest things to do for someone who already feels unnoticed. It’s a vicious and demoralizing cycle that can only be ended by learning to say no and setting boundaries. This may feel like it’s too hard, but the first one is both profound and liberating. This is how we become noticed and respected. Now they want to know more about us. Humans are curious if anything.

8.       Learn to speak with strength without shouting or sounding angry. Confidence always wins over content. Someone who yells or denigrates others comes off as weak and pathetic. Be kind and empathetic and everyone will follow your way.

9.       Be decisive and use words and phrases that make a significant difference. Never say maybe or should in promise or pronouncement. Never promise with words and only with actions.  “I believe” and “I think” are words with conviction. This is how we get others to notice and listen.

10.    Be respectful of others and know when to be quiet and listen. Let everyone have a chance and learn more than you ever imagined. The joy of connection is the best part of being human. Give others space and they’ll be more inclined to grant us empathy and respect.

11.    Be real, live in our truth, and be our authentic selves. Know that being real is a privilege that we all have that so many take for granted. They think there’s a better future while squandering their happiness in the present.

One thing that’s incredible about our lives is our ability to change our mindset and attitude. We can learn to say no to our lowest impulses and begin to say yes to the acts of self-love and kindness that change the course of our existence. Learn to be noticed and look forward to each new day with hope and forgiveness. Keep this up and it won’t take long to be noticed!



Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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