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How to be someone to admire

  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

From my very first memories I can think of the people in my life who I’ve most admired and sought attention from. Relatives that shined above others, teachers who saw something in me, and people who spoke with passion and integrity. These were the examples of adulthood and maturity that served as a guide as I began to figure out my own life. In a world where I always felt like an outsider these were the people who made me believe in my powers within.

I think how lucky I’ve been to have such amazing role models to help guide experiences and my quest for answers. Those that are there, honest, steadfast, and strong. The warriors we need to help others rise and raise their vibration. The makers of change in a world so much in need of reinvention. People who know that true happiness comes when our actions benefit others. The transformational power that comes from serving the greater good.

In a world of so much mediocrity and hypocrisy it’s the role models and leaders that we see making a difference in helping us view our lives with more reality and self-awareness.

We can emulate their actions and listen to their words. We can alter our mindset for a broader understanding and perspective. Displayed in our thoughts and actions. We can try to build our lives on the teachings and wisdom from others. Learning from our failures and realizing that our attempts at greatness serve as inspiration for others.

We can be the winners of our own lives when we understand our purpose and intention. When we’ve solidified our core values that align with our true nature. Living in truth, leading the way, and forging the path for others in our wake. Leaders in mindset and actions. These are the values that will help make it happen:

1.      Make dignity a life value for ourselves and others. When we act in a dignified and reliable manner we highlight our best qualities. Dignity is the key to understanding the art of “showing up” for our lives. This will help in all areas of our life and provide great value in restoring happiness in the world around us. Without dignity we will never heal the divisions in our world. It’s always the respect that we show for ourselves that helps others find their sense of themselves.

2.      Understand that choices and opportunities generally have a short time window. It’s good to be able to take a step back and not act solely on impulses. A quicker answer that feels right is usually the best path to take. Some of the best opportunities come from the failure and dissolution of the original option. As we become more adept at decision making we will usually see the next step clearly in front of us.

3.      Slow down movements and learn to breathe deeply and slow the heart rate down. This helps others to slow down and adjust to our rhythm. This requires the ability to practice self-awareness and try to imagine our demeanor to someone else who’s observing. It’s magical when we use our powers for good and help others to relax and be more confident in themselves. This is how we produce good feelings, raise our vibration, and help us feel more grounded. It’s in our stillness that we create more peace with ourselves and our surroundings.

Another way to practice stillness is to set aside time to meditate or practice deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing is just as valuable as meditation to invoke greater compassion for ourselves and reach more understanding. It’s a way to relax in any situation.

Sometimes, it’s just as simple as one deep breath, inhaled and exhaled slowly to take us in for the win.

Avoid fidgeting and nervous movements in confined spaces, meetings, and waiting rooms. Fidgeting creates anxiety and nervousness in those around us.

4.      Be the leader in every situation and turn a blind eye to things that don’t matter. Those who exude upbeat and positive energy never let anyone down. They are never victims and believe that every problem has a solution. They are resolute in their determination that nothing can stop them for long. They are better able to get through chaos and reach the other side. Positive people personify happiness in its best form.

5.      Be kind and complimentary to others. Just one word or smile can make a huge difference in the course of someone’s day. When we are kinder to others it shows how much we love and value ourselves. This is one of the golden rules that will always make us more admirable and liked. It is a proven fact that negativity and sarcasm are the tools of someone who’s unhappy with themselves. Look at them with compassion and empathy rather than derision. Learn to identify when we know something, or someone is holding them back and give them space to deal with their emotions.

6.      A mindset where all actions have a value can become one of our core values in life. Everyone admires people who make a difference in actions rather than words. Be an example, strong in vision, and intention. When we learn to love and trust ourselves we always stand out for others.

7.      Remember that when we are gone we will be easily replaced and one day forgotten. Make the most out of life and let go of the past, each day is precious and a further chance to be better. When we give ourselves permission to be happy our lives will be enriched and have more opportunity to leave something that’s lasting.

8.      Learn to be generous with no expectations from others. This is how we find more gratitude for our own lives and develop more empathy for the plight of others. The spirit of giving is more than just a warm feeling. It’s the key to finding more happiness in our lives.

9.      Understand that victimhood only creates more unhappiness and disconnection. We want to hear the solutions to our struggles rather than the fallacy that life is unfair. Nothing shows how much we loathe ourselves than settling for a victim-mentality.  Adapt a ready for anything mindset and realize that a magical life is possible.

10. Don’t do foolish things and make sure all actions have value. The need for attention says more about our lack of self-esteem than anything else. Raise vibration and momentum by becoming that person that we most love and admire. We’re always better than we think we deserve. Change the script and change the outcome for the better.

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that we are all more powerful and creative than we give ourselves credit for. When we can shift our attitude and mindset to one of self-belief and dignity we can begin to become someone that others admire and take inspiration from. We can be our best selves by example and assume that everyone is always watching. Never mind the spectators and pay attention to how we feel inside. Nothing says it better than being the person we most admire!

Eric North


Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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