Love and Pain of Twin Flames

  • Written by Dr. Linda Salvin

As a psychic and healer, I am constantly asked if the person they are dating is their soul mate? their twin? their actual love.? Most of the time, regrettably, I need to respond with a no. There have been hundreds of books and articles written on love, twin flames, soulmates and partners as far back as one can research.

What is a twin flame also known as twin soul? The soul enters our body upon the first breath. It exists upon the last breath. We can bury a body and cremate a body. However, we cannot cremate a soul. It lives on and on forever, through hundreds of not thousands of incarnations.

Most of the people we encounter in our lifetime who we connect to, love, befriend, have a relationship with, regardless of gender identification, is due to a soul connection; an attraction.

I call it the ‘soul circle’. We come together at different times of life to reunite, complete a lesson fulfill an unfinished love or evolve into something greater for partnership and companionship. We have shared interests, talents, goals and loves.

There are three basic levels of soul mates but there is only one twin. Many relationships are often for companionship, friendship, to conquer studies, work or projects together. These are always platonic, never physical or sexual. People can be friends forever with a bond no one or thing can break but the goal is accomplished or friendship is one that travels forever on this journey through life.

We find ‘the one’ where we are so connected we can’t breathe without them. Until of course, the layers of the artichoke are pealed while reaching the heart. Karmic relationships usually of this sort. Long lasting, lessons, behavior and societal goals to meet together. The majority of marriage are usually karmic. The people fall in love or find a security they do not feel with anyone else.

We have mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects to the self. Karmic relationships usually have 2-3 of the variables in common. One is usually missing causing the disconnect, the search, surrender, compromise to what is. Most karmic relationship bring in the children. The children choose the parents for soul development and lessons to be learned. Most of the time it is a reincarnated soul connection to complete lessons or unfinished business.

We have all been male and female in different incarnations. We have aa level of androgyny to achieve, which is the balance between our masculine and feminine selves. Spiritually, a female soul could enter a male body and a male body enter a female soul. Thus, the various gender identification which is also a soul mate issue.

We are attracted to the soul in the body before us. Friends in grammar school, work, college, organizations, neighborhoods. We get along with certain personalities and are totally rejected and pained by others. The soul group brings the right people together. True soulmates, especially twins, will live, love and work together. They often have a similar physique or common features that connect attract and connect them. Yes, love is only skin deep, as the saying goes. The of course physical attraction but it’s the emotions and the soul, the mental compatibility, that make the whole

We think and feel ‘this is it’ and often times it is but not forever. The twin. Is this my twin????

I often hear from clients “I’ve never felt like this before”. Yes, it is the love bug bite but when it is a deep soul connection, the overwhelming thoughts, feelings, fantasies, pains, joys, struggles are more than the usual dating conflicts. The feelings are deep. The lessons are intense.

Different from a compatible or karmic relationship, the twin is like the other half of ourselves we have searching for our entire life. The missing half, the missing part seems to attach to us, complete us, irritate us, love us. We become whole, strong, cry, break and love in a way never known or experienced until the reunion of the twin. The souls reunite on the path at a time each person is ready for the lessons at the deepest level.

The presence of the other stimulates feelings, growth, love, need, want unlike anything before.

Sometimes the feelings and energy are too intense for one or the other and the union is never brought to fruition. Looking at each other can send chills through the spine, the eyes appear familiar or the voice resonates deep to the core and it is also familiar. We may not be attracted to the person but there is some magnetic pull, deep desire, passion, to know every detail, never let go and just move forward with this person.

There are tests with various opportunities depending on the emotional preparedness of the person being presented with a true twin. They say there is only one twin. There are many soul mates along the way that are so close to the twin we can become confused. Pushed to the edge of our limits and sanity. The ups, downs, pains, abandonment, what ifs. The stares, stuttered comments, inability to talk when the fear becomes overwhelming and those under the twin bond have no idea why they are stuttering, stumbling or fumbling. Most of the time, as I mentioned earlier, one will walk away out of fear.

The twin enters at a time the lessons that 3-4 of the variables are ready for compatibility, love,

acceptance. The people can fight, run, argue, regret, grow, strengthen and return for more. The couple who pushes through their fears, doubts, insecurities, healing from their pasts, releasing old loves, memories, resentments and allowing new people in, judgment and all, usually find their other half as arrived. The struggle and healing begins. They walk together and learn together until they know their need for each other; they recognize each other, they feel it deep within. This is different from obsession. It is inescapable. We can be on opposite sides of the planet and the feelings, energy, live deep within, cutting to the core.

When the twin is near or far, we can almost feel crazy but we are not; there truly is a telepathic connection where we hear the thoughts. Or the name repeats over and over like a mantra. Then there is the sexual and passionate energy that is overwhelming, seemingly out of nowhere; it’s ‘them’ thinking of us. Yes, the twin is potent, exciting and dangerously delicious.

Do all twins end up together? Absolutely not. As stated above, the fear usually overwhelms the person to take action. Sometimes the twin shows up with the other in a karmic marriage and unable or unwilling to divorce for love of their true soul yearning. When this happens, the married or committed half is in pain, loses sleep, feels guilty and realizes their own unhappiness.

I have seen two married people meet, divorce their respect families and start new in the true twin relationship. I have seen one have the affair and never leave the marriage but fall into depression, withdraw and never enjoy life as the other half is not there permanently. I have seen the runner from the intensity. But most importantly, I have seen the brave broken souls

who search and wait long enough to meet the twin, end up in the most loving, fun, teasing, passionate and exciting relationships of all time. They heal each other, accept their pasts and failures, succeed in new ventures and embrace life as the two halves finally become one.

The twin is the most difficult to encounter, the most difficult to get to but once the obstacles are overcome, the love is trusting, faithful, honest, loyal, childlike and for the rest of their lives.

The search for the other half is ended. A sense of peace and protection finally takes each hand as the two minds, hearts and souls braid for the twin soul reunion of love.

Dr. Linda Salvin

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