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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

For so many of us happiness might feel like something we’re always seeking that seems just out of reach. We all want more happiness, but most of us forget to realize that it’s actually truth and vulnerability that we are truly seeking. A happiness mindset where we are more self-aware and at peace with ourselves. Recognizing and developing our innate powers and living in our truth. An attitude that we will always know how to set things right. Following the path of the universe as a guide and living by the values that are needed to live a genuinely happier life. Life is much easier and fulfilling when we can follow a few basic rules that will show us the light.

No matter how hard we try, we often fail to see what’s right in front of us. Happiness is built into our daily existence through the smallest things and simple pleasures. It’s just a matter of understanding the life-affirming powers of gratitude, perspective, and self-awareness. The ability to believe that happiness comes from within and understanding the basic laws that guide us. A mindset built on self-actualization and realization that we are never going to be happy every moment.

Most of us go through our daily lives seeking the easier path of least resistance. A misguided mindset that will always hold us back from experiencing life fully. Going through life trying to stay safe and avoid confronting their fears and frustration.

To some extent most of us are manipulated by the powers that seek to control us. Spewers of propaganda, mistruths, and hate that are meticulously designed to sow fear and division. To make us become dependent on others to make our decisions for us and silence our voice. Through no fault of our own we can be easily misled and set out on the path of self-destructive negative emotions and unrealized self-created fears. This can cause us to feel panicked, scared, and increasingly disconnected from others. Don’t fall for the victim or martyr trap. Nothing good comes from self-sacrifice over logic and integrity.

The truth is that we are more powerful than we believe and that all of us deserve better than we’re told and have been led to believe.. We deserve to find happiness and fulfillment. We deserve to feel self-actualized and live in authenticity. Vulnerable in the strength of our character and dignity. Able to see and realize the laws of life that guide our connection with the energy of the universe. We can rise when we learn that all we need to know happiness and personal responsibility comes from within. That happiness is ours alone to create and share with others. To be self-aware and self-activated by knowing the simple rules that enhance our lives. The four easy rules to follow will guide our actions and intentions.

One of the most important stages in our lives is when we realize that our mindset and attitude are ours alone to create and develop. A life-affirming process where we give ourselves permission to raise our perspective and vibration. A belief that we are self-worth is greater than our fears and inhibitions.

As The Happiness Warrior, I’ve always believed that there are certain principles or laws of life that are universal and intuitively understood by all. They are guides that are accessible to all humans, but too often we ignore the energy of the universe and forget that we deserve better. Too easily we settle for submissive lives where others make our decisions and manipulate our destiny for their own desires. The forgotten principles and basic laws of life which provide us with hope and resilience. Rules of happiness that create strength of character and greater wisdom. Basic rights and responsibilities that propel our momentum and intention. Truths that provide a foundation for living happier and more authentic lives. Guidelines that help keep us tethered to reality.


Adapt a ready for anything mindset and watch all fears and hesitations disappear. Be mindful that there isn’t a reason for everything that happens or some sort of celestial plan. It’s in our mindset and adherence to our core values that we can overcome anything that comes our way. In this world of ours that’s constantly challenging us with escalating lies and confusion, being “ready for anything” is how we maintain control of our lives and destiny.


Every problem has a solution no matter how far away it might seem. Time will pass inevitably, and circumstances will change. Even the solution we thought of in the beginning may be subject to new factors and information. A winning mindset is one in which we tell ourselves that we will always win however we want to define it.

-- Identifying the problem is when we create conscious awareness about whatever is currently wrong and the need to resolve it. This requires self-awareness and the ability to see our lives with perspective and forgiveness. Take ownership and realize that life will always create more problems.

-- Problems can feel overwhelming and make us want to give up, retreat, or resort to self-defeating behaviors such as overconsumption of food or alcohol. This is guaranteed to solve nothing and enhance the scope of the problem.

-- Problems must be identified and solved at their root cause. Be honest and look inwards and be ready to assume responsibility. Even if we were not the stimulus we still have a responsibility to clean our lives up and live in truth.

-- Define objectives and steer towards a clear outcome that serves not just our own needs but satisfies the common good. This is how we build trust and become better leaders. Never let anyone else take a hold of the wheel and always keep the endgame in mind. Self-discipline will grow and we will be happier and satisfied with the outcome.

-- Always deviate from making assumptions and generate different possible outcomes. Most of the time what we feared the most will never happen. Keep an open mind and a positive vibration and serendipity will occur.

-- Evaluate possible solutions and outcomes to get a better idea of resources and expectations. It’s easier to adapt and change when we are ready for any scenario.

-- Once the path is taken make sure to implement solutions to moving forward with a lighter path. Learn to bend and flow and let the energy of the universe guide our actions and emotions. Life has a way of setting things right when we take the path of less drama and resistance.


Prioritize knowledge and intelligence over material things and monetary gains. This is how we build our wealth and prosper through grace and integrity. When we consciously attempt to be our best every day it’s very hard to take anything from us. A mindset of growth and accountability that helps us to rise and raise our vibration.

-- Those individuals who are the most informed and adaptable are the humans that thrive. Be conscious in broadening perspective and seize opportunities that come from more informed decisions.

-- Commit to a mindset of life-long learning puts ourselves in a better position in a rapidly changing and more chaotic world. Be the pillar of strength that others are seeking. This creates more stability and happiness in the world around us.

-- We are always happiest when we’re focused on personal growth instead of material gains. This enhances our ability to innovate and provide value to our communities. This is the gateway to creating true wealth and prosperity.


Keep in mind that not everything requires immediate action or decision. Our brains are designed to handle thousands of decisions every day, but being able to prioritize and compartmentalize is a valuable life skill that helps us stay on top of our game. It helps us to avoid burnout and guilt. It helps us to remain stable through any disruption or obstacle. It allows us to be measured and looked upon as symbols of strength. A simple law to remember the next time we’re feeling overwhelmed or unappreciated.

The tenants of life are few and universal and the rules of happiness are entwined in our human experience. Live with a clear head, learn to think freely, and always move forward in life with a belief that happiness will always guide our journey. When we follow the rules of happiness we will always live our best life!



Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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