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Danny Winn-An Acting Master Class A-Z, JOBSS.-Joyous Opportunities

  • Written by Danny Winn

In the US and even in your own state there are many acting jobs to be had. So many opportunities and quite honestly many ways to submit to them as well. Now I know that the first manner of submission that may come to mind is procuring a talent agent or manager. While that is always a good thing, it is not always easily attained. Especially in the smaller markets where the buddy game is played so heavily. In these markets an agent likes you more if you have brown nosed some people as well as taken all the training classes that their connected friends in the biz are teaching. #BluntHonesty. Personally, I chose a different path. It has been and always will be my belief that an actor knows best how to promote/sell themselves for a gig better than an agent. The agents and managers represent so many other actors and mostly submit them by the breakdown description and buddy system. Now one may ask, what does Danny Winn know? Well first off go to IMDb and start a membership if you have not already because this will be one of your joyous self-submission opportunities. Then click here on my IMDb profile and review my Credits. Considering my first time on a set was in 2015 and I shut down for one year after my Father’s passing as well as another COVID delay I have acquired quite a few gigs. I am also very selective and turn away short films and many Feature Film scripts. Yet still I have acquired quite a few credits. #maticulousActor. Therefore, I must know a bit of something so do please practice some of what I will teach you here as in all my columns. I have proof to my pudding. #ProudActor.

By this time you have some selective head shots and a proper resume. If not then please click next and previos at the end of this class to review my other columns that cover this matter. #GreatJob. Have you developed a wonderful sentence or two describing yourself yet? You will want this for your Joyous Submissions! Maybe something such as; ‘Experienced, Trained, working actor. Works well with re-direct and character development. Presently available and my headshots are the current look.’ Keep it short, simple and to the point with these keys comments in mind and then make it your own. Casting Directors, Producers and such do not like to read long submissions. #Short&Sweet. For you beginning Actors, they do especially enjoy the, ”works well with re-direct and character developement” comment. They know you are fresh and may not hit the mark. These words will help them to feel that you will listen to them and are open to another character approach. #NailontheHead. If you have several headshots then select the one that best represents the role you are submitting for. Like my cheesy father look or all around nice guy here.

You get the picture, no pun intended. Hmmmm…I am curious what actually ran through your mind on that photo…lol Feel free to contact me on the links below and let me know. Please do be kind though. As you know, us actors do have confidence issues. Ba ha ha ha!!

Just like the agencies, you too have the availablity to submit on the same Breakdown Services as said agencies. At times they may see the breakdown a day or two before you, but do not worry my dear friend. These roles have not been cast yet. It sure does make them feel good that they saw it first though. #DeviousGrin.

Here are some of the breakdown services that I recommend. Of course use the IMDb free submission/Job service they offer. I would not get into the other paid services they now list in their Job postings. Simply stick with the IMDb when listing your filter preferences. You will find that the majority of all the IMDb postings are with smaller, new production companies and Directors. These are great for the aspiring actor. I feel the most advantages breakdown service to said actors is Actors Access. AA is well recognized and used by Casting Directors, big Studios and Indie Productions. They cover theatre, film, network series, web series, short films and commercials. Most of them do but I have found AA to be more useful to the actor than some of the coming services I will mention. In the Actors Access membership you also receive free unlimited sumbmissions and ECO casts. ECO casts are essentually the self taping and live audition services of AA.

Another service that now is the sole service for 20th Century FOX and others is Casting Networks. This service has many of the same membership benefits as Actors Access. I also found that the CN breakdown service offers a great deal more in the way of Commercial casting calls. If you are more of a commercial booking actor you will definitely want to join this service. Casting Networks covers the same regions as well as the United Kingdom. Personally I seem to not have the look that catches the commercial market therefore CN never really did much for me. You must wiegh the options carefully as you should keep in mind that each one has a fee and they do add up.

The next breakdown service became a favorite of mine for a different reason than the afore mentioned services. This would be Cast it Talent services. The membership offers much of the same as they all do. I never did book out of this one. I started this BS (breakdown service) just before I ended all of my breakdown service memberships. I out grew the role size that is mostly offered as you will too in good time. I learned that Cast It Talent is actually a go to for many known actors who are casting some of their own Indie films. That is a nice touch as you will be seen by the actors directly in many ways. This can always lead to something other than what you are submitting for originally. If you are memorable of course, so be memorable and different. #Originality. My favorite option that CIT offers is a feedback section to any reel, self tape, or even a movie clip of you. You can send in the clip and it will actually be reviewed and personally commented on by film executives. I am speaking of Casting Director’s and such from FOX, HBO, Showtime, Netflix and so on. I found this to be my most useful tool. You actually receive feedback from the big dogs who may be looking at you in the future for roles. If you are good and these folks continually see your feedback submissions, you will remain in their mind. They may recall your fine work in a separate submission for another role in front of them. This is also a wonderful feature to fine tune your acting skills with some brutally honest and unbias opinions. You will need thick skin at times but this is a great part of an actors learning and training. #NoKarensorNancys. I would highkly recommend these folks. Worth every penny even if only for this option.

This column now brings light to Spotlight. This casting service is the most known for Europe and is based out of the United Kingdom. If you are like me and enjoy paid working vacations in Europe this is your deal. Just to give you an idea…I booked once out of here for Genius Picasso directed by Ron Howard and Starring Antonio Banderas which was filmed in Bucharest. I couldn’t perform it due to scheduling, but it gives you an idea. Spotlight offers much of the same as the others as far as membership service goes so I will not go into this deeply here.

While enjoying your Joyous Opportunities of Self-Submission with these services you are able to submit to many regions in the US and elswhere. This will also expand your circle of Joyous Opportunty as you are not limited to only the place that you reside. This in turn will raise your ratio of booking possiblities as well. It will also open you up to the larger Production Studios without an Agent/Manager, or moving to LA or NYC and so on. This has become much more common now with all of the self taping and video auditions that the industry has headed to. You may learn more about self taping and such in previous Master Class articles of mine where this has been discussed. Yes…by clicking the next or previous buttons at the end of this class. You follow direction so well! #GoodActorhabits.

As I mentioned earlier, all of these services do cost money. They may run anywhere from 10 dolars to 20 and a bit more each month. You must deliberate wisely on your choices and the affects on your wallet. I have already mentioned the commercial aspect of CN which can help you in that decision. In theatrical matters outside of commercial my advice would be the following. If only aloowing one in your budget then go to Actors Access. If two then definitely add on Cast it Talent for that feedback option. If three than add the Casting Netoworks. For three or more, well go for the obvious. Shoot for that paid working vaction over in the UK or Europe with Spotlight. Decide wisely and keep in mind that this is money well spent if you are looking to become a full time working actor. #DaretoDream

As always, if you wish to comment, question, verbally spank or even get some coaching lessons. Connect with me on the links to follow. Reach for the Stars my Actor Friends!




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