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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

As The Happiness Warrior, I’ve always believed that life is best when viewed as a game that always must be played to win. A mindset where we’re fully engaged with our consciousness and intention in a timeline of our own creation. How we choose to play this great game is how we determine our destiny and make our dreams come true. A lifelong commitment to examining our actions and end results. A belief that we can do anything when we are able to be self-aware and accountable for our actions.

It’s a mindset where no win comes without a cost or sacrifice. Never fair and never easy for too long. A game that begins as soon as our eyes first open and suspends in our last breath.

Playing the game of life is not an option or a place where we can hide. No one is immune or allowed to opt out. The game of life is for anyone who’s living and breathing. We all have a place to be, and we all have a purpose.

Played best at our own speed and discretion. I’m here to show us how to make it more affirmative and exhilarating. We can choose to be happy and accept our fate. Each move we take has both an action and a consequence.

Good habits become ingrained when we begin to realize that every win is hard-earned through self-discipline, courage, purpose, and intention. A successful life is the life we all desire and within all of our capabilities. Why do so many of us make it so hard to let it happen?

Humans can be an enigmatic mystery, and our actions aren’t always life-affirming, truthful, and fulfilling. We create obstacles and emotional dramas that fill our days with questioning and shame. We waste so much of our precious time needing to be right or force our opinions upon others.

This creates a negative loop where we’re afraid to voice our opinions because we think that no one wants to hear us. We’ve built fortresses of unfounded and self-created fears that prevent us from moving forward. This is not how life is supposed to be lived in empty promises, unhappy outcomes, and inconsequential resolutions. A perfect place from which to rebound and rebuild our spirit when we give ourselves permission to be successful and happy.


A happier and more successful life is something that all of us are capable of when we follow a few truths, rules, and observations. We have the tools and abilities to change our lives when we know that we can conquer our fears and learn how to win.

The growth and mindset for success and happiness are entwined together. A being who rises in vibration while making the world better. A truly successful human is someone who unites rather than divides and helps us understand and appreciate each other.

Progress proliferates when our intention is set to rise, live in truth, and grow wisdom. The development of affirmations to make each day happier and successful than the day before. To know that we have the ability to learn anything that strikes us. Success in anything we do in life is only as hard as we make it.

Self-belief is the starting point for learning to love and trust ourselves better. The sanctified right to live according to our beliefs and core values. To be strong in the face of adversity and learn to face life head on. Each day walking taller in a figurative manner. Success can come slowly but when our momentum is focused it will always flourish and grow even larger.

When we install a mindset that we deserve to be happy and successful, the life we envision will begin to appear in our perspective and dreams. We’ll see things in a new light of self-awareness. Gratitude for our hard work and perseverance will forever be in our consciousness. A grateful guide to new opportunities and better choices. An inalienable right to be happy and show up for our lives. A self-directed belief that we are capable of anything!

Success is not defined identically by any of us. What might make us feel safe and fulfilled might be a desperate cry for help from someone else. The truth is that we never know what anyone else is really thinking or praising.

People talk and say whatever they think we want to hear and rarely tell us the whole story. This profound realization can be a time for all of us to spend a little time on introspection and honesty. Are we being successful and happy when we are not living our lives authentically?


Success isn’t something that anyone should ever take for granted or fill us with envy. It’s the end-result of another’s hard work and commitment and should be applauded and appreciated. These are the people who live their lives to a higher standard and know that their actions are constantly evaluated. They put themselves out there because they love and believe in themselves. Totally weaned from the need for approval and validation from others.

They think freely and make decisions with reason and wisdom. They are able to remain stable and strong through the worst times in life. The heroes we need in the world as it stands in the moment. The happy warriors who believe in the greater good for all. Successful and happy because they’ve created lives that matter. They smile through the pain and propel themselves forward.

They know that:

1.      Life is a game that can be played with joy and wonder

2.      They are fully confident that they have what it takes to succeed in life.

3.      Honesty and transparency are the best policies. Secrets and lies are more difficult to replicate and hide over time. They waste so many of our resources and create emotional dysfunction.

4.      If they want something, they need to work for it and create a plan.

5.      A vision for life is a plan that inspires us to take action.

6.      They understand the work that goes on behind the scenes that creates the magic.

7.      Taking notes helps us to keep the past in its place and allows us to be more aware of the present. Always carry receipts to get the most out of life and provide accountability.

8.      Mistakes and errors of judgment can be forgiven, but it’s the lesson that comes from these missteps that help us move forward.

9.      Fear is only as frightening as we make it. Too often we are paralyzed by fear of the unknown or allow our imaginations to take over. We retreat, feel guilt, and treat ourselves harder.

10.  Milestones and goals are the result of following our core values and mission.

11.  The greatest investment is one that we make in ourselves. Make the mind/body connection to make this even more powerful and realize the magnificence of our beautiful bodies.

12.  Dropping things or people that don’t align with our mindset is a way to move forward in life with more definition and happiness.

13.  Learning never stops, and knowledge is power and might.

For too long we’ve been taught that success and happiness are two words and lifestyles that are in opposition to each other. Each is defined in their own terms, but they are equally important for creating our most balanced and optimal lives. We can’t have one without the other and the happier path is always the way to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. All of us deserve to make the most out of our lives. The decision starts from within!



Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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