Where to stay in Bulgaria Black sea?

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The vast, sandy beaches, the crystal-clear water, and the enormous range of resorts and holiday destinations are what make the Bulgarian coast so popular. Everyone may find something to enjoy, whether they are a family, a young person looking for adventure, or a nature lover wanting a quiet getaway. Bulgarian Black sea resorts were inhabited for a very long time. In many beach towns and resorts in Bulgaria, you may visit priceless historical monuments, which is a wonderful chance to broaden your trip and experience ancient times.


Excellent recreational options may be found here. The quaint tiny resort towns, vast beaches with excellent golden sand, and clear, welcoming sea will appeal to those who love traditional seaside vacations. There are several tiny family hotels and opulent resort complexes in this region.

  • * The city of Varna is the descendant of an old Thracian hamlet that subsequently developed into a well-liked vacation spot for Roman and Byzantine nobility. Today, Varna is a sizable, contemporary seaside city with a wide range of leisure and recreational options. There are several hotels in the city to suit every preference and price range. The Sea Garden, the golden beaches, the turquoise sea, the vibrant cultural life of the city, and the numerous points of interest all fascinate visitors to Varna.
  • Balchik is a charming village tucked away in the northern Black Sea. Here, nature's splendor genuinely mesmerizes. The Romanian Queen Maria was so enthralled by it that she constructed Quiet Nest as her vacation residence. She enlisted the help of famous botanists and architects to construct one of the most exquisite locations on earth.
  • Large Black Sea resort Albena provides a tranquil leisure experience and is surrounded by a thick, green forest. With excellent white sand, the beach is both long and wide.
  • One of Bulgaria's first resorts on the Black Sea is called Golden Sands. It is the capital of Bulgaria's maritime industry. There are several hotels of varied sizes and classifications. They are located adjacent to the golden beach in the calm, fresh surroundings of the National Park's Golden Sands woodland.


  • Burgas is a big, contemporary city in Bulgaria. Many individuals decide to spend their summer vacations at the beach in this city. Burgas provides fantastic holiday prospects by fusing lovely beaches and natural areas with the conveniences and advantages of a large metropolis.
  • The largest resort in Bulgaria is Sunny Beach. Young folks enjoy going there for clubs and parties. Celebrities and DJs from throughout the world are frequently asked to play during the summer. Sunny Beach provides a variety of other activities in addition to its numerous contemporary clubs and pubs.
  • Another well-known resort in Bulgaria is Nessebar. The seaside community features contemporary hotels, a lovely sandy beach, and a significant historical and cultural past.
  • Probably one of the best Black Sea resorts is Sozopol. Small eateries are perched on the Old Town's seaside cliffs, which provide a stunning view of three islands.
  • Pomorie is perhaps one of Bulgaria's oldest towns. It is situated on a narrow, rocky peninsula that divides Sunny Beach from Burgas. With their fascinating black sand and crystal-clear waters, Pomorie's beaches draw a lot of tourists.

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