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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that our words and actions have both spirit and intention. They can never be retracted and never disappear. In our lives with so many questions, the answer is found in our carefully planned actions and chosen words. We are the creation of intellect and passion. It’s how we show up for life and reveal our authenticity. The kind of success in life that comes when we are able to be honest with ourselves and understand our innate powers.

The road to success is rarely easy or uncomplicated, how do we find the courage to be our best selves and live in our authentic glow? The happy and successful version of ourselves that’s just waiting to be activated and awakened.

One of my favorite quotes is “what we get out of life is what we put into it”. Life is what we make it, and we are the products of our chosen attitude and mindset. It’s an easy concept that’s frightening for so many, the sudden realization that comes when we alone are responsible for our happiness and self-esteem.

No matter how hard we try to hide, the truth is always there inside of us. Winners or losers in the game of life with both victories and hardships. Subject to interpretation and perception. The only rule for success is belief in ourselves and our mission. A state of authenticity without any need for approval and validation. Success and meaning can be synergistic in our ability to obtain in all aspects of our lives.

Most of us seek and strive to be happier, more purposeful, and successful in our lives. We dream big, but often fail to meet the finish line. The reality is that success is a superficial construct with contrasting definitions and expectations. Some of us go the superficial route and fuel our egos with flashy cars and ostentatious homes. They take up a lot of space and are always chasing their next dream or passion. The pace is often fast and with very little time for self-reflection or atonement.

There are others who view success in terms of happiness, relationships, and activities that provide value. They care about their output. They value integrity and self-respect. They live by a set of core values and intentions and rarely deviate from their purpose. They’ve evolved and learned the hard way that success is not always a result of how much we possess but more about life’s lessons. They know that tending to their inner spirit will always lift them higher. They know the sublime pleasure that comes from greater self-awareness and the ability to navigate more freely in the world around them.

The pursuit of success is much like the pursuit of pleasure. Success is often intangible, and the boundaries are never predetermined. True success is never superficial and defined by our possessions.  Real success comes when our confidence is unmistakable and unshakeable. There’s nothing more vulgar than someone whose insecurity causes them to show off to others.

To be truly successful is to understand our needs and motivations. To understand our desires with clarity and integrity. To realize that we deserve everything and nothing. The ability to set our mindset and attitude to be the best that we can be. To understand how small action becomes something greater. It’s a synergistic connection between self-discipline and motivation. Each fuels the other and helps us create more magical moments in our journey.

I think most of us spend too much time worrying about what others are thinking of us. We live in a world where so much of our lives is open for study and analysis by others. We try too hard to deny our vulnerability.

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that there’s nothing more important than what we’re doing in the present to create the achievements and success that we dream about for our lives. We might want to be famous or the best in our class, but most of us just want to learn how to love ourselves better and create the lives we deserve. The life-changing realization that comes when we realize that we’re the product of the effort we’ve made for our lives in fulfilling our hopes and dreams. It may not be what we were expecting but there’s always an increase in wisdom.


I believe that personal affirmations that help us find more humility and gratitude are essential for growth and momentum. They are at their most powerful when we first awaken. It’s an easy adjustment to start each day with gratitude and intention. I say aloud “Good morning Eric, it’s going to be a great day!”. There’s never any deviation other than my tone or timber. I know that I’m accountable for my emotional well-being and goals for the day ahead. I feel safe and protected no matter what might happen. I’m ready for anything both good and bad. I know that every problem I’ll encounter will have a solution. When we experience this feeling we will want to share our success with others.


One of our most empowering and success-oriented abilities is to learn to show up for our lives. This means more than just taking up space in a room but walking in the door smiling and confident. Standing alone and letting others feel our energy. Learning that we belong wherever we need to be. Knowing without a doubt that no one is better than us. The infinite truth is that no one has the right to make us feel smaller.

The art of showing up is a process that grows when we understand its life changing potential. The feeling we get when we are at peace with ourselves no matter what our audience. Knowing that we are perfect as we are and raising our vibration.


I believe that words have spirit, and the power of words and intentions is the driver of our motivation and success in life. The words we use for ourselves are indications of clarity and motivation.

How we show love and respect for our innermost thoughts and desires is how we begin to know ourselves better. So many of us are stuck in a cycle of negative words that limit our happiness and potential. There’s nothing worse than telling ourselves that “we can’t” and “should” do something. It’s succumbing before we’ve even begun. It’s giving up on ourselves for good.

With all the chaos, anger, and division of the last few years it might feel like it’s easy to collapse and give up. Reverting to negative behaviors, using language that degrades ourselves and others, and devolving into someone we don’t like. It can feel hopeless, but the way to fight back is to change our mindset and start doing our best. Better today and better tomorrow! A mindset for clarity and success. A way to always get by when others are falling. A view of the future that’s never clouded by doubts and insecurities.


How we learn to navigate through life’s challenges is how we gain greater perspective and emotional sophistication. It’s this growing mastery of life and the maturity that comes when we’re in control and understanding of our emotions. It’s how we become leaders and happiness warriors. It’s how we raise our expectations and know we can meet them.


Too often in life we have a hard time letting things go and freeing ourselves of mental and physical interference. We accumulate stuff and feel it weighing us down. Things we will never use that never see the light of day. Valuable to no one in their purpose or action. The same goes for people who cause us harm and try to derail us.

It’s time to experience the joy that comes when we can let go of fears and insecurities. Letting things go is the path to success and greater happiness.


Never look sideways and compare ourselves to another. We are all different in our mindset, personal history, and motivation. Why let someone else live in our heads when we have so much to offer? Everyone is more beautiful and healthier when they can give up envy and malice towards others. A happy and successful warrior is one who wishes well for everyone.


The most important rule for success is to never let go of the steering wheel of life. Events and obstacles might bump us around and alter our course, but the truth is that we are always in control of our destiny. Never let anyone else make our decisions or act on their approval. Understand that guilt and shame are self-created and harmful emotions. We are never losers and never victims, we are all on the same playing field. Each of us has the opportunity to decide how we play the game of our lives and how to win and find success that matters.

As humans we can only achieve what’s possible through the best of our abilities. Some of our powers are innate and well tested, but others lie dormant and awaiting activation. We can soar and live the life of our dreams when we understand the importance of integrity with our spirit and truth.

We can grow beyond our wildest dreams when we live by our core values and live in our truth and authenticity. Success may be subjective and feel evasive, but when we shift our attitude and mindset we can do anything!

Eric North


Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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