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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

Deep down, most of us dream about experiencing more authentic lives aligned with our core values. Dreaming about a reality, where we feel at peace with ourselves and our actions. In touch with the powers of intention and motivation. A sense of knowing that our empathy and perception grows and evolves. The liberation of our spirit that comes when we live in our truth and authenticity.

As much as we endeavor to live in our truth, we often encounter barriers and obstacles that stop us in our tracks. The life that we dream about may seem hopeless and drifting further away. Too readily, we allow ourselves to succumb to the thoughts and ideas of others. We wait in vain for our lives to begin. We forget that everything need to move forward and find more happiness comes from within. We can create a new beginning when we learn to live in our truth without shame or apprehension.

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that our truth is the essence of our spirit and purpose. It’s the guiding force that creates our authenticity. In a world with so much chaos and misinformation the truth is the only thing that will drive us forward.

From our very earliest memories, we’re encouraged to conform and abide by the norms. Any dissonance and all differences amplified to make ourselves more uncomfortable and disconnected. An irrelevant and illogical paradigm of judgment and shame employed throughout history to control our mindset and actions.

There are times when we strive to be free and live through our intentions, but it can feel like there’s always someone somewhere who seeks to determine our outcomes. It’s best to acknowledge that we never know what anyone else is thinking. We forget that we have the right to live in our truth and pay respect to our core values. All humans deserve to feel happiness and love for themselves.

Are we a product of objective reality in a world where the truth is distorted? It’s far too easy to get caught up in the whirl of chaos that surrounds us. We want to be safe and protect ourselves from harm, but there’s always a fear that danger’s lurking and we raise our defenses. We hopelessly cling to an ideal that we can protect ourselves through silence and inaction. A clear misrepresentation of what it means to be human. All of our choices are made for us because we’re programmed to obey and submit.

It may be an uncomfortable prospect for many, but our truth is the way to our life activation. The discovery of who we are and what we stand for. The defining patterns that make us who we are. A better understanding of the narratives that formed our thoughts and developed our values. The freedom that comes when we’re able to challenge our most deep-rooted assumptions. A gradual ability to think more freely and unleash our potential. The dissolution of self-created fears and negative emotions. The courage to face those facts as we know them and broaden our perspective.

I grew up in a conservative place in a Southern state. Most people lived by the expectations of the community and any deviations were looked down upon and scorned. I’m grateful that my childhood was relatively safe and secure, but I knew from my earliest memories that I was different and the difficulties that it imposed on my life. I had to be careful of my actions and words and lived in the shadows. I knew what it felt like to feel shamed and shunned for expressing my truth. I knew that I would never be accepted for who I was and built a strong defense system. I was observant and able to compartmentalize my feelings. I knew deep down that life would be better one day, and I’d live by my core values and truth. It was no way to live but it made me more resilient and determined.

For many of us the truth can make us feel uncomfortable and agitated. Conversely, as hard as the truth is to face it will only make us stronger. It’s the overwhelming sense of vulnerability and courage that comes when we begin to stand on our own. A belief in ourselves and respect for our dreams and motivations. A state of awareness that how we treated ourselves in the past is forgiven and laid to rest. The undeniable state of happiness that all humans deserve to experience.
Once we begin this new journey we’ll soon discover the life-changing power that comes when we reveal our authenticity. A light that comes from within and a feeling of happiness that we feel we must share. A gathering of like-minded humans celebrating what makes us unique and important. A new way of living where our truth is ever present and enduring. 

The path to finding our truth is perhaps the most important journey we will ever undertake. It’s how we steer ourselves on the course to happiness and self-discovery. It’s how we obtain independence for our thoughts and actions. The rules for a happier and more self-aware life are easy to incorporate into our lives. These are the only rules we need to make our lives happier and to always live in our truth:


All too often we see others with self-absorbed mindsets that cause harm to themselves and those around them. They might be passive aggressive or rant and rave to get their way without seeing how their aggression is affecting their choices and personal growth. They’re angry at themselves and take it out on others. They are unable to alter their perspective and are only able to see from their limited viewpoint. Glaring examples of who we don’t want to be.

The truth here is that no one is more significant or better than anyone else and that we can adapt and change our mindset. The more we are able to view ourselves more clearly and our impact on others the better our ability to grow, find our purpose, and give our lives more satisfaction and meaning. In a time when there is so much division this is how we unite and conquer the chaos around us. The answers we seek are always in our vision.


Life is always going to provide us with obstacles and surprises. Anything can happen at any time and how we are able to handle change is how we rise and gain life mastery. The core values that shape us and create a “ready for anything” mindset.

The ability to experience serendipity and create lives that are truly magical. In awe of nature and the good will that we find in others. The respect that comes when we learn to trust ourselves in any situation. A life where our outcomes aren’t predetermined. The ability to disseminate what we control. A filter where we let go of things and people who don’t provide value.

3.       LEARN TO LET GO

All through time we’ve seen the examples and failures of those who can’t let go of what they can’t change. The constant and embarrassing need for the approval of others. The need to always impress, show off, and acquire. A great waste of time and energy that could be used for developing ourselves.

The path to greater happiness comes when we can begin to understand what really matters. The deep connections, personal growth, and experiences that enhance our lives and raise our vibration. The peace that comes when we let go of mental hubris and live in our intention.


The best way to approach life is to center ourselves in the present and begin the process of just “being”.  The best time to start doing and being is now. There’s never a better time to get started.

This is how we allay our fears and start living authentically in our truth and values. The knowledge that life is precious is sobering and provides more meaning. When we make the choice to make the most of life we can make each day a new beginning. The joy that comes when we know that we have the power to make each day better and more meaningful.


Too often we find ourselves in a cycle of predictability and loss of motivation and momentum. We go to work, take care of our needs, and barely remember how we got there. We rarely consider the riches we can experience when we open our mind and leave our comfortable bubbles. All it takes is one small step to make our life-experience expand and brighten. We mistakenly believe that all will be well when we shrink within ourselves and stop living life fully.

We all have the choice to do things that make us uncomfortable and break down our barriers. As painful as it might feel that moment will pass, and we will begin to see life’s messages. New choices and opportunities will emerge in ways that will surprise and delight us. We will learn the power that comes from taking actions that matter. One step leads to another, and we learn to appreciate our inherent gifts.

Life is never easy for anyone and even when we think we have it figured out it will continue to amaze and surprise us. Be ready for anything and confront all groundless fears. The more we live in our truth the better we will become. The perfect beings we were meant to be. Alive and aligned with our destiny.

Eric North


Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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