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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

Most of us go through life hoping and praying that things will work out. Sadly, and all too often, we find ourselves existing in a cycle of inertia and frustration. This causes us to lose control of our destiny and be guided by those that seek to control our thoughts and actions. This causes our sources of happiness and creativity to decline and vanish. Blindly adhering to the misguided notion that our future is preordained and determined. Sometimes it can feel like it’s normal and the way things are supposed to be. Clarity and self-awareness will guide us when we realize that our mindset and ability to think freely are too easily influenced by unseen forces that seek to control and divide us.

It can feel so easy and inviting to succumb and surrender. To let go of our responsibilities in a foolish path of half-truths and absurdities. To stop living our own dreams to please and serve others. We make it far too easy to allow someone else to write our story.

As much as the world can feel like it’s there to control us, there’s always a way to secure our journey with the attitude and mindset we choose for our lives. Our authentic story has a way of revealing its truth when we realize that we are more powerful than we’ve ever allowed ourselves to believe. We can be the best versions of ourselves when we’re able to breach our carefully built defenses and take a look inside. The process of discovery and self-actualization we need to take control of our lives.
Life for most of us can feel overly complicated and overwhelming in even the best of times. It can feel like we’re constantly spinning from one demand to the next. Hardly taking the time to stop and think about where we’re going or how to stop. We forget to think about what’s most important in life and let the guiding force of happiness slowly drain from our lives. We retreat when we can be moving forward. Letting our past hurts and misfortunes define us. Forgetting that we’re allowed to forgive ourselves.

Too often we let self-created negative emotions and doubts erode our confidence. Most of all we forget that it’s our responsibility and no one else to make ourselves happier and more fulfilled. A self-created mindset to live our best lives to the best of our ability. Gratitude is ever present in our actions and values.

This feeling of moving too fast is something we can all relate to, but how often has it interfered with our ability to feel happy and content with our lives? The truth is always found within when we are able to reflect and examine our conscious needs and feelings. We can ask ourselves questions and answer ourselves truly. We can become accountable for our needs and learn how to succeed in our quests. We can declutter our mind and focus on what’s meaningful. Harnessing our energy and motivation for that which we can change. Letting go of anything or anyone that doesn’t provide value. Understanding the growth and freedom that comes with an adjustment in mindset and attitude.


Our innate truths are what makes us unique and are always ours alone to use to our benefit. They are always with us, and we must alter our perspective to see ourselves more clearly.  A progressive intention that helps us find more happiness and meaning. A growing sense of wisdom and psychological sophistication.

Breaking through shadows and reaching self-awareness is the key to reaching a higher vibration. Remember that although we have ultimate responsibility for our own thoughts and actions there are societal and cultural forces that are designed to exert control of our outcomes. Change is ever present, and the universe will guide us when we believe in ourselves and our abilities.

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that we are all capable of greatness in some aspect of our lives. Each of us has unique abilities which once recognized can help us thrive and grow. Some of us are super beings with powers that will help us change the world and benefit a great many. There are many others who will prefer to take a smaller role, but just as important in their contribution to the greater good.

As the Happiness Warrior, my goal is to simplify the processes for improving our lives and finding greater happiness by following a few basic values and truths that will never fail us. These can be applied immediately and will quickly become ingrained in our subconsciousness. Always there to help us make better decisions and choices. Determining factors that we can use to become warriors for our own lives and the benefit of others.

I’ve always thought that the only way to get anything accomplished is to understand and respect the power of self-discipline. It’s a hidden superpower that we all possess and too often disrespect and squander. It’s ours alone to develop and nurture.
All of the tools we’ll need for life are just within our reach. Ready for us to open our eyes, clear away the shadows, and clearly see our potential. Each of us has so much to give and so much to offer.

This process of growth and understanding ourselves better will help us renew our values and live with integrity and compassion. It helps us to understand ourselves better and gain more empathy for others. It’s how we create emotional well-being and psychological sophistication. It’s a new life that we can start today that raises our vibration.

Now is the time to allow ourselves to live the lives we’ve only dreamed about. It’s just a matter of setting our intention and trusting in ourselves to learn to love ourselves better. To be compassionate for our desires and feelings. We have so much potential just sitting at rest ready to be self-activated.

Here are five intellectual habits that will change our perspective and enhance our opportunities:

1.       Psychologically curious people are usually more focused on what they are thinking and why they’re thinking that way. They think about the impact of their thoughts and actions. It’s the process of meta-cognition. The process when we are able to assess the quality of what’s on our mind and which actions have the most value. Perhaps the most important lesson here is that we begin to realize the harm we do to ourselves with negative thinking and self-created emotions.

2.       Compassion and the ability to forgive and realize that there are other perspectives is an essential step in the process of becoming more enlightened. Too often most of us revert to feelings of self-destructive behaviors and patterns when we make mistakes or undue errors. Self-compassion is a trait that will always provide us with the answers. Clarity of vision is the action that we are seeking. Be confident that all mistakes are learning opportunities that we can use to create wisdom. There’s never any glory in being our “own worst enemy”.

3.       Learning to accept our emotions and letting them happen naturally is a trait of a psychologically sophisticated mindset. It’s natural to feel angry when provoked, but how we react is how we contain our power. We can’t judge others for what they don’t know, but we can conduct ourselves in a way that helps them find their truth and understanding. The most important thing to remember is that our emotions can become easier to understand and process when we learn to be easier on ourselves.

4.       Taking responsibility for our own actions means never having to ever lie or deceive ourselves or another. It’s liberating as well as a way to raise our consciousness. This way of thinking helps us to understand what we can change and what we should remove from our lives. It helps us to understand that it’s the process of taking accountability and being truly responsible for our actions. This is how great leaders and change makers are developed.

5.       When we are more pragmatic and stoic in our thinking we are better able to distinguish between our desires and values. Desires are generally unhealthy and based on our lowest impulses. It may seem so hard, but the truth is found in how we learn to love ourselves. The creation of inalienable core values from which we realize our innate powers. Make the time to consider what is most important and be more self-aware of mindless distractions.

Life has a way of teaching us lessons when we’re truly engaged with our conscious thoughts and well-being. It’s the process of looking inwards and removing our barriers. Reaching a state of both vulnerability and invincibility. Nothing to hide and nothing we will be judged or shamed. Let others talk about us and make their own conclusions. We never know their true intention without proof of their actions. It’s the powers of self-awareness and authenticity that make our lives happy.  All humans deserve to feel happy, but the essential element for happiness is how well we know and love ourselves!

Eric North


Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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