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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

I’ve always thought that the most attractive humans are those who are calm and steady in any situation. People who know who they are and what they stand for.  A conscious intentional mindset that tells them that they are ready for anything no matter what life hands them. Warriors with a mindset that inspires others through their reflection..

Truly unshakeable people realize that true power comes from within. They stand on their own without needing validation or approval from another. An example for others with a heart of steel, a quietly commanding presence, and knowing right from wrong. Someone who refuses to live in fear and is comfortable, confident, and self-aware in any situation. A living breathing being who’s able to determine what’s under our control and those things which are not. Unshakeable people are everything we need when the world feels chaotic, and unhappiness abounds. These are the leaders that we need most in a world that can feel upside down and out of touch with reality. They know not to waste time on what can’t be changed.

An invincible human is one that has earned about life the hard way. They’ve been knocked around and faced many challenges and obstacles. Somehow they always have the strength to move forward and view their lives with self-awareness and perspective. They know the value of happiness in their lives and are always striving for a better future. They live their lives in the service of others and know the value of their actions. They might be called brave or courageous, but they never lose their sense of who they are and the connection with their core values.

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that all of us are much more capable and resilient than we are often led to believe. We live in a time where the old ways of doing things have been revealed for their wrongs. We know that we have to change and adapt despite our many challenges.

All humans deserve more happiness and unshakable people are there to help make it happen.  We can learn to believe more in ourselves and use our powers to change our destiny. We can learn to react with care and awareness and start to make better choices and decisions. We can be our best every day and strive to be better. Each day stronger and more capable than the last. Achieving our goals and aspirations through self-confidence and the certainty of our acquired wisdom.


The key to becoming invincible and competent in all situations is to understand what we can and cannot control. It’s how to categorize and set priorities for actions. It’s how we take fear out of the equation and realize that life is always flowing in the same direction. No turning back and no more irrational self-created fears that will probably never happen. It’s a stoic philosophy that helps us maintain balance when things begin to feel overwhelming.  Knowing that no matter how safe we feel in the moment that anything can happen.  No longer fearing the twists and turns in life. Learning to look forward to what life brings us and the choices that appear. The peaceful feeling that comes when we are able to feel happy and optimistic in even the worst times and situations.


The following are exercises and mindset shifts that can help anyone to be more confident, unshakeable, and invincible. Common experiences and feelings that all humans share and experience and how to practice these skills in our own lives:

1.       Most often we don’t feel confident because we haven’t given ourselves the chance to be confident and fully engaged in our environment. Too easily we succumb and let others decide our fate and make our decisions. Giving up on ourselves before we have fully begun. It’s a societal issue where we are encouraged to submit and conform. Easily solved when we ask ourselves why we don’t think we are capable of fixing our problems? No goal is too big when we break it into smaller pieces. Each step no matter how small creates a more holistic solution. Now is the time to take a look at root insecurities and properly address them.

2.       Too often we seal our fate by telling ourselves that we are not good enough, attractive enough, or smart enough. Words have spirit and words have power to change our mindset and direction. This is the time to reframe our narrative and learn to believe in ourselves. Be kind in self-thoughts and reflection and remove self-created negative emotions. Be patient and kind in attitude and mindset and life will always move in a more positive direction.

3.       It’s too easy to dwell on our past failures and misfortunes rather than remember the best achievements in life. Look back on the past and think of the amazing things we’ve accomplished. Often we are the harshest critics of our own lives much to our disappointment and unhappiness. When we learn to see ourselves in a more positive light amazing things will happen.

4.       Learn to develop a serendipitous mindset and realize that better things than we imagined will give us joy. The journey may get off track, but the lessons and diversions are often just the beginning of something greater. The universe is always waiting for us to join in and raise our vibration.

5.       Accepting that we will never be perfect is the way to loving ourselves better without reservation.  Confidence is never about being perfect but about believing in ourselves and our intentions. End each day with an affirmation that we’ve done our best that day and vow to be better tomorrow!

6.       Remember that our attitude is ours alone to serve and protect. Walk the talk and be true to core values and self-affirming words. Know that bad things can happen to anyone and that we can always navigate our way forward. Lead by example and never compare ourselves to others. We never really know how they feel and what they are thinking.

7.       Focus on the effort and never the end result. The goal posts are always changing, and the stakes can feel ominous. Knowing that we are capable from within is how we stay balanced and make good decisions. The more we focus on what we can control the better we can face anything.

In our journey through life, we will always have choices and opportunities. How we respond and move forward is how we shape our destiny and begin to live the life of our dreams. It’s easy to say something and much harder to live it. A new life begins when fear is erased when we allow ourselves to live in our natural state of being. Authentic, capable, and wise. Constantly learning and broadening our perspective. Unshakeable humans are here to make all of our lives better!

Eric North


Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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