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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

I’ve always believed that the amount of success and fulfillment we achieve in life is only as great as the effort we put into it. It’s a truth that’s undeniable and no hastily spoken resolution or vow will ever change this simple fact. We are the product of our own creation and the strength of our foundation. We are the summation of our good habits and defined by how we use them to better our lives. A responsibility to set an example for no one other than ourselves. A mindset that knows that happier life is something that’s ours alone to create and nurture.

Resolutions are something that we’ve been societally encouraged to utter and soon forget. They can be noble in their goals and aspirations, but all too soon we revert back into our usual patterns and live our lives without allowing ourselves to reach our full potential. Cheating ourselves of the life we’ve dreamed about because we’ve forgotten the importance of respecting our words. The unlimited potential we all have when we’re aware of the connection with our mind and body. Our spirit in its physical form that carries us through our life.

The more time passes the more clearly we’re able to see ourselves. The imbalances of life that make things challenging. Sadly, we mostly see people making the same mistakes over and over again without thinking of the consequences and their effect on others. I hear them reciting mindless propaganda in order to control and subvert their own autonomy. Allowing others to control and manipulate every aspect of their lives. They’ve lost the will and desire to think freely and speak authentically.  Coercively trained to look to others to provide their words and boundaries. Increasingly disconnected and in disharmony with the energy of the universe. Each new year making empty vows and promises without any foundation.
Words with so much false conviction disappear as soon as they are spoken. New Year’s resolutions too hastily spoken will always fail and drain us of our power.

As The Happiness Warrior, I’ve always believed that it’s my duty to question my self-identity and values on a daily basis. It helps me feel balanced and keeps me honest with myself.

Each night before bed I tell myself an affirmation; that I did my best that day and will do better the next. I balance my achievements with my failures and think about what I’ve learned and how I’ve achieved my goals. I give myself permission to enjoy my triumphs and feel no shame or judgment. I’m consciously aware of my vows and promises. Always ready to take action with careful measure and using my inherent abilities. I will seek atonement, forgiveness, and gratitude.

The upcoming new year is in itself artificial, and merely the passage of time. It means nothing unless we decide it means something, but in reality it’s just another day for us to strive to achieve more and be happier. A sense of timelessness and feeling happy and secure in the present. Always knowing that every action and thought we allow is how we create the future and determine our fate. The internal forces of intention and momentum are always in our conscious thoughts and actions.
Life is a delicate balance between our physical self and our emotions. A connection between the mind and body which we cannot ignore. Each system depends on another only to be enhanced or downgraded by how we choose to take care of ourselves. As much as we’re all connected and plugged into the energy of the universe it’s up to us to take better care of ourselves.


One thing for sure is that nothing will happen in our lives unless we make ourselves more self-aware and know that validation comes from within. Nothing outside of our own consciousness matters other than how we perceive the world and the breadth of our perspective.

A personal set of core values is the foundation for all good habits and helps us to navigate the world better on our own terms. It’s how we create value for ourselves and learn to stand by our words. Core values are something that everyone should have and very few take the time to make. They define us and make us stronger and able to face our challenges with confidence and finesse. They make a crazy world a more definable place and always help us find momentum. They are resolute and easily defined. They change our healthy habits into sacred rituals.

My personal Happiness Warrior Core Values are listed below and are easily assimilated into any mindset. They provide confidence, enhance leadership, and help me walk through life without fear.

1.       Take care of my body as if my life depends on it!

2.       Consciously provide value in all actions.

3.       Practice self-awareness at all times!

4.       Maintain a “ready for anything” mindset.

5.       Seek clarity and perspective in all situations.


Instead of viewing the new year as a time to make obligatory vows and resolutions, it’s time to shift our thinking and make it a time to think about how much we accomplished the year before. What can we add to our skills and powers and what we can drop and leave behind. Each new year is a time to restart and reexamine our values. It’s about remembering what we’re good at and how we can be even better in the future.

Too often we feel that we need permission in order to make great changes to our lives. We forget to listen to our inner voice and regress with self-created negative thoughts and emotions. These feelings stop us from realizing our dreams and create a loop of dependence.

The best way to reject self-limiting thoughts and behaviors is to openly examine our fears and say them aloud and listen to the energy of the universe. If we listen closely, we will hear our inner voice telling us to rise and rewrite our stories. An inner voice telling us to fling away the past. A sense of knowing that we are capable and willing. A new mindset that tells us that we are strong and full of love for ourselves.


There’s nothing more personal than a good habit that’s our alone which we’ve developed. An ability to shift and change. Never afraid to adapt and listen to new ideas. What we’ve been doing may seem perfect, but we should never be too proud to accept our perspective can be broadened.

1.       Think small when creating new habits, it might not seem life-changing at first but in time they lead to bigger success. How we view our achievements starts with one step and an awareness of the power of momentum. Good habits are addictive and teach us to love ourselves with more clarity and self-respect.

2.       Be patient and always remember that we will find more meaning in our mistakes and challenges. The universe moves on its own timeline and we’re always happier when we learn to surrender and let things happen. Nothing is permanent and all things will eventually pass.

3.       Make a commitment and say it aloud. Make sure that it’s heard and give the words spirit. This is how we shift our mindset to success and happiness. Be proud and know that that start has already begun. No more waiting for life to happen.

4.       Cut out distractions and inessential activities but be mindful of mental health and know when to stop and feel unashamed of doing nothing.

5.       Embrace discomfort and try new things. This is the hardest for many of us but always the most rewarding.

6.       Do the most important things first and never feel like we’ve fallen behind. Taking care of the most difficult things in life and facing them head on is how we achieve greatness in our lives.

7.       Sleeping and eating properly are essential for long-term growth and happiness. Food is life and what we consume is what we are. Sleep is the cornerstone of a happy and mentally healthy existence. Together they are a powerful weapon for anything we might face on our journey.

8.       Read anything that’s interesting and mindset-expanding. Reading is how we create both knowledge and inspiration. Reading fiction is how we learn empathy and the power of forgiveness and understanding. Perspective is a requisite for wisdom and life satisfaction. Study history to better navigate the present.

9.       Be readily able to forgive ourselves and others. The lack of forgiveness is usually a product of an overdeveloped ego and a sign of insecurity. Stand tall in your mind and be able to look beyond the current situation. We can choose to forgive and walk away. We can also use forgiveness as a way to increase our connection to the universe and vibration.

10.   Taking care of our bodies and pushing our boundaries of physical health through sports and exercise is the cornerstone for everything that we desire in our lives.  This is dependent on an individual’s physical ability, but we are engineered to do better when we constantly strive to be healthier.

Life will always have challenges, but as humans we are naturally resilient and hopeful. We can stay with the herd and make meaningless new year’s resolutions, or we can choose to create a better connection with our body and mind. A beautiful synergy of our physical and spiritual lives. Always aiming to be better each day than the last. Patient and self-aware that all is well and secure in our connection with the universe.

Let’s make this year the most life expanding of our lives by going forth with a peace of mind and awareness of our capability. There’s no need to make any declarations or resolutions other than that we deserve to be happy and live our best lives!

Eric North


Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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