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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

It’s often said that one of the best qualities of being a human is our natural resilience. An innate desire to move forward through pain and suffering and reach the other side. Our ability to bounce back from any situation in order to keep on living and continue on our path. Sometimes, it may seem like a miracle, but somehow we survive and regain our momentum. We’ll emerge through the darkest of journeys and feel a sense of possibility and renewal. Sometimes shaken and in shock, but eventually the spark will ignite, and we’ll find our way to a better place. There’s no turning back and doing things differently. We’re told that we are brave and strong while feeling an unbalanced sense of dread and doubt. The power of resilience is how we shape our destiny and how we move on from times of suffering and negative emotions.

In every life there is always a time when things go wrong, and obstacles abound. It can feel overwhelming at first and some of us might crash. We can feel beaten and want to give up, but a spark of resilience is found within all of us. Only waiting for us to give ourselves permission to hold our heads up once again and feel ourselves rise and make the best of our situation. It’s how we learn and gather wisdom to weather any future storm. The story of our triumphs and the lessons from our failures.

Resilience is the way we find the will to move forward with hope and optimism. Relying once again on our own abilities and self-directed powers to rise above our worst fears and unrealized negative emotions. We all know deep down in our consciousness that resilience is something we deserve.

To be truly happy we must have an understanding of how we attain our inner happiness and the value that it provides for our lives. How we became happy and our desire to share it with others, is a definitive point in our existence. A level of inspiration that comes from within and the choices that we make to allow ourselves to develop a happiness mindset that gives us the best results. People who are truly happy understand that happiness is both a choice and a promise. They know that happiness is only authentic when it comes from within.

In a world that’s constantly shifting and changing there are those who understand that happiness is a state of mind that’s ours alone to choose. An attitude that’s forged to serve us best.  An understanding of the importance of resilience. A belief that we deserve better and that our obstacles are there to guide us on the right path. A shift or bounce in our consciousness that will always provide a happier and more meaningful life.

In a world where change is constant it’s our ability to adapt that helps us to survive and even thrive. It encourages us to pause and reflect and understand our purpose. It helps us to understand what truly necessary and which actions we take in vain. When we’re able to create a deliberate and mindful approach to life it’s our natural resilience that helps us move forward and learn to live in the present. It’s how we renew our connection to ourselves. Time is irrelevant and all that matters is the here and now. Purposeful living and with a clear grasp of self-awareness and intention.

As The Happiness Warrior, I know what it’s like to fail in a relationship or spend too many years with someone who is abusive and threatening. Abusive relationships fall under so many types of definitions, but the way we find our path to resilience is the story of how we change our lives. Allowing us to face our demons and destroy unhealthy habits and patterns. The triumph of our spirit and intention in the face of adversity and dysfunction. Resilience is our underlying superpower. The self-directed ability to rebound and reinforce our momentum by sheer will and determination. A path to inner happiness that all humans deserve to experience, no matter what their life situation. A warrior-like mindset that will never fail us. Always living in a state of knowing that we are worthy.


1.       Accept that change is an inevitable part of life and is happening at every moment. Fear of change and the need to control everything causes the most chaos in the world around us. This can be resolved by gaining an understanding that everything is connected and moving at the same time through the universe together.

A healthy mindset is built with an attitude that we are ready for anything. We can remove fear of the unknown from our consciousness and learn to embrace new challenges as opportunities to grow and create wisdom. This will help channel our inner warrior spirit and remove any victim-like behaviors.

2.       Acknowledge our accomplishments and inherent powers. Being mindful and respectful of our personal accomplishments provides a baseline for building greater resilience.

3.       Practice the art of showing up and fully engaging with daily tasks and activities. Multitasking leads to a cluttered mind and creates too much noise to see the world with clarity and conviction. Know when it’s best to respond or listen.

4.       Constantly challenging ourselves to learn something new or testing our strength and endurance will prepare us for anything we encounter with more strength and endurance. Anxiety, pain, and exhaustion are messages that we are on the wrong path. Learn to embrace these feelings as signals to help us reset and realign our journey.

5.       Build a positive support network of people who are happy to see us and provide encouragement. Seek other happy people and see how easy it is to join. Sharing our happiness
and empathy is how we can make an impact.  True happiness and resilience come when we stop needing validation from others and learn to trust ourselves and live in our truth. Spend time in relationships that are balanced and nurturing.

6.       Completing tasks from start to finish is how we build momentum and confidence. This begins with building good habits and creating essential core values in which to live more honestly. Focus and self-discipline are the two main ingredients of resilience. This is enhanced when we are unafraid of trying or learning new things. Note: that accountability is closely related to resilience.

7.       Find a keystone word or phrase that helps us find our center when we are upset, alarmed, or surprised. A key word or memory that comes from a place where we were balanced or happy. It could be a cherished thought or memory. This is how we learn the power of affirmations and incorporate them into our daily lives.

8.       Practicing gratitude is how we turn depression and negative emotions into positive feelings and self-enlightenment. When we feel down there are ways to make us feel right again. A trick that I use when I’m feeling overwhelmed is to think of three things that make me happy. It’s a sure way to change direction and keep us feeling less alone and more connected.

9.       Focusing on what we can control and what we must let go is the way to guide us to a happier life. Learning to set healthy boundaries while being honest and forthright is how we become stronger and more self-confident. A life outside of the shadows where we allow our inner spirit to live in a place of happiness.

10.   Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps us create a strong foundation for us to grow from. It enhances our resilience, capabilities, and ability to help others. It helps us to better understand the mind/body connection and understand the impact it has on our quality of life.

Resilience is the power that comes from within that helps us through struggles and discover the triumph of our lives. One thing for sure is that we’ll never find the answers to everything we seek, but we can use the power of resilience to create the lives we deserve and dream about. Learn to embrace uncertainty and know that life will always surprise us. Practice resilience and live in the present with gratitude and awareness. It’s the self-created power that will always give us a better life!

Eric North


Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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