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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

Most of us through no fault of our own, find ourselves hurtling through our lives without much thought or direction. We conform and comply with the “rules” that bind us without much thought or self-awareness. We tell ourselves that this makes our lives easier. We don’t allow ourselves to rid our lives of empty promises and false behaviors.

Life is constantly changing, and the universe is constantly reminding us that we need to keep up and pay attention to the complicated system that makes up our daily lives. This rush through life might feel exhilarating and powerful for some, but for most of it makes life more complicated. Weighing us down with longing for what we might have become. Living our lives in the shadow of regret and cycle of suffering and negative emotions. We carry too much stuff around in our old, outdated thought patterns and feel stifled with doubt and inertia. We can feel trapped by people, places, and things that no longer serve us. Always questioning our purpose and trying to find meaning. Never satisfied because we haven’t learned the art of forgiving ourselves with grace and courage. Always holding ourselves back for no reason through stubbornness and narrow focus. Accepting judgment from people we no longer respect or have anything in common with. Allowing others through our passiveness to make our most important decisions.


Letting go is the ultimate act of self-awareness and self-preservation. It’s a process that can feel alienating and lonely at first, but the benefits will soon become apparent. Greater self-esteem, personal happiness, and self-awareness will overcome all doubts and fears. A place where we share our happiness and truth. Letting go helps us to get on with the important business of our lives:

1.       Recognize what’s no longer serving in any meaningful way. This can seem like a daunting task, but the rewards are positive and life-affirming. The key is to take this in stages, making one small step at a time. Start with things and become comfortable with the process and gradually start taking a closer look at the people in our lives and how things would be better without their input or opinion. This helps to be able to see the messages that are constantly coming from the universe in our daily lives and helps us think more freely. It’s liberating to realize that we can survive on less and create more happiness and meaning. Forgiveness and gratitude will soon dominate our thoughts and actions. The following are reasons that will help us in this endeavor:

-- Letting go helps our immediate mental health and creates space for more positive thoughts and the ability to find inner peace. This will lead to a reduction in stress and anxiety from things that have always caused us emotional distress.

-- Self-confidence is increased when we realize that letting go helps us to become more capable and resilient. We learn that we can rely on our own past experiences and judgment and live our lives authentically.

-- Releasing unhealthy attachments with others allows us to build a more meaningful connection with both ourselves and the energy of the universe. This is especially beneficial in romantic relationships by letting go of old beliefs and outdated expectations. This creates a relationship based on love and trust.

-- Removing old habits and beliefs provides us with a mindset for new perspectives. This helps shape who we are today and help us reinvent ourselves with intention and purpose. It’s how we strengthen our core values, goals, and ambitions. Also creating opportunities for personal growth as we become more self-aware and emotionally balanced.

-- Being able to adapt and let go is the key to survival in our fast paced and constantly changing world. There are no solutions and new ways of thinking that are constantly causing us to expand and grow. Letting go is the obvious solution.


When we’re feeling stuck in a pattern of socialization and behavior it’s best to remove ourselves from the situation and contemplate how we’re feeling. Can we honestly say that we’re happy when we’re not? Are we lying to ourselves because of repressed fear and emotions? It’s never an easy process but once we get started the truth and legitimacy will always prevail.
--Take some time to reflect and contemplate current habits and relationships or beliefs and expectations that might be holding us back. Often it’s the pause that gives us the most clarity. A liberating feeling that provides feelings of self-confidence and much needed love for ourselves.

-- Question whether the actions we engage in allow us to grow and reinvent ourselves?

-- Listening to our inner voice and trusting our gut instinct helps us determine what feels right and wrong.

2.       Take accountability seriously and realize that every action we take has meaning. This means practicing forgiveness and understanding when we have done wrong and how to not do it again.

3.       Practice acceptance and be able to understand that some things are beyond our control. Make peace and move forward with momentum. Obstacles are something that can be met head on or sidestepped and left behind. This means being kind to ourselves when things don’t turn out as we expected. This is the most important lesson at all: how we treat ourselves is how our lives will turn out.

4.       Create space for new beginnings and free up space in life for positive activities, activities, choices, and opportunities. Sometimes, all that’s needed is break or temporary change of scenery to create a new narrative and perspective. This allows us to create something entirely new without any preconceptions.

5.       Detach from material things and remember that all possessions are replaceable. The best decision is always to let go and focus on what matter most in life.  This helps us to create an understanding that items can come and go. All that matters are memories and lessons that have created our life’s journey. Helping us move through time with less distractions and more in touch with our truth and desires.

6.       Build a strong support system with supportive people that believe in your right to be authentic being. The beauty of humanity is show by our support and connections. Sharing our thoughts and challenges can help us gain clarity and enhance our perspective. This helps us move forward in life with grace and courage.

As we look forward to the new year ahead it’s always in our best interests to examine our lives carefully and be honest with what we see. We can change, we can forgive ourselves, but the responsibility is ours alone to make. Let’s leave our worries behind and make bolder choices which will give our lives more meaning. The best day to start is now. The reward is found in the path of self-empowerment and giving ourselves more empathy and dignity. Change is inevitable and we can resist or embrace it. Choose the path of self-awareness and inner-happiness and never again feel the sting of shame or regret. Let’s renew and reinvent ourselves together. Happiness Warriors united in our promises to ourselves and our duty to others.

Eric North


Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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