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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

Spring is here once again and for most of us it’s when the leaves come back, the grass grows greener, and the grime of winter fades away.  Mother Earth renews itself once again in the hopes that we will have the faith we need to appreciate her life-giving energy and the power that it holds. This is the time of year when it feels so good to be alive.

The brighter days are also a time when we naturally think about the promise of renewal and reinvention that come when we focus our mindset on self-awareness, growth, forgiveness to be become our best version of ourselves.

The longer days give us an ideal time of year to clear out the old ways of living and thinking while knowing that our personal happiness comes from within without external validation. This is the happiness that comes from greater self-acceptance, contentment, self-awareness, gratitude, and viewing our lives with optimism. It’s the reawakening of our bodies and minds to the possibilities, choices, and many paths the lie ahead of us. Life can be magical when we rewrite our story and begin to live authentically with happiness in our vision.

There’s no better time than Spring and the Easter season to clear our minds of debris from the past and forgive ourselves so that we can gain wisdom from our past mistakes and wrong turns in life. We can clear out the darkness in our hearts by loving ourselves more and creating a new reality that’s in alignment with who we really are and who we want to become. There’s an undeniable feeling in the air that now is the time for renewal and creating more happiness in our lives. We can change our destiny when we renew our purpose and spirit!

Spring is also the time to do an inventory of ourselves, our relationships, and our hopes and dreams. Understand that some people are only in our lives to teach and guide us as they move forward on their own journey through life and that dreams require conviction and action.

With this mindset we can clean up our lives and rethink the structures and systems that we’ve built into our lives that help us survive and realize our destiny. We can examine these systems with greater clarity and find new ways to live better and be more authentic versions of ourselves. Most importantly, it’s time to clear away negative self-created beliefs, outdated beliefs, and old wounds that keep us from seeing life clearly, feeling connection with others, and feeling happier!

As a survivor of a long-term abusive relationship, Easter and the season symbolizes the time almost twenty years ago when I finally found the courage to leave my abuser and began to believe in myself once again. That Easter I went home to my family and started the long and challenging process of getting to know myself and figure out who I really was for the first time in my life. In my heart, I knew that the power of renewal was within my reach and began the life changing process of figuring it all out.

It was my chance to start over again and I was determined to do it with my full heart and intention. My family was there for me to help me get my life together again and I needed to make sure they knew how much it meant to me. Resurrection is one of the meanings of Easter and Spring, and I told myself that now was the time to forgive myself, rebuild my life, and find the courage to be a better version of myself than ever before!


We can be better every day and find more happiness from within when we believe in ourselves. Spring is about rebirth and renewal. We need to forgive ourselves and know that we deserve more happiness in our lives. Our attitude and mindset are everything in creating the lives we deserve and dream about.

These are some of my favorite tools that we can all use to acknowledge and honor Spring as the season of personal renewal and the joyful process of reinvention:

1.       Congratulate yourself for making it through Winter. Think of all the great things you did over the last few months that you accomplished despite bad weather and lack of sunshine. What are you most excited about accomplishing now that the world feels more alive and open again? Winter is the greatest time of year for introspection and solidifying goals while Spring is for taking action and generating momentum.

2.       Declutter your home and working environment. This is a sure way to boost mood and create more positive energy in our lives. Without clutter we can see the world around us more clearly and open our minds to making better decisions and revealing life’s choices more clearly.

3.       Declutter your mind and consciously think about the words and phrases that you tell yourself. Don’t be afraid to write down your thoughts in a journal, meditate, or go for a long walk without any distractions. Stop to look at the little things more closely and feel happy with your own company and moments of beauty. This is the path to happiness. You are better than your negative self-created emotions, addictions, and fears!

4.       Change in environment. Even moving furniture around is a great way to set ourselves in a new direction. Learn to embrace change and not get too comfortable in unproductive routines.

5.       Create a new life-affirming morning routine.

6.       Learn to stretch and breathe. The fresh Spring air can feel exhilarating and be a high of its own. Understand that a flexible body is a flexible mind!

7.       Tell yourself that it’s not too late to learn something new. What have you always wanted to do but always feel regretful about?  Never tell yourself that you “don’t have time” for something important. Often, it’s just fear and not lack of time that gets in the way.

8.       Practice self-awareness and analyze your life and actions to find repetitive negative behaviors. Everyone has something that they could change to create more self-esteem and happiness. Self-awareness can feel painful at first, but it’s undeniable that the truth sets us free.

9.       Remove toxic people from your life and realize the hold that they have on you. Understand that you don’t deserve these people and that you’re not responsible for their happiness or behavior.

10.   Seek other happy people. Look for people who are laughing and unafraid to be their authentic selves. Happiness is contagious and is something that happy people are generous with.

11.   Practice some sort of spiritual awareness, mine is not theistic but rather the awareness of my personal connection with the great energy of the universe.

12.   Develop a set of personal core values. Mine are consistent in every action or decision that I make and always in alignment with my mission. This takes self-discipline and can feel very empowering and makes me happier.

13.   Spend more time in nature and listen to the universe. Occasionally hug a tree or just sit and breathe at its base. Find a favorite spot and make it your refuge.

14.   Learn to understand the power of Quantum Physics and behold it’s power to manifest your dreams and intentions. Know that self-belief and action are all that’s needed to make them real.

15.   Last and most important. Learn to love who you are and remove all feelings of shame and self-doubt. Understand your unique powers and celebrate who you are.


When we feel the power of our beautiful planet we can live in harmony within our bodies and minds in all seasons. Each has its purpose in the path that we take. Change can happen anytime, but the seasons help to guide us. Summer is a time for celebration and enjoying freedom with our bodies and movement. Autumn is a time for self-forgiveness and reflection. Winter is the season for introspection, healing, sharpening skills, and honing powers. Spring is my favorite season of all and the time to begin again and live in the present to witness the miracle of new life. The cycle of life begins to emerge and grow strong once again. Everything that’s alive is programmed to live and keep us connected as humans in harmony with our surroundings. Try hugging a tree today and tell yourself how lucky you are to be alive and allow yourself to feel happy!

Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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