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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

All that I see is already within me—Louise Hay

Just a few years ago, in the long-lost golden days before the pandemic, I began to question everything in my life. I was happily married, a successful entrepreneur, physically fit, and yet somewhat unhappy. I longed deep in my soul to do more and create more meaning for my life. There had to be more to success and happiness than my passion for building businesses and creating jobs.

I needed to define my life purpose and live my life in alignment with my core values and purpose. I felt that my career as an entrepreneur had taken over my identity and I felt stuck and increasingly restless. I spent every day building businesses that helped others lead happier, healthier, and more positive lives, but I had put my personal growth on hold.

As a natural leader with a warrior-like mindset I felt an overwhelming need to be my best and it was time to reinvent myself. I needed to change my story to align with my truth and I became a warrior at all times in my consciousness. I was ready for anything, and I felt a sense that things that we took for granted would soon change. I began to search for answers. I was more focused, more confident, and my energy took on a new dimension. I began to realize that my strength was strongest when I was helping others find their happiness and self-esteem. I was good at helping people manifest their dreams and my life purpose began to be redefined. I wanted to become my own superhero and be a voice for others!

In the late Summer of the pandemic, I left home for Sedona, Arizona with a spiritual journey in mind. The scenery was spectacular, and I felt like my spirit rekindled in this beautiful and timeless place of mountains, mesas, and brilliant sunsets. I planned to hike every morning on a different trail in a blissful sun filled state of happiness. My body is my own creation and keeping myself fit and healthy is the only way that I know how to live. The mountains have always signified healing and growth in my life and the place that I’ve always learned most about myself. My life path took on a magical dimension and I knew that everything and everyone took on a new beauty and gave me joy. My happiness was as strong as the blazing Arizona sun

On my second morning, I gazed in the distance from my deck as the sun rose over the red hued mountains. As I sipped my coffee, I could see the famous Cathedral Rock in the distance and before I knew it my hiking shoes were on, and I was headed out. As I came closer, the ancient mountain loomed overhead. It was almost overwhelming in its power. The sky had never been bluer, and the air felt good on my shirtless back in the early morning sun. This worn and pitted pile of stone was millions of years old with stories and adventures that have never been told.

When I got to the trial head I was blissfully alone. It was quiet and I could feel my heart pounding in anticipation. I knew in my soul that this hike was going to be life changing and creating magic was on my mind.

As I came to the top of a mesa, I began to hear a faint drumbeat which led me to the source. A great gathering of people in a circle meditating, singing, and chanting with a native American guide. The mood was peaceful and welcoming.  I felt myself being drawn in and smiling back at the faces that looked up at me as I joined the group.

I knew without a doubt that this was going to be a journey into my soul and felt my heart beating with strength and life surging around me. My energy felt at one with the incredible red mountain looming overhead. Reassuring me with a sense of certainty that this was where I belonged. I felt the spirit of connection with like minded human beings and my consciousness began to flow with the universe. I felt strong and defined emotions arising, and a great sense of wisdom and gratitude for my life.

At one point my mind wandered and I felt myself looking far up at a crevice in the rock. It looked like a human face, and I couldn’t take my eyes away. My mind grew quiet, and I felt my earthly bounds loosen. Time had stopped a sense of how small I was. This rock had been there for millions of years, and I was just a pebble and would all too soon be dust.  The power of the mountain touched my spirit and brought a tear to my eye. Suddenly, I heard a clear voice in my head.  “All Knowledge Is Here”. It was profound and I knew it was real. The mountain was giving me the answer to everything that I sought in those four words. In its simplicity, I knew this was the guiding voice that I was waiting to hear. My quest for answers had come full circle and I felt at one with the energy of the universe.

On my return flight home, I knew that my life was forever changed and redefined. I had made my choice and my mindset was unwavering. I wanted to do something good for the world and I was ready to do whatever it took. Little did I know that on my return home I would soon become The Happiness Warrior!


When I was young, I always felt like I was looking at the world from my own vantage point and spent a lot of time exploring the world on my own. I’d see things with a sense of clarity and honesty that made me feel angry and want to create change. It wasn’t an easy path, and I would retreat to a safe place in my own mind. I would always think for myself, but I had to be quiet around others and learn to keep my forthright views to myself. When I felt safe and confident enough to express myself, I often felt the crushing pain of censorship and intentionally inflicted shame. I knew that I was right and knew with a sense of promise that I would be my true and authentic self when I grew older, stronger, and gained my independence.

I knew that I was different from most of the kids and humans around me and would do my best to fit in, but deep down I knew that the universe had other plans for me. I felt frustrated with being young and marginalized, but I knew that my inner-strength and purpose would someday prevail. I knew without a doubt that someday I would be the man that I wanted to be and make a difference in the world around me.


As The Happiness Warrior, I believe in the life changing power of personal affirmations and healthy routines. I tell myself out loud every night before bed that I did my best that day and that tomorrow I can and will do better. With this mindset I can rise to meet challenges head on, live without fear, renew my purpose, and continue the path to reaching my full potential. I know in my personal story and hardships that happiness comes from the challenges and chaos. We create a new story for ourselves when we ascend from our lowest point and find the meaning and truth that creates happiness. We give hope to others when we share our stories.

When we accept ourselves for who we are and understand our unique powers we can truly change ourselves and the world around us for the better. We can create more happiness in our own lives and the lives and world around us. We can live in harmony with the energy of the universe and feel its guiding force in our choices and opportunities. Personal growth comes when we learn to accept who we are, create a stable foundation for growth and let go of our egoistic thoughts and tendencies.

The patterns of self-destruction and mistakes in our lives are part of our spiritual journey and make us beautiful in both their chaos and our reinvention.


Every day I wake up and tell myself out loud “it’s going to be a great day”. This is the easiest and most beneficial way to use the power of intention in our daily lives. We can’t have happier lives when we don't believe in ourselves. People who have daily affirmations are also happier, more productive, and have more friendships and connections.

The power of intention is a superpower within all of us that we can all start today. Instead of telling yourself that you’ll do something someday, act and see yourself at the finish line. Each time we do this we gain more self-confidence, our spirits rise, and we learn to love and appreciate ourselves.

I like to take it one step further and apply the Law of Quantum Physics as a spiritual practice. What we believe in will manifest itself through our intention and actions. Everything is connected and our energy is part of the universe. Life is a great game and how we play it determines our choices and opportunities. Live in the present and each step of the journey will appear at the right time.


Now is the time in my life when I feel like it’s finally coming together. All my paths, my challenges, my incredible memories have all met in one central place and I’ve finally figured out the meaning of my life. The life that I’ve always dreamed about is my reality and of my own creation as The Happiness Warrior. I’ve created an intentional life with a clear mission that begins anew every day.

I recognized my inner soul, rescued, and brought it to the surface in becoming The Happiness Warrior. I knew what I wanted and took fear of failure out of the picture. Nothing can stop us when we give up our dependence on fear.

As I sit here today in the sun reading this over, I know that my mission is clear, and my core values are defined and aligned. The world needs more happiness, and the world needs more Happiness Warriors.  Anyone who knows me well knows that nothing in life has ever stopped me from living my dream!

Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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