The Happiness Warrior’s Guide to Making Your Dreams Come True

  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

As the Happiness Warrior, I want to show you how to make your dreams come true by learning to believe in yourself, conquer your fears, and understand how important your words and actions are for creating those dreams. By doing so, everyday will give you a much greater sense of fulfillment and you can finally feel that life is moving forward with increased focus and determination. It takes work and it may not be easy at first, but by developing a more productive, and self-confident mindset anyone can create a life filled with more gratitude and happiness with increased opportunities to bring your dreams to life.

By creating a happier life your confidence, creativity, and gratitude will increase and expand. Feeling gratitude will give you the inspiration needed to take action, creating the reality that you’ve only dreamed about until now. Once you master this mindset, the process becomes easier and you’ll see how amazing it feels when you’re able to conquer you fears and move forward in your life. I use my sense of intuition and my Happiness-Warrior-mindset to make sound choices that will provide the most benefit to my life and everyone around me a better human and a better leader.

Some people have a natural ability to make things happen, and never stopping until they reach their goal. These people all share common innate traits that help them glide through life. These are the people that inspire us and make us think that “we can do that, too”. Dreams require inspiration but they also require a mindset for personal success and the ability to create a plan and take action to make it happen.

Everyone has dreams of what they want their life to be and who they see themselves becoming. Too often in life those dreams are put aside, circumstances or setbacks get in the way, we settle for less than we deserve, we let others determine our fate, and our hopes and dreams fade away

Building a strong foundation and focusing on who you are will help to increase your sense of purpose, provide more balance, and give you the tools needed to create opportunities. These tools and habits will help you feel better about yourself, have more empathy for others, and create better relationships. I believe that this must begin with developing a set of core values to be used as a guide for moving forward. My Happiness Warrior Core Values are thoroughly embedded in my subconscious and guide me in all actions:

  1. Treat Your Body as if “your life depends on it”

  2. Be Conscious in ALL Actions, think before you react

  3. Practice Self Awareness

  4. Have a “Ready for Anything” mindset

  5. Seek Clarity in all actions

These are the rules that I follow to guide me through my days. Every morning I say the same affirmation aloud: “It’s going to be a great day”. Every evening I tell myself that I did my best that day but that “I will do better tomorrow”. This strengthens my resolve, energy, personal discipline, and propels me forward in with self-confidence and sense of purpose. It gives me meaning and creates more happiness and more gratitude.

Along with the Happiness Warrior Core Values above I follow these principles in my daily actions and life:

#1 Follow the Golden Rule—Understand the Philosophy of Karma

Stop marginalizing others. Be more patient. Be more understanding. Be kinder and consciously bring happiness with you wherever you go. Happiness will guide your actions and help bring us together.

#2 Realize that Only a Few People Are Going to Understand and Support Your Dream

Not everyone wants you to be happy, many are struggling with their own unhappiness and confusion and will try to lower your energy/vibration. Good energy attracts good energy, trust your instincts and feel empathy. Avoid people or situations that bring you down. Most importantly, it’s okay to let people go who aren’t good for you. Set boundaries to help keep moving forward. Surround yourself with people that believe in and support you.

#3 Listen to the Universe

Realize that universe is speaking to you through your subconscious, let this be your guide and tune out the opinions of others.

By not listening to your intuition, the same lessons will be repeated over and over with the same poor results. It’ll be harder to move forward and life will have less meaning and fewer moments of joy. Know that everything is connected and everything we do can create change for good or bad.

#4 Believe That You Can Have a Magical Life

One day I realized how amazing my life was and how happy I felt most of the time. I created this feeling for myself and I realized how incredibly fortunate and alive it made me feel. Most of all, I enjoyed being with people and making them laugh, feel empowered, and feel valued. This realization gave was a profound moment when I began to think of my life as a series of magical adventures.

#5 Create Healthy Habits and Make Them Part of Your Daily Routine

Develop good habits that guide your actions and help create a great day. Develop a healthy morning routine that you enjoy. Mine is simple, calming, and effective: HYDRATE, ACTIVATE, EDUCATE:

  • Hydrate, drink at least 8 ounces of room temperature water first thing before doing anything else

  • Activate, breathing and stretching for 10 minutes…I do 100 pushups as well

  • Educate, avoid social media, and mainstream news outlets. Instead, read something for 10 minutes that teaches and provides inspiration, even fiction!

#6 Take Action

Commit, begin action, and take the steps needed to achieve your goal. This will open you up to learning, exploring, and sharpening the skills needed to reach your goal and make your dream a reality.

#7 Learn to be Happier by Caring About the Happiness of Others

Consciously add value in everything that you do and think about how the effect you have on others. Be your best, be kind and realize that other people may be feeling different than you and smile.

#8 Challenge Yourself, Learn, Read, Meditate

Learn something new every day. Do something that scares you. Be more confident and prepared for anything. Be quiet and shut the world out at least once a day. Read and learn something new. Reading about the experiences of others increases empathy and understanding.

#9 Make the Connection Between Body and Mind

Everything is connected: how you sleep, eat, exercise, and take care of yourself has a direct effect on your happiness, productivity, self-esteem, relationships, career, sex life and longevity.

I believe that words have great power. The first time I allowed myself to say it “I have a Magical Life” it surprised me with a feeling of authenticity and peace.

Things I do to bring more magic into my life:

  1. Sit on a rock or a sunny spot on the ground with my shoes off and fully connected with the Earth. I breathe, think about what I’m grateful for and listen to the silence.

  2. Hug a tree, try it if you’re skeptical!

  3. Do something I’ve never done before that gives me any fear or hesitation. Going forth with an open mind can be magical and life changing. Conquer irrational fears and experience life!

  4. Be kind, smile more, and appreciate others. This can create life changing experiences.

  5. Take cold showers. Work on my breathing techniques to fully benefit from the mental and physical healing powers of the cold

  6. Serve the greater good and make a difference in the world with my actions and thoughts.

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ERIC NORTH - The Happiness Warrior

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