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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

As The Happiness Warrior, I’ve always believed that all humans deserve to be happy, heard, and seen. It may seem impossible for some of us to feel this way and we might feel forsaken and shunned. Life is how we tell our story and not what others think we should become. Personal empowerment might seem like an impossible journey, but the reality is that it’s just waiting for us to claim it and show them how it’s done.

The very parameters that some humans have to suffer can make their lives feel alone and lost to hope and promise. We are all connected by genetics, why can’t we see the value in how we live our life and value the lives of others?

I believe that every life has value and personal empowerment is available to everyone no matter their birth or circumstances. It might sound like a lofty ambition, but the reality is that every human has something in them that makes them unique and special.

I’m here to help us learn to thrive and live our lives with more purpose, gratitude, and happiness. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been ready to step in and help when I see someone striving and yet struggling. It doesn’t have to be a noble gesture, but a simple acknowledgement and show of respect can have value beyond measure. We show who we are by example and actions.

So often, we just need a kind word of assurance or a friendly smile to set things right and see our potential. I’ve always felt strongly that everyone deserves to have a better life and it’s up to each of us to make it happen. “It takes a village” is one of my favorite quotes, together as a community we are better united as one.

Life has a way of fooling us at times and the world can seem like it’s stacked against us. A select few seem to live privileged and easier lives, but the vast majority of us have to work a lot harder to get what we deserve. All too often our dreams are laid to the side, and we feel unheard and forgotten. The struggle is always present, and we can feel left out and adrift. We can feel like our hopes are just fantasies and too hard or unnecessary to make them happen. We give up on ourselves too easily and let despotic narcissists rule our emotions. We become followers rather than leaders and all hope of empowerment can feel unimportant and forgotten. These are the people that I feel the most passionate about helping. How many life-changing ideas and innovations are going to waste; never examined or considered?


Developing personal empowerment starts with a change in mindset and attitude. These are the principles that can help guide us in increasing our own empowerment and help lift others:

1.       Identify a goal that focuses on increasing personal power.

2.       Gather knowledge and become an expert on something of value that you feel passionate about. Ask yourself how you can contribute and raise the experience for others. Self-knowledge is the foundation for empowering ourselves.

3.       Increase self-efficacy and realize that everything we know comes from within. Self-belief is something that always grows when we live in the present and focus on the now.

4.       Increase skills and competence in everything that is important to us. In this way we gain wisdom and confidence which is easily on display to others.

5.       Be an example and lead by our actions. This is how important change is created when we feel at peace and secure with ourselves. It attracts others to our cause and builds credibility.

6.       Create a core value where all actions have purpose. Each action no matter how small takes us to our goal and provides momentum.

7.       Practice the life-skill of self-awareness. Be able to honestly assess your impact, accept criticism, and use it to know yourself better. Know that every day is an opportunity to be better. This is the path to enlightenment and life satisfaction.


Almost everyone at one time or another has felt out of balance and out of control in our lives and work. In this fast-paced world we can spend so much time trying to catch up to nothing important and lose touch with the value and impact of our lives. Each of us has a job in society and fits somewhere in the framework. Whatever the personal challenges we face there are always choices in the universe that can help us gain control and get our lives back. When we reach this understanding we can find the essence of personal empowerment and enrich our lives with more gratitude and happiness. Our purpose evolves and we live in truth and greater authenticity.

The definition of personal empowerment may seem vast, but its essential truth is universal. Personal empowerment is about taking control of our own lives and making positive decisions about what we want and the impact we have on others. It means giving ourselves permission to succeed without any boundaries that we can perceive. It’s about trusting others and not “going it alone”. No matter where we are in life we are connected as humans and will need the support and trust of others. Empowerment just gives us a vehicle to reach this destination. It’s the wheel that’s always turning and guiding us on our journey.


We live in a time where entitlement is a mental disease and societal pestilence. Many of our lives are broadcast throughout the world and much of what we see and aspire to is artificial, biased, and distorted. Empowerment is about enabling people and encouraging them to rise and take control of their lives and make their own decisions. Entitlement, while sounding much the same, is dangerous, self-destructive, and disruptive. No one is born with the right to feel inherently deserving or better than anyone else. We’re all born naked with nothing and leave the world the same. No one is above anyone or deserves special privileges or treatment. Some earn this through their actions and behaviors, but it’s nothing that should be guaranteed by a birthright or legacy from our elders.

It’s up to us to make our way in the world with our unique gifts and abilities. All humans have the right to be happy and discover their own opportunities. It’s a fallacy to go through life thinking that we are better than another.

Life is richer and more rewarding when we remove the idea that we need to live by someone else’s rules or understanding.

When we are open and willing to practice self-awareness we will find that many of the ways that we were taught to think and live by others no longer resonate or vibrate with our spirit. It may feel like we are losing something at first, but we gain so much more peace and inner happiness when we are true to our authentic selves. It’s natural to feel a bit uneasy at first but take small steps and feel the resilience and empowerment that comes from living in integrity and truth.

Entitlement becomes more obvious and upsetting the more that we examine it. It’s easy to remove when we remember to focus on the best parts of us without the need of approval from others:

1.       Identify the behavior that causes feelings of entitlement. Ask yourself what would happen if you rejected this and began to act and think with more empathy and wisdom?

2.       Change the words that we use and change the direction and scope of our life and actions. Letting go of behavior that we know is wrong is the path to more personal freedom. Stop and listen to the words and know that they have spirit. Positive affirmations and words for others can have infinite value in our lives and those of others.

3.       Be able to set limits and be wary of crossing those lines. Soon life will have a more peaceful rhythm and happier times.

4.       Treat everyone equally with respect and dignity. We have so much to learn and so little to fear from those with different appearances and customs. This brings us closer together and heals our divisions. Community and the greater good are always positive objectives.

5.       Never go too hard or too fast, act naturally with authenticity. We gain greater perspective in our day-to-day lives when we are less judgmental to ourselves and others. Being kinder to ourselves is how we find more kindness and understanding of others.

Empowerment is a beautiful word with so much emotion and meaning. It propels us forward in life and helps us gain a wider perspective. It comes from within but is always heightened when it resonates with others. It fuels our dreams and ignites our momentum. It’s the stuff of greatness that we are all capable of finding.

Personal empowerment is the gateway to better choices, opportunities, and freedom. When we believe in ourselves and respect the rights of others we will always display the best parts of ourselves. We will be happier, and we will find more value in our lives and those of others!   

Eric North

IG  @TheHappinessWarrior1

Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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