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  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

I’ve always had a mindset for gathering facts, figures, and data. From the moment I could talk I only had questions. Reading came to me naturally, and I loved to learn the secrets of the world and the history of lives before us. Other kids often bored me, and I felt safer on my own. I knew I was different, and often disappeared in a world of books, travel fantasies, and solo adventures. I strived hard to make myself blend in as best as I could and spent much of my energy building careful defenses. I tried to be happy in my insular way, but my spirit was suppressed, and I wasn’t able to express my authentic being.

I come from a family of a very long lineage of deacons and church leaders. Hundreds of years and lives lived in the grasp of puritanical dogma and derision for others. Always quick to sort out everyone else in judgment or shame. There was always something or someone to hate and blame. I silently listened to it all and wished that I hadn’t. I learned too much about the power of lies and misunderstanding at a very early age.

These traits can become genetic and feel like a curse. By the time I began to mature, it was starting to fracture. I began to see the hypocrisy in how I was raised and became angry at times and less forgiving with myself. My energy was darker, and my life became less worth living.

There was a long period of my life when I was unhappy and chose a more dangerous path. I had lost touch with myself and the very idea of allowing myself to believe that I had a soul or spirit was a catalyst for much of my self-imposed anxiety and shame. I wanted to be good and accepted, but growing up in a deeply hypocritical and conservative environment only made me feel more disconnected and alone. The adults in my family life had so easily cast shame and scorn for others while creating much havoc in their lives with their own guilty crimes.  I loved my family with all my heart, but I cowardly hid the best parts of me from them.

I wanted to believe in something but needed to learn the lessons of life to help me figure it out. Without really knowing it, I embarked on a journey to explore my truths fully. At times I fought too hard when I could have peacefully surrendered.

The rules seemed like barriers to living in truth and authenticity was stamped out and punished. Although I had the mental fortitude to stay true to my intuitive nature, I lived in a world that seemed insane at every juncture. I rebelled whenever possible. I was young and full of curiosity, there was so much more in my spiritual life that I was yet to discover. It took many decades of learning to love and trust myself again to become The Happiness Warrior.


So much of our focus in life is in healing our bodies and traumas when we are injured or hurt, but no matter how quickly our superficial wounds are healed the great weight of our tortured and mistreated spirit remains. If we are human in our bodies and construction, our soul is eternal in its energy and connection with the universe.

Everyone has a different idea of what the soul means to our existence and happiness. The question has always been the same, does it exist or is it just wishful thinking?

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that we are the summation and product of the life binding energy that guides our existence. Sometimes, we hide and tamper it down. We don’t listen to our inner voice and let ourselves be mindlessly influenced and controlled by others. We lose the capacity to think for ourselves and find our lives overwhelmed with darkness. It’s no fault of our own. It’s the nefarious powers of those who seek to control and divide us for their personal gain.


I believe that all objects both inanimate and live are all connected and joined through energy and spectrums of sound and light. It might sound crazy to some, but I’ve witnessed my share of death, up close, and personal. At the last breath when eyes go blank I’ve always seen a bright flash of light. Intense and powerful like a miniature sun. It flames for a millisecond and disappears forever. It sounds like wishful thinking, but I believe that our energy goes on forever.

There’s a purpose to all of our lives while we are here on this planet, but there’s also a place where our energy travels. It may not be the heaven many of us wish for and dream of, but our energy lives on in our soul and spirit.


In this time of so much change, chaos, uncivil behaviors, and bloviated beings it’s natural to want to hide from our feelings and emotions. At times, we can feel that there’s no one out there who cares, but what matters the most is how we learn to love ourselves better. Healing begins with a knowledge that we deserve better. It’s universal and spreads. Happier people are those who know they can rise above it and lead the way for others. We want to help others but know without a doubt that the first step comes in healing ourselves and living in truth with an open perspective. We can heal our soul with affirmations of gratitude and love. We can do better; we can choose not to be mean with ourselves and others. It’s logical and creates more sanity in a world that needs it. It’s knowing that our higher power comes within through integrity and empathetic thoughts and actions. We heal together when we know the value of healing ourselves.


The world only seems insane because it’s built on a belief system that’s not working for all of us. It leaves people out and creates feelings of loneliness and confusion. To perceive the world differently, we are open to change and new beliefs that are more intuitive and life affirming. We can change our mindset to allow the past to fade away and live with purpose and happiness in the present and now. The happy side effects are more wisdom, self-awareness, dignity, and confidence.

These are the principles for happier living and caring for our inner being. We can be more truthful and stronger in our habits and thinking. We can be better versions of ourselves with an infinite capacity.

1.       Mental attitude is our greatest power. When we are able to change our inner attitude we can begin to change the outward aspects of our lives. We can be warriors for change, peace, and happiness. We can create a better path forward and lead others through their obstacles and distractions. Mental attitude is mental strength. We can consciously choose to be resilient and growth oriented to better navigate the entanglements of life.

2.       Beware of the trap of internal critique and stop making ourselves miserable. As humans we pay too much attention to our internalized and self-created negative emotions and feelings. We don’t deserve to feel this way and can spend much of our lives trapped in an unfair cycle of self-destruction. In order to solve this dilemma, we need to start talking clearly to ourselves and listen to our active voice and remove the feelings of guilt and victimhood trauma. We must learn to challenge these negative feelings as soon as they happen. A better and happier life is waiting for us on the other side. Make small positive steps and be thankful for the gratitude we begin to feel. Positive self-esteem is a gift that goes on forever.

3.       We must alter our thoughts to create a new reality. Live in the space that gives us more happiness and power. Know that we are perfect as we are in this moment but capable of more. Note that our perception of the world is shaped by what we choose to see and hear.

4.       Approach each day as more valuable and meaningful than the last. Be proactive in facing challenges and watch them become easier. Believe that life is worth living for and reinforce this with positive words and actions.

5.       Recognize the validity and significance of our dreams and aspirations and give them value. A mindset of possibility and hope is invaluable when times are tough or uncertain. Never give up on a dream and learn to transcend any obstacles or barriers. Every human deserves to be happy and purposeful.

6.       All actions have purpose and meaning. The purpose of our lives is not what we have accumulated or gained but rather our footprint on the world around us. Pursuing actions that serve others has a great purpose and might even be remembered!

I’ve always believed that healing is a constant and forever task. We are connected to our soul and our life on the planet is expressed through our spiritual nature and ideals. The soul is never seen, but it exists in life’s blueprint and creates our spiritual and emotional journey.  Our higher truth and authenticity are always expressed through our physical being.

We can travel through life with a heavy heart, or we can open our soul to expression and joy. Gratitude is everything and everything comes from being grateful for this life we’re living. We are worth every effort. Our souls will always thank us when we treat ourselves with kindness and light.

Eric North

IG  @TheHappinessWarrior1

Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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