• Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

I’ve always been very fast moving, fast talking, and quick to process new surroundings and situations. I moved forward in a hurry to escape the boundaries of my conservative upbring. I envisioned a great life that lay ahead which seemed so far away. Always in a hurry to catch up and never quite getting there. Sometimes, I knew I was too fast, but I never slowed down enough to realize that there were other choices and paths. I was always looking for the next achievement or adventure. The truth is that I wasn’t reliable and too insecure to make wise decisions. As much as I wanted to take on the world, I wasn’t connected to my truth and authentic being.

While there are some advantages to my natural rapid programming. I’ve learned all too well that life in the fast lane doesn’t always make us happy or feel complete. Through the years with much trial and error, I experienced a measure of success, but something was always wanting. I wasn’t always happy, was impatient with myself, and never took the time to face my demons. I knew that I had more that I wanted to do with my life, but I was stuck in a vacuum of my own creation.

My walls of deception were easily broken. I had a series of broken relationships with alcoholics and abusers. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone when I finally hit rock bottom. The catalyst that my broken spirit needed. The message that I had refused for so long had been in front of me for so long. I needed to practice patience with myself and others to renew my spirit and find my purpose.

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that true happiness that we can count on comes when we learn to slow down, savor the present, and live in the now. The future will always take care of itself and most of our fears and negative emotions are ungrounded. The terrors from our past are more easily broken when we are able to stop and quiet our thoughts and self-created negative emotions.


Every day I repeat this phrase aloud so that I hear it, “I’m flexible and I easily bend, all will be well”. Words that have carried me through some of my darkest and most soul-destroying times.

With the wisdom of time, I’ve tempered my fast pace and learned to slow down and appreciate everything and everyone in my life. I’m grateful for both lessons I learn from the good and the bad. I see things more clearly in multi dimensions. Through the practice of patience, I’ve learned not to make less assumptions or judgments and become more empathetic. It’s liberating and cathartic. It helps us erase any negative thoughts. It makes it easier to remove unnecessary encumbrances and attachments. Patience will help us clean up the messy things in our lives. It’s guaranteed to enhance our life vision, experience greater happiness, and amplify our ability to feel happy.

Wisdom grows exponentially when we learn to be patient and heed the messages and signals that accompany us through our life journey. I like to think that patience is a gift we can give ourselves to help us reach a place of greater peace and understanding.


When I was in my most formative years I was impatient to move on with my life and grow up. I tried to look older, crafted a fake driver’s license, and moved freely with a faster crowd. I was confused about my truth and identity. I didn’t know who I could become but I wanted to leave the past behind and go out in the world to understand my true self. Patience was something for other people, I had no time to wait and no time to waste. I moved through my life with speed and reckless abandon. I tried so hard to change too fast that I got more and trapped in the emotional baggage of my past. The years flew by, and I stayed in the same cycle until it came to its inevitable and brutal end.  As I began to pick up my life, I began to realize that none of it was a waste. I learned so much about myself and how to cope with soul destroying adversity. Still, I was restless and searching for answers.

Through the many desperate and hard times, I found my core values and began a rigorous and redeeming path of self-discipline and introspection. My entire self-identity and world as I knew it had been cast aside and I found myself with empty time to use and set a new foundation. I began to heal my mind and relationships. I found patience to take better care of myself and take action. I began to find patience to listen. I changed my attitude to become unstoppable and my mind began to open beyond my imagination. I surrounded myself with new people who raised my vibration and renewed my ability to laugh freely with joy.


How often are we or how many times in our lives that we have quit on ourselves? We immediately feel that some things are going to be too hard before we even start. As humans we often mistakenly believe that we aren’t good enough or that something’s lacking. We fail to believe in ourselves and let others take our opportunities. It’s a negative cycle without any meaning. Patience is something that seems out of touch. Why do we want to ruin our lives without any reason? Why is patience something that’s so out of touch?

As humans it’s natural for us to dream of perceived wants and needs, but the key to happiness and peace is to be able to be happy regardless of whether our dreams are met. It’s not always the object of our desire that makes us happy but the journey that took us there instead. There’s no secret steppingstone to get us ahead faster, the best parts of life are just waiting for us to be patient and steady.

It’s not what we desire that causes pain and suffering but how we perceive and project this through our actions.


When I began the process of becoming The Happiness Warrior, I was in a place of great personal change and outlook. I was successful by any terms or definition but felt that my life was not fully actualized and in alignment with my intention and potential. I knew without any doubt that I wanted to do more with my life and set a plan of action. At first things came easy and I felt a bit uneasy. Nothing this important and life changing could be earned so quickly. I had much work to do both on my body and mind. I needed to cast out the hurts and shames of my past and renew my core values and life lessons. I learned the value of patience and the purpose that it has for our lives. I learned to slow my expectations while honing my skills and recharging my innate abilities and powers. Through patience and focus I’ve learned how to create a better and more fulfilling life. Nothing comes easy but the road is always less bumpy when we’re prepared for anything that can happen in life. I know that patience is more than a virtue but the path to a better and more rewarding life.


One of the most verifiable truths in life is that everything is going to change no matter how badly we want things to stay the same. This is a fact and a condition of being human. When we learn to be patient we can use its power to put fear in the shadows. We can learn to look at life in a different light and perspective.  For many of us patience would be a better choice than these negative ways of thinking:

-FOMO-Fear of missing out is one the biggest challenges we face with the gripping power of social media and societal pressure. The best times in our lives are often unexpected and done on a whim. We can create our own stories and adventures instead of piggybacking on someone else’s life and live by our own desires and values. We can stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and start thinking about what’s best for ourselves.

-The feeling that time is slipping away is something that most of us experience on a regular basis. We worry about a future that will never happen. This can create a negative loop of guilt and shame that no one deserves. Every moment has meaning when we give life our best.

-Regret is sadness in one of its most poignant forms. It’s self-created from feelings of guilt or shame and unnecessarily causes so much long-term harm and pain. Forgiveness and patience are the tools that we can use to save us.


When we think back on all of the obstacles and difficulties in our lives it helps to put them in perspective. How much time did they consume, how much of our mental space did they occupy, and what lessons and life mastery did we learn? What were the negative emotions associated with each experience and do they still have a grip on our lives?  How much patience did we have and how did it affect our chances of success?

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that challenges are created by our energy and involve spiritually. It may be hard to realize at the time, but when bad things happen we’re more likely to reveal and realize our authentic power. This challenges our ego which opposes change and turmoil. If we’re not careful to unmask our natural potential we can be sucked into a vicious never-ending cycle. Our powers always lie within and require us to believe in ourselves to fight our ego and bring them out.

Our darkest moments are the impetus for the greatest expansion of our inner spirit. The ego becomes quieter and the silence of our inner-thoughts and knowing will prevail.


I’ve always believed that every problem has a solution and that it can take time to find the perfect approach. Patience is the virtue of a true warrior in pursuit of the best outcome for all. Think, study, and go over the outcomes in your head. Only then can we devise the most beneficial approach. Believe it’s possible to overcome and set your goals on the goal ahead. Never waver and always know that what we fear is never the true outcome. Patience is a guide through all of these conditions. Life is always happier when we’re able to flow and glide peacefully through life. Anger and frustration are only as real as we allow them to be. Instead of fighting our enemies we can learn to welcome their thoughts into the equation. Soon they will see how ridiculous they sound and cease to function.

The path to greater and happier lives lies before all of us. There are no shortcuts, regrets are too painful, and there are always obstacles in our way. Our only salvation comes from within, when we learn to trust ourselves, be patient in all of our actions, and learn to live in truth and understanding.

ERIC NORTH - The Happiness Warrior

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