The Property Pack

  • Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

If the last few years have taught us anything it’s that our expectations were too great, our perception was too narrow, and we were barely focused on living in the present. The world is always expanding outwards, but suddenly we were shut down and disconnected. Everything we knew and once relied upon was beyond our reach. We were caught up in a shuffle rapidly changing directives, strong emotions, and crippling misinformation. We had lost touch with reality, were cut off from our social networks, and were floundering without any structure or rules. Fear is real, but how we understand and see past it is the way we learn and find our purpose. The choices we make define us and how we move forward through life and see the bigger picture.

As this pandemic mindset began to set in, the world shifted almost overnight, and our very existence felt threatened. Many of us were unable to find our balance. We struggled and made our decisions based on fear and loneliness. We forgot that there’s always a new vision on the horizon and we didn’t see the scope of our power. To make matters worse we were separated from our neighbors and loved ones and felt the sorrow of disconnection.

Most of us couldn’t see the other side because we were too busy holding ourselves back and allowing happiness to disappear from our lives. We fell for propaganda, alarmist news cycles, and became increasingly divided and at odds with ourselves. Everything was too fast, we consumed too much, and we didn’t consider that our neighbors who look different than us shared the same struggles. We were too busy to listen to others and believed we were always right.

Some of us began to realize that for too long we had willfully and mindlessly accepted outdated ways of doing things that were inequitable and unfair. We began to question our being and existence. What is our place in the world unless we try to do good for ourselves and others? What is the point of living unless we can embrace change?

If the past has taught us anything it’s that we must be able to look outside our narrow world and expand our scope and vision. A strong mindset focused on resilience and self-awareness is all that’s needed to live our lives with more happiness and fulfillment.

It’s two and half years later and we’re still consuming too much, squandering precious resources, and can barely see the road in front of us. We are changing, a bit too slowly, but more of us than ever have been able to adapt and thrive. It’s an undeniable truth that we try so hard to avoid, but we must be ready for change in a playing field that’s continually evolving and surprising us. Happiness comes when we learn to bend and rise again.


Fear is only as real as our mindset. It’s a powerful teacher that can hold us back or provide the spark needed for momentum and growth. How often do our unfounded fears make our happiness feel so profound and gratifying?

As humans it’s natural for us to want to explore and renew our minds and attitudes. Often this optimism and new mindset is met with indifference and contempt. Stay strong to your values and know that you will prevail. The truth is what guides us and we can persist and set our minds free. Growth is as natural as our impending mortality. Facts are inescapable.


When our actions have meaning and purpose, we will always renew our intention and raise our vibration. We can lift others with us along the way and never look back on the wrongs of the past. It’s up to us to make a choice and believe in ourselves and the power of our voices. When we show up for our lives, we reclaim our destiny.

We can choose to live with a sense of purpose and gratitude when we know that there are things bigger than ourselves. We gain wisdom with the knowledge that our actions have meaning. When we change our outlook, we can look at the big picture with awe and find the happiness that comes when we serve for the good of all. As individuals each of us is important in our own unique way but as humans we are more magnificent and energized when we come together in harmony.

As The Happiness Warrior I’ve dedicated my life to writing about how to be happier, developing core values, and looking at life with more empathy and gratitude. It’s not hard to do and certainly not rocket science; just common sense and a feeling that there is always something bigger than me that I respect and aspire to. We are meant to take part in our lives and as humans we have a duty to help and protect one another. No one stands alone and the scope of our actions expand beyond our narrow vision.

All throughout my life I’ve felt a natural impulse to step up and help make things better. I tend to show up whenever I see someone lost and struggling. I want to help others feel seen and heard. I want them to feel their value in even the lowest moments. I’m convinced it’s genetic and a gift that I’m so grateful for. As I’ve aged and realized my calling, empathy and understanding for others has heightened and my intention and courage have strengthened. It makes life equally challenging and rewarding. It’s our service to others that leads us down the road of happiness.


The truth hides in plain sight, lives in the moment, and forges our decisions and judgments. Only when we live in our authentic being can, we see the light that surrounds us live in our truth. Our connection with the universal energy source is only as powerful as our belief in ourselves. When we accept and feel the energy of the universe, we see possibilities in an endless source of light and inspiration.

The older I become; the more precious time feels and the more I savor every moment. There’s a finite time on this earth for all of us, but when our mindset is happy and balanced, the more power we gain to create something better with our remaining time on earth. As humans we are best when we lift each other up and come together as a community. There will always be others who believe in us when we trust ourselves.


To achieve wisdom, we must learn to be more compassionate. Compassion for others is a trait which can free our minds to rise above our own desires and feel the needs and value of others. We are bigger than ourselves when we care about the greater good of all. This creates a higher vibration and more synchronicity with others who feel the same calling. Every moment is an opportunity to make a choice and create a mindset for greater fulfillment, a yearning for knowledge, and truth. Only in our truth can we see ourselves as whole and fully functional. Truth is a great teacher as well as a guide to living a happier life. We are at our best when we are more vulnerable and authentic to our being!


The road to happiness is much easier and will have more meaning when we develop a set of personal core values. All five of mine are equally important and provide spiritual meaning to cultivate a warrior mindset. I can never fail myself because I have rules that I follow which guide and protect me. Of the five of them, Practicing Self-Awareness is the cornerstone and guides all actions. Nothing is more powerful than being able to feel and accept ourselves for our faults and be able to do the work that’s needed to better ourselves. Self-awareness isn’t always a happy feeling, but the freedom that comes when we understand our vulnerability is priceless:

- Know that wisdom comes from self-reflection.

- Question everything and sort through the nonsense and inanity. Facts before feelings and science before conspiracies. Listen to the questions that others ask and learn who they are.

- Practice perspective rather than observation. We will never see the truth unless we learn to look at the angles that make up the equation.

- Know that anger is a vice that kills our spirit and harms others. There’s no easy way out of anger and the destruction harm to our spirit. Stand strong and anger will die where it belongs.

- Think clearly and educate yourself on a variety of ideas before setting your mind to anything. Make decisions based on logic and measure.

- Know the basic rules of life.

- Build a set of core values to guide thoughts and actions.

- Listen to others and ask relevant questions.

- Stop asking for approval from others.

- Learn to be objective when considering another’s thoughts and actions. We’ll never know what someone else is really thinking.

- Stop being hard on yourself, self-inflicted pain has no purpose. No one likes a martyr.

- Get over yourself!


Being useful to others is how we change the world for the better. One person doing their best always adds to more people in unison with similar goals. Happy people who appear fulfilled always welcome others and spread more happiness. A mighty wave starts with a ripple.

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that to attract more love and beauty in our lives we must appreciate what we already have. When our mindset is firmly rooted in the present, we can see the bounty that our lives provide. Each choice is ahead of us, and every moment is an opportunity to look at life with a new sense of gratitude and fulfillment. Why fear tomorrow when the present feels sublime?

We are all on a journey through our lives. How we live and perceive the bigger world around us is how we go beyond mere survival and create the magic that we deserve in our lives.

A meaningful life is only attainable when we can see beyond ourselves and look at the world as a place for us to make better. Instead of an endless list of goals, why not have a strategy to be the best in all that we do and create more balance, fulfillment, and happiness?

As humans we deserve to be happy but too often, we only allow a narrow viewpoint and often miss the big picture. Improvement and momentum go together with a natural flow. Feel the rhythm and seek the energy of the universe and find yourself in a state of wonder and gratitude. This is what it means to live and love our lives with a sense of wonder!

Living by our personal code of values and ethics becomes more valuable and provides wisdom. These are the tools we need to move forward in our changing world and find the happiness that comes from within that energizes our spirit and intention. Our lives are richer and have more meaning when we know in our hearts that we have a purpose larger than ourselves. There’s a big world out there waiting for us to discover!

Eric North The Happiness Warrior

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