• Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that everyone matters, all are equal, and happiness is a basic human right. As humans we all have an innate desire to seek something better for ourselves and personal happiness and fulfillment is the starting point. This belief is universal but, all too often, many of us choose the “safe” path of mediocrity, being average, encouraging conformity, and keeping out of sight. We’re the opposite of happiness in our lifestyle and mindset. Almost without knowing it, we have dampened our ability to feel happier by ignoring how we feel inside and living our lives for the sake of others.

We’re all on a journey through time. How can we learn to be happy in the present and let the future take care of itself? We can do this by rewriting our stories when we learn to trust ourselves and align with our spirit and intention. Life can be magical when we live in our authenticity and show the world who we really are!

We have choices in life and if we choose to let our inner light shine and guide our way, we can change our narrative and experience the lives we dream about. Mindset is everything and adapting one of self-awareness and authenticity is the way to live without remorse, negative emotions, or shameful self-judgment. When we’re happier anything is possible when we live in our truth.

Most of this disorder is societal as we further divide ourselves by social media, divisive politics, greed, inequity, and brutal power. We are conditioned to being manipulated and controlled and have a hard time seeing life on the other side. Sadly, our dreams are forgotten and filed away for a time that will never come.

Too many are born into inequality and will experience humiliating and humbling challenges. These obstacles and traumas can make them want to give up and submit to inequitable rules and control. It can feel like an endless barrier that’s impeding our chances and destroying any hope. The system is designed to keep the status quo no matter what the toll on our lives in general.

Now is a better time than ever to understand that the old ways of doing things have been corrupted and need to be changed. Control of others is one of our greatest evils and one that so many obey with false security and broken promises. Only when we can think clearly and see through the haze of misinformation can we feel at peace in our soul.

The world’s greatest shame are the millions of voices that we marginalize and hold under power. Their voices feel silent, and their innovative and life-changing ideas are never seen or heard. It’s a silent death for our humanity and one that must change.

We have been through so much and the playing field is constantly evolving. Now is the time for new leaders and new ideas. So much can be accomplished if we show up for our lives and live in our truth. The old ways didn’t work, cost us so much, and have brought us to this place. It’s time to rewrite our history and create new stories that help us rise and unite. What’s the point of going on if we continue to do the same?


The easiest way to get to a new place or take the best path is to cease wanting and learn to live in the moment. Only in the present and “now” can we truly know what we want for ourselves. Often the best thing to do when we want something so badly is to step back, breathe, and relax. When we let it happen and gently pull ourselves along, we can reach the new reality that we once so desperately sought. Being in the moment is how we propel our momentum, achieve our goals, and create the lives we’ve dreamed about!

As The Happiness Warrior I believe that all humans have value, and all have potential that lies dormant within. We are unique in our authenticity, but too often find ourselves trapped and living our lives just to survive in hopes of gaining approval of others. Sadly, too many are living our lives for others and never feel truly happy or fulfilled. Let your actions speak for themselves. Praise is unnecessary when we do the right thing. We are martyrs and victims without a cause!

Greatness exists within all of us, and average is the baseline for all. Potential is more than just a word but a mission for everyone. Nothing that we want is ever easy but the only one holding us back is ourselves. Seeking our promise is meaningless unless we take the steps to cultivate, educate ourselves, and live up to our promises. Quitting is just another word for giving up on our dreams and kills our spirit.


A couple of years ago in the height of the global pandemic, I spent some time in the Arizona desert and sat on a mesa in the early morning sun. I was there to rediscover my purpose and knew that the answers I was seeking would find me. As I sat there and contemplated the incredible blue sky, I looked up at the ancient mountain looming above. Silence and nature were my only companions, the rest of the world had vanished. As I meditated and just felt present, I began to feel a great feeling of joy and happiness. A tear or two fell down my cheeks which quickly evaporated. I was at peace for the first time in many months and knew that this was where I should be in this moment. After a while I began to get restless and thought about hiking the mountain trails in the distance. My first impulse was to bolt, but my intuition guided me, and I felt a peaceful surrender. Suddenly I heard a deep voice in my head “all knowledge is here”. It was startling, it was real, and etched in my brain. Did it come from the ancient mountain itself? My reality had altered, and I felt humbled in the wisdom of the universe.

That trip was a turning point in my life and the beginning of the origin of The Happiness Warrior and when I began to rewrite my own story.


Life is always better when we live in the present and are at peace in a state of forgiveness with our past. We can only be happy when we give ourselves permission to create happier lives with more grace and understanding. Our beliefs and core values are refined through creating our stories. True happiness comes when we know that every day is a chance to be better and keep our dreams alive. What if each hardship and roadblock in life is a great gift that teaches and inspires our thoughts and actions? What if everything is supposed to be happening right now just like it should be?


There’s an old Hawaiian practice called H-oponopono which is a mindset thought to make things right. This is something that resonates with me that’s important to share and can be done in front of a mirror. It’s easy to remember and quite a powerful affirmation when recited aloud.

1.       I’m Sorry

2.       Please forgive me.

3.       Thank you.

4.       I love you.

Forgiving ourselves is the way to gain momentum and balance in our lives. When we understand our mistakes then we can learn how to change and grow. We gain more wisdom and empathy needed to master our lives and find fulfillment and truth. Self-awareness is a gift that changes our path for the better. Only when we know our strengths and weaknesses can we rewrite our stories and change our lives!


When people see things as beautiful, ugliness is created. When people see things as good, evil is created. Lao Tzu

The reality we choose to live in is our own creation. I believe that it’s our duty to be our best and be able to look inwards and see the good that we are made of and the uglier parts that we reject. It’s easy to take out the trash when we have a mindset for improvement and self-awareness.

1.       Broaden your mindset with new experiences. Every new place and person that we visit or meet has something to teach us. Life mastery comes from both new experiences and ones that we cherish.

2.       Overcome fears. Fear is easy to conquer when we ask ourselves questions and seek answers. The only thing that we don’t know is what we fear. Fear teaches and provides a place to grow from.

3.       Get out of your comfort zone. There’s nothing worse than feeling like we’re stuck in our lives. Go somewhere that you’ve never been before and feel connection and gratitude for the unfamiliar.

4.       Look at life as a big game and how we play it is how we win. Each obstacle or challenge shapes and molds us. Hardship can be a valuable resource when we see the potential it can provide.

5.       Focus on your passion and dreams to pursue action. This is how we create the life that we’ve hoped for. Do what you love and relearn how to love yourself.

6.       Forget regrets and forgive yourself for the past. The present and now is what matters. Who are you right this minute? Don’t forget your answer and does it make you feel happy and content?

7.       Focus on strength of character. Our actions and words represent ourselves and reveal our true nature. Be gentle with yourself and avoid shaming others. This is a golden rule that is all too often forgotten.


When we live our lives for ourselves without need for approval of others, we can begin to find our authentic being, rewrite our stories, and reshape our destiny. It’s never too late to open closed minds and let our defenses down. When we are vulnerable, we are also more whole and complete. Be yourself and think about what you’re doing to make your life greater. Take conscious actions that help reach your goals. Stop living in fear and live in the light of your own creation. We are all the best products of ourselves and no one else. Be proud of who you are, act to be your best, and write the greatest story of all time, the story of you!

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