• Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

My birthday is here once again, another trip around the sun and another year to remind myself of who I am and what I stand for. As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that birthdays are special days that remind us of how incredible we are and why we’re here on this earth.

It’s a day to honor our spirit, focus on our goals, practice gratitude, and realign our intention. What a miracle it is to live our lives and feel the natural happiness that comes from within when we learn to love who we are. Birthdays are a celebration of our creation and a special time to feel pride in who we are and the values we stand for. In a world where resolutions are soon rendered meaningless, we can live in our light and our truth without guilt or remorse.

Birthdays are the perfect occasion to see our inner spirit clearly and honor who we are. It’s time to applaud our spirit and connect with our intention. This is the day when we take a step back and remember who we are and renew our purpose. Birthdays are always an occasion to take stock of our lives and understand what we’ve accomplished and the dreams that drive us forward. Have we remained faithful in the past year to our core values and dreams?

Atonement and balance are always needed to continue our lives with momentum and fulfillment. Birthdays are the perfect day to forgive ourselves, remind us to never repeat the same mistakes, and move on with our amazing lives. We are wonders in ourselves in our ability to survive another year and expand our knowledge and wisdom. It’s a time to live in gratitude and show our humanity to others at its finest!

As someone who’s faced his mortality more than a few times, I know what it’s like to feel a yearning to live. It’s a sense of awareness that’s given me a deeper feeling of meaning and fulfillment. Gratitude is always the best part of life and one that can be so hardly earned.

The universe provides signals as we move through life, we must accept them for their truths and live in their understanding and guidance. Why not have one special day where we can know ourselves better and love who we are? A birthday is a celebration of our values and beliefs. The best day of the year to focus on what makes us great!

The last few years have been challenging for all, but they have also given us great lessons and altered our stories. The obstacles have been challenging, sometimes demotivating, and even deadly. Reminders that life is a serious business and how we tackle it and move forward is what defines our lives and gives us purpose. Everything we do or live through has a meaning and teaching.

All we need to know is found everywhere in our daily lives when we see our lives with clarity. The next step is always waiting for us when we open our mind and set our path with intention and wisdom. This power grows and adapts as we continue exploring the endless possibilities for our destiny.


The last year of my life started with a dinner party night out with a select group of friends. I didn’t call it my birthday but instead a gathering of “good people who do good things”. It had been a rough year and a half dealing with covid and business challenges, but the future looked bright and encouraging.

In the blink of an eye everything suddenly changed. I was on a new and very fast bike and lost my focus for a second and had a great crash. I could barely walk, and my entire body was bruised and bloody. I was suddenly disabled and dependent. All too often our lives can change in a second. I could feel a great wall of fear looming in the background of my mind trying its best to conquer me. It was a life-defining moment, and I used an old mindfulness trick to pull myself together and remove fear from my mindset. I told myself that physical pain can be overcome, but I knew that fear was something I couldn’t accept into my consciousness. Healing became my compass and pain was my teacher.


In my recovery I learned about myself and my inner strength and ability to be self-disciplined. Each day following my surgery was a day to be better and each small victory was a triumph. Healing is a remarkable process and one that teaches us empathy and concern for others. At my lowest point I knew that there were many out there who were struggling harder. My pain was not as great as another’s pain, and I drew comfort in my ability to rationalize my thoughts and think of others and their suffering.


Every year I look back on my path and think of what I’ve done and how I’ve interacted with others. Leaving a clean path without much destruction is an important goal. How many did I hurt and how many more did I help is the question.

As The Happiness Warrior my Core Values define my actions and way of life. Without them life would feel adrift without purpose. I know my truth and I know my weaknesses. I strive for authenticity in a world that often hides the facts.

We can all rise when we’re able to listen and hear the words in our heart. There’s an inner voice in everyone that guides and protects us, listens with intention, and knows the happiness that comes when you’re being your best.


One of my core values is that I can always be better each day than the day before. It’s how I navigate through the darkest times and one that makes my life feel more optimal.

It’s not hard to do something well when your mind is focused on finding solutions and leading the way for others. These are essential rules for creating a better way to look at our lives with a happier mindset:

1.       Change your story to one that supports your hopes and dreams. Leave victimhood and negative self-beliefs behind and embrace change and adaptability. Forgiveness for the past is essential for ever living a truly happy life.

2.       Stop using derogatory descriptions for yourself. You are not damaged. Something happened, and you had to deal with it and survive. Make your hardships your key to empowerment and enlightenment. Learn, process, and compartmentalize your trauma. The past has already happened. How do you feel at this very moment? Are your needs satisfied?

3.       Stop measuring yourself with others. The size of their house or reported income doesn’t matter other than their character and values.

4.       Know that circumstances and goals don’t make us happy. We make us happy and how we feel about ourselves only matters right now at this moment. Do you see a good person that you respect and admire?

5.       Even the most perfect looking lives with carefully crafted facades have problems. No one is immune to adversity. It has always helped me to look at life as a great game. Move through life picturing it as a playing field and be ready for anything. As The Happiness Warrior this is one of my Core Values.

6.       Celebrate special moments and victories as much as possible. These are your memories that help us to move forward with life. Be your own hero and create your best story. Dreams come true when we learn to believe in ourselves and our destiny.

7.       Love who you are above all else. Only when we learn to love ourselves are we able to be our best and serve others. Intention is a strong power when it rises from passion and conviction.

As my years on this planet continue, I will always seek growth, knowledge, and expansion. I’ve learned to look at life as a magical journey on a path to enlightenment. We can get better as we grow older; we can always be happier and strive to be a better human. We must be able to look inside ourselves and like who we are and what we see.

Life is too short to live in the shadows. Show up for yourself every day and greet each morning with gratitude and words of self-fulfillment. Our words matter more than anything and how we honor ourselves is how we gain the respect of others. Be your own best advocate and live each day in gratitude and forgiveness. Our birthdays are a day of personal honor and celebration. The light always shines brighter when we are happy with who we are and unafraid to be vulnerable and authentic!

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