• Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

If the last couple of years has taught us anything it’s that nothing we thought of as the right way of doing things matters that much anymore. We’ve been through great challenges and learned to survive and adapt. The rules of the game of life have changed and the playing board has been cleared.

Why revert to old methods and worn-out ways of thinking when we’ve been through so much?  I believe there’s a new world emerging from the chaos with endless opportunities to renew our spirit, change our way of thinking, and look at life as a spiritual journey where happiness abounds.

We can stay on the safe path and bend to conform to the judgements and wishes of others. Or we listen to our inner voice as it guides our choices and life changing decisions. We can choose to be our authentic selves and embrace the weirdness that makes us unique. When we are free to be ourselves, we find more happiness in the truth of who we really are. Why care what others think and be imprisoned by their opinions? We must stop living our lives for others and learn to live for ourselves. Make a difference in your life, embrace who you are, keep your focus on your goals, and feel the happiness that comes from within when we are true to ourselves. Weirder is what the world badly needs right now!

As the Happiness Warrior, I know that the happiest people are those who value their authentic truth and strive to be themselves. They are fine with being labeled “weird” and continue their lives with a sense of contentment and purpose. They know who they are and often make great discoveries that change us for the better. They aren’t afraid to show their value and know their worth. They make an impact and have the courage to use their “weirdness” to make a difference. They are confident in their actions and their alignment with the guiding power of the universe.

Society tells us otherwise, but we’re happiest when we see the truth in ourselves and practice self-awareness. When we allow ourselves to be “weird” we can stop the cycle of despair and denial of the soul. Be yourself and raise your vibration and connection. Understand the power of your vulnerability and feel a great weight rise. Find the freedom that comes when we are able to be vulnerable without fear of shame or judgment.

Being normal or average leaves us with nothing to aspire to and kills our dreams. Stop trying to fit in and be like everyone else. Look around and ask yourself do you want to be average? Do you want to mask yourself with the false need to conform? Is your desire to conform and fit in so desperate that you hide your value?

Or do you want to create an amazing life with more purpose, fulfillment, and happiness? Change your thinking to enable you to ignore societal pressures and norms to create strength and conviction for who you are. Know that true happiness comes from within without the need for external validation. Manifestation is always an illusion unless we are willing to act and do the work needed to make it happen. Show up for your life and life will show up for you!

We are all entitled to be ourselves just by the privilege of being born alive in our beautiful and amazing world. Learn the joy that comes from understanding things that take you out of the ordinary. Make your triumph and stop living for the praise and adoration of others. Your spirit will rise, and your vibration will grow to attract more happier and life affirming people into your sphere. Develop your innate powers of intuition and intention and focus yourself on being your best, no one can take that from you!

Many of the world’s greatest thinkers and most admired people are those that have started off life being labeled weird, different, or worse. They’re the nerds and weirdos whose energy and spirit we all secretly envy but are too wrapped up in our own insecurities to appreciate. They refuse to give up their dreams for the sake of others and are not ruled by their egos.


Change the dialogue in your head and focus on who you want to be. Fear of the unknown and untested skills plays a vicious cycle on self-esteem. Stop telling yourself that you should do something and prove to yourself that you are strong and in touch with your inherent powers. Should is a word that is best avoided and never helps us reach our goals.

We can’t all be number one all the time, but we can be the voices in our own life that make us stronger and more resilient. Line your path with self-esteem and gratitude for your innate gifts. Practice self-awareness and awaken your inner voice and authenticity. Show up for yourself and highlight your value and watch your happiness and fulfillment rise.


There’s magic in even the smallest things in life. Start looking at how you talk to yourself and how you introduce yourself with others. Stop apologizing for being yourself and making excuses for your idiosyncrasies. Use words that empower your being and remember that words never disappear once they are thought or said.

Be kinder to yourself and feel your confidence soar. Be bolder and more confident and show up for your life! New opportunities and choices will abound when you start using words that build yourself up and raise your spirit. Happiness comes from our subconsciousness and the words we use for ourselves sets the tone and path for our lives.

We can be ready for anything in life when we set our inner dialogue on compassion and understanding for ourselves. Everyone has been hurt at some time in their life and we all have different ways of processing and living with emotional pain. Don’t let others steal your happiness or take up too much space in your head. They don’t belong there!

Remember that life has a way of echoing our thoughts!


Like many of us, I woke every day in the months preceding the pandemic feeling on top of the world. Both of my businesses were growing fast, I was creating jobs, and enjoyed every minute of my life. There were many times when I felt like my life was like a film filled with exciting bursts of creativity, accomplishments, and connecting with brilliant people. I had discovered the power of intention and self-mastery. Here I was in my mid-fifties feeling more alive and vibrant than ever!

Suddenly, it all came to a crashing stop. One day I was making plans and making my dreams come true and the next the world was silent. Everything had shut down, fear was on everyone’s mind, and we began to look at ourselves with anxiety and suspicion. My first thought was that I needed to do something and began to take action. The world needed leaders to step up and I knew that I could help. I began to make daily videos of encouragement and gratitude to share on social media and my audience grew. I found like-minded people offering support and encouragement. I knew that I could help others emerge from the darkness and find more balance and happiness.

After all we’ve been through it’s time to surrender and let go of our anger and fear. Now is the time to forgive ourselves for our past errors and bad choices and think about life beyond the pandemic and follow our dreams. Health is wealth as the saying goes and how we take care of ourselves is how we rise above the darkness and renew our lives.

We can change, we can adapt, and we find new ways to look at our lives with clarity and feel the joy that comes when we survive life’s traumas. We’ve found more value in ourselves, greater resilience, empathy, and methods to care for ourselves and others.


As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that it’s in some of our darkest moments that we begin renewing ourselves. From the darkness comes the light and happiness that comes from overcoming life’s obstacles and sudden changes. Resilience, learning, and self-discipline are greatest when we understand that hardship is both our opponent and our teacher. Forgive yourself for past mistakes and harms and make amends with yourself before others. Your journey is your purpose and learning to accept that life is going to hurt sometimes makes the happier moments are more valuable and life changing. Feel the happiness that comes when you stop resisting and accept yourself for who you really are!

Transcend past hurts and suffering and realize your potential worth. We can provide more value and create more happiness when we turn ourselves inward and remove shame and self-judgment.


Each of us has the power to change our destiny when we change our way of thinking. Our greatest gift as humans is our uniqueness and perspective:

* Stop pretending to be someone that you’re not. Don’t live your life to fill someone else’s expectations! Embrace your weirdness and feel more alive!

* Don’t give up on your dreams based on someone else’s judgment or perception.

* A better path in life can start with just one positive thought.

* No one will like you until you like yourself.

* Criticism is an opportunity for growth and self-awareness and a sign that we’re noticed.

* Approval comes from within, stop comparing yourself to others.

* Find a daily affirmation that works for you and make it your mantra. Lift your vibration and share your love for yourself with others.

* Stop putting yourself down and start lifting yourself up. Words have spirit. Use them wisely and reap the rewards.

Try closing your eyes and thank yourself for embracing your “weirdness”.  Be proud that you’ve made it this far in life and think of all the adventures still to come. Normal and average are words of surrender, save yourself, feel alive, be weird when it matters. Feel free to be weird and make the world around you better. Each of us can make a difference when we learn to stop judging ourselves and living through our egos. We are happiest when we learn freedom, personal growth, and joy that comes from being “weird”!

ERIC NORTH - The Happiness Warrior

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