• Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

Your subconscious never sleeps. It is always on the job. It controls all your vital functions. Forgive yourself and everyone else before you go to sleep, and healing will take place much more rapidly.” ― Joseph Murphy

When I was young, I always felt like I lived under a shadow, and was exhaustively hiding from who I was. I wanted to be accepted, but I wasn’t strong enough to be myself. The world around me always felt like it was closing in on me with its boundaries and social restrictions. Growing up in the South was a struggle and I knew that I’d make it out someday and live the life that I dreamed of. So, I lived in a world of my own and made myself happy with hikes in the woods, long country bike rides, and my love for reading. I learned, I grew, and I used the power of my imagination to set my intention for my life. I struggled with my sexuality and the fears of discovery that came with it. How I longed to be my authentic self, follow my forbidden dreams, and live up to my potential.

I’m sure life in those times was no more difficult than it is now, but in those days people like me were always shunned, shamed, and hated. I knew that I had to adapt and force myself to fit in. I was certain in my subconscious thoughts that I would someday live the life that I wanted, but the damage was done, and I had my share of doubts and fear of discovery. There were times when I wanted to break free, but I was horrified by what might happen. Instead, I rebelled and went on a rampaging path of self-discovery and fast-living tales of self-destruction.

As The Happiness Warrior I have a firm belief that when we like what we think, we will like who we are. In a world filled with negativity, ever changing events, and chaos it’s in our own thoughts that we can find peace and happiness. We can listen to outside voices and allow their controlling motives to creep into our consciousness and actions. Or we can learn to trust ourselves and listen to the deep innate guiding force of our intuition. Our inner voice that is uniquely our own. We do this when we finally believe in the wisdom of the inner voice that’s there to guide us in all our decisions and actions. We can be our authentic selves when we hear the gentle words in our subconsciousness and trust ourselves to live in our truth. We can be happier and grateful for a world of our own making when our subconsciousness is aligned with our core values and systems. We can all be warriors for good when we believe in ourselves without compromise or fear when we live in our true authentic being and value the lesson and meaning of life.

When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I had a vision for creating a greater purpose for my life and my mindset was inspired with crystal clear vision. One of the most memorable and exhilarating visions was on a business trip in Miami while driving on a causeway over the sparkling waters of Biscayne Bay. I was on the way to explore a new business opportunity and was smiling and happy with a great feeling of adventure and new vows to myself. I have always worshiped the sun as the giver of life and the big sky over the bay was revealing a new reality. I knew without a doubt that the sun and the water was giving me its blessing in its overwhelming burst of light and energy. In that moment, my subconsciousness was set for growth and success, and I felt a resonating feeling of happiness. I knew it would be great and I knew that I could do it. My inner voice was speaking clearly with passion and conviction and guiding my future.

As I started my new business, I had many detractors. They were often misinformed, and sometimes blatantly envious people disguised as friends telling me that I was wrong and doing something that they feared. Some of these detractors might tell themselves that they are only well-meaning and doing it for my own good, but their motives were clear. They may have thought they were helping on the surface, but deep down their subconscious thoughts were trapped in fear, negativity, and regret for their own bad choices.

I’ve always felt that I was different and looked at the world from my own perspective. It never made me unhappy, but it was a lonely road at times and shaped who I have become. Others are looking at you when you're different to falter and fail. It’s a choice when we let them win. I know that it was a difficult burden to place on my shoulders, but I know we always get to the other side when our determination is strong, and we listen to intuition. When we believe in ourselves and trust our actions, we can allow the great power of our subconsciousness to guide and protect us. We can be ready for anything in a world that’s constantly changing.

Be aware that there are always envious people out there and that the harm they do comes in many forms. Envy is a killer of dreams and soul-destroying emotion for its creator. It serves no purpose other than to destroy our inner spirit and harm others in its self-serving and destructive nature. We are all guilty of envy in one form or another over our lives, but how we understand and refocus this emotion is how we become happier and make more of an impact on our own lives and the world around us. Everyone and everything is connected and when we rise, everyone else rises as well.


As The Happiness Warrior I want to help you develop a life-affirming mindset through aligning your subconscious thoughts with your authentic power and living spirit. A subconscious that provides constant feelings of self-worth and empowerment that are present in all actions to help us realize our true purpose and raise happiness to new levels. With a warrior-like subconscious creating life we’ve always dreamed will become your reality. Life is a journey and how we live and find beauty in even life’s smallest moments creates a more powerful subconsciousness that we can always count on to guide us through life’s challenges while creating joy from our efforts and travails. I like to use an affirmation every night before sleep: “I did my best today and will do better tomorrow!”.


Resetting our mindset is not as hard as it sounds if we have a goal of creating more self-awareness and clarity to our thoughts. This can be the most difficult undertaking for so many as it requires both honesty and the ability to hear the truth about ourselves. Our true subconsciousness never lies. We are only as flawed as we allow ourselves to be and only through our actions can we change ourselves for the better

The easiest way to start is by forgiving yourself for the past, seeking atonement, and creating distance. Leave the past behind, don’t think too much about a future that might never happen.

Live in the light of the present and promise yourself these things:

-          Vow to forgive yourself for the past and think about the good things that came from mistakes.

-          Accept yourself for who you really are and what you cannot change.

-          Be a better friend to yourself. Understand that loving yourself will help you love and understand others better.

-          Live up to your potential and stop underestimating or making excuses for yourself. No one likes a victim or a martyr, change this mindset and your vibration will rise!

As The Happiness Warrior, I have trained myself to think of life as a big game. This gives me an outlook that helps me thrive and go forward with momentum and courage. We get what we put into it, but too often we let life’s big challenges and obstacles get in the way of fully realizing our potential and finding happiness from both the low and highs in our daily lives. We trick ourselves into thinking that staying safe is the way to play the game and miss out on life’s magical adventures.

Once we break with our old way of thinking and embrace change, our subconscious thoughts always keep us moving and looking for the winning moments. The unknown is our playing field, and a strong self-empowered mindset is an innate power that we can all develop and refine. Believe that everything will always work out and know that your subconscious is happily in alignment with your beliefs and intentional being.


Focus on the energy of your intuitive thoughts and the power of intention. When we focus, we gain growth and momentum to create the self-discipline needed to be happy as we continually change and adopt. The greatest lesson the pandemic gave us is the gift of learning to cope and adapt. Without these skills our lives go nowhere, and we’ll feel more alienated, hopeless, and stuck. Give yourself permission to ignite the spark deep within your subconscious soul and give it life for more happiness. Save yourself and be your own hero and use this to find your purpose. Help others and feel your connection to the energy of the universe.

Remember that our words have spirit and never disappear. Words are guardians to our soul, be careful about what you put out or think about deeply. Our words can create a magical life, or they can tear us and others apart. Use words with kindness, empathy, and good intention and watch your life change in ways that you’ve never imagined!


One of my most valued traits is my sense of self-discipline. My intention sets my course and creating a strong sense of self-discipline is my creative force for change and personal reinvention. Set your mind for empowerment and success and make sure that you have the drive and passion to make it happen. Money and wealth are great things if they are earned and respected but doing something without passion will never create the prosperity and happiness that we deserve. Believe that you are fortunate and deserve to be happy in everything you do and realize how much more you get out of life. I’ve always believed that we make money when we do the right thing. There are no short-cuts in the subconscious mind, do the enjoyable work of getting to know yourself better and feel happy this makes you!

-     Remove Fear

-     Remove negative self-destruct thoughts and actions.

-     Live in the present.

-     Stop sabotaging your own success and recognize self-destructive behavior.

In a world filled with uncertainty and tragic events, we can lift ourselves and rise when we are strong in our subconscious thoughts. Show gratitude and humility for the lesson’s life gives you and watch your inner thoughts rise and grow. We can create an intentionally happier world when our spirit is strong and alive with the happiness that comes from within. Trust in yourself and listen to the gentle guiding voice in your head. It will never fail you. Never take your innate powers for granted and live the life of your dreams!

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