• Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

When I first became an entrepreneur many years ago and I began working for myself for the first time I felt a surge of freedom like I had never experienced.  I remember the magical feeling it gave me, almost as if my body was vibrating and electrified. My spirit surged with energy and excitement. I understood I was taking a great risk and investing my life savings on a dream, but intuition was my guide and I believed in my newfound powers. I felt a conscious and purposeful sense of empowerment and hope. I had built successful careers in both real estate and personal training but knew deep within my soul that I needed to realize my creative entrepreneurial vision and dreams. Helping people find homes, build wealth, and be happier in their bodies was what I did, but I longed to find more meaning and greater purpose with my life.

As I began my early forties, I felt my energy drop and a bit of unusual depression and inertia step in. I was successful and happy with my career, but the days were long, and I often came home feeling drained and uninspired. One day a friend made an opportune call to tell me about an amazing hormone clinic in Florida that had changed his life. He felt like a brand-new man and wanted to share how happy he felt about his much-improved mental and physical health.

A year or so later after great physical and mental changes from my own prescribed testosterone therapy, I opened an anti-aging and hormone therapy clinic. At the time when it was relatively unknown and unfairly maligned with both fear and misinformation. Both friends and strangers gave me fearful predictions and were very hurtful and dismissive. As usual in my life, I ignored my doubters and felt a deep calling that I was on the right path. My spirit was strong, and my mindset was unwavering. I have always tried to do the right thing and knew that I would go into battle to change minds and bring more facts and truths into the conversation.

When someone tells me I can’t or shouldn’t be doing something that I know is right I always become energized and strengthen my fortitude and conviction. I knew that I had a lot to learn but as I grew older and stronger in my self-awareness, I had given up caring about what others thought about me and felt a strong sense that I was on a new life journey. Nothing would stop me from making my dreams of creating something important that can help others with such a life-changing impact. I knew deep down that it would be a success and that I would help others find a better way to live in harmony with their bodies and feel good about themselves in every aspect of their lives.

The hardest thing for most of us to understand is that it’s okay to be weird and It’s okay to be different. How we embrace that in ourselves and rise above feelings of lack of self-worth and removal of societal pressure to conform is how we find greatness in our own lives and discover our innate powers. Finding our true powers and gifts begins when we discover who we are, are self-aware, and feel comfortable in our own identity without the need for external validation and self-create negative feelings of guilt and shame. When we embrace our own madness and visions, we find our lives on a new path of happiness and gratitude that brings us to our truth. We come to greater understanding about what we are good at and begin to feel that we can provide value in our actions.

Being different makes us interesting. It sparks our creativity and livens our spirit. It’s the path to understanding and acceptance and feeling strong about who we are without living in fear. When the world is in chaos we can manage and thrive. We know with clarity that we are on the right path.

Creativity comes when we focus on our inner needs, thoughts, and happiness. Creative people are happier and feel that they need to show the world their efforts and discoveries. They help us reinvent ourselves along the way as they continue their journey of happiness and connection with the energy of the universe.

As I began to run the new business clients began to show up and became believers in themselves and began to understand their bodies. They improved their longevity, mental acuity, physical health and became happier. They began to discover who they are and redefine their purpose and mindsets. Many of them started their own businesses and found their calling.

As a natural leader with a warrior-like mentality nothing is more important to me than setting a good example and living in my truth. I strive to be my best and disappointing myself is not something I can live with easily. My small clinic slowly grew and became respected in the anti-aging community. I’ve always said that we only make money when we do the right thing and this time the message was clear. My belief in myself increased and my self-created powers became my reality. My vision became more focused, and I felt stronger, more creative, and more alive.

My life began to feel like a magical journey with its share of chaos and joy and I began to understand my unique powers that I had always taken for granted. I began to master feelings, reactions, and negative emotions to become a more authentic being. I was truthful with myself for the first time in my life and confronted my insecurities and fears that had been holding me back. For too many years, I had let fear of failure, exposure, and authenticity dampen my desires and had lost touch with my inner self. I was never as happy as when I began to fully believe in myself and express my ideas and live with a happier outlook.


There are moments in all our lives when we feel like we’ve crashed and can’t find meaning in our current lives. We’ve lived with our ego for so long and have forgotten our souls that we can feel adrift and unhappy. The same cycles repeat repeatedly, and self-esteem fails us, and our spirit dies. The causes are all different, but the path is always the same. We let our ego dominate our feelings and thoughts and our true self is buried under a façade of acceptance and maintaining the status quo.

As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that these low points are there to teach us and send us affirmations and messages that can help us break from our ego-centric bonds and reveal our truths. When we break free, we can take a new path with a greater ability to see ourselves for who we really are. We can realize our powers and use intention thinking and visualization to create the life of our dreams. Magic lies within all of us when we let go of our self-created negative emotions, self-destructive habits, and systems,

Understanding ego often starts when we take a deep look at ourselves and understand that we don’t need to react to every emotion. Once we do this, we can realize that our old ways don’t always fit our new way of thinking. As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that the pandemic was a great teaching moment for all of us. How we react to fear and change is the difference between having a happy productive life and one of victimhood and repeated lies to ourselves.

To say that someone is measured in their reactions is also saying that they exude wisdom and self-control. Self-awareness can be hard to process but enlightenment and personal satisfaction with our lives is the outcome.


The first step to understanding others better is to better understand ourselves. Happy people display happy body language. They look you in the eye. Keep their chins high and their bodies aligned with others. They let others speak and they listen. They look for clues in other’s body language and speech and understand how to create a connection. They search for clues to insecurity and react with patience and good feelings.

Look out for people who flatter too much or make themselves too useful. They always have ulterior motives. Don’t allow yourself to feel trapped and taken in. Not everyone is good for us and when we understand ourselves and our powers, we are always able to overcome adversity and find more happiness. Understanding that we have the right to say no is an awesome super-power!


As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that everyone can do one thing every day to increase their self-confidence and find their own inner super-powers. We’re all capable of being extraordinary when we practice self-awareness and learn to feel good about ourselves.  Each of these is a step in the right direction and easy to begin. Start with one and see how you feel, get bolder and try to do more. Life has a way of guiding us in the right direction as soon believe in ourselves and take action to make it happen:

1.       Observe your feelings and ask yourself if your negative self-indulgent feelings are helping you live better and feel happier? I always feel selfish when I react poorly and hurt myself or others.

2.       Listen when others are speaking and realize that you don’t have or need to have all the answers.

3.       Be courageous and show up for your life.

4.       Set challenging and achievable goals. Often fear is the only thing holding us back from success and happiness.

5.       Know that every new day is an opportunity to be better.

6.       Take a good look at daily habits and routines and be honest about your analysis.

7.       Let go of bitterness even towards people you don’t care for. Turn your adversaries into admirers.

8.       Practice gratitude and experience the miracle of life.

9.       Help others raise their self-esteem.

10.   Find purpose and personal value and create a happier/mastered life.

11.   Stops showing off. I see too much phony affluence and age-defying filters on social media. Insecurity is magnified and creates the most negative feelings of envy, jealousy, and pity.


We are powerful and at our happiest when we’re in control of our lives. We can use our history, thoughts, and actions to thrive in a world that often seems confusing, too fast, and overwhelming. We can be our best when we rely on ourselves for acknowledgement and validation rather than relying on external sources. We will know what’s best for us when others try to influence us and exert control. When we believe in ourselves and know that we deserve the best we can create the best lives for ourselves and those around us.

The more we give away our power to others the less chances we have for happiness. When we show up with respect for ourselves, we can create the world that we want to live in with our core values and authenticity.

ERIC NORTH - The Happiness Warrior

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