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As The Happiness Warrior, I believe that happiness begins within our own innermost thoughts and consciousness being. Happiness can be elusive for many but when we realize that it’s entirely self-created we can begin the process of changing our lives and mindsets. We can start a new chapter and begin to live our lives in freedom of thought and expression.

Making the decision to empower ourselves with happiness is one of the easiest ways to learn to love ourselves and begin the journey of forgiveness. When we make the choice and give ourselves permission to be happy we are demonstrating our innate ability to experience emotional intelligence where our thoughts and actions are in alignment with our inner spirit. This empowering act of self-love is the key to understanding who we are and the importance of our actions in the world around us. It’s trusting who we are and valuing our truth. Happiness grows and prospers when we are happy with our authentic selves. Clarity and self-awareness are gifts that only we can provide.

When we truly realize that the foundation of happiness is created internally, we can take better responsibility and control of ourselves and destiny.

We can learn to be steady and measured. We can learn to be content with who we are without the approval of others. We can learn how happiness helps us create life-mastery when we learn to trust ourselves. The world is ours to explore and connect with.

In a time of so much chaos and confusion what are we waiting for?

This is what emotional intelligence is all about: It helps us build a bridge between our conscious thoughts and emotions so that we can connect and collaborate with confidence and clarity. It’s this synergy that helps guide us in the right direction. Emotional intelligence enhances our life journey. This is how we can create magic in our own lives.

All systems work together towards a happier less complicated life where meaning and truth unite.


When I was growing up I mostly tried to keep to myself. I had plenty of friends to hang out with in the neighborhood and at school, but often felt the need to disappear and escape on a new adventure. I wasn’t unhappy, but I loved the feeling of being unencumbered. I knew that someday I could create the life I envisioned. 

The world of my upbringing was filled with obstacles, and external pressures were always lurking on the sidelines.  As I got older I also struggled with my sexuality and had no one to turn to for help or guidance. I built a strong defense to keep them guessing. I tried to be someone that I wasn’t and kept my innermost thoughts and yearnings to myself.

This kept me in a constant state of seeking safety and not letting anyone get too close. I was constantly in fear of detection. I was defensive and took pleasure in reckless activities.  I knew how to be happy but was always conscious of disapproval. Shame is an ugly emotion and I was slowly destroying myself.

Living on the edge gave me a sense of control that I otherwise wouldn’t have experienced. I lived life fast and was always restless. I traveled on my own for weeks at a time in search of my authentic self. I was ready to find my way in the world and break with the past.

This internalized battle was my life for many years which culminated when I painfully ended a series of abusive relationships. Sometimes we need to see rock bottom before we are finally able to clearly see our intention. It’s often true that our lowest points are when we are most ready to fight and see ourselves truthfully. 

Emotional strength is within all of us when we release ourselves from subconscious traps and fears. Only then can we give ourselves permission to be happy.


We can all fight back and regain our truth when we realize that emotional strength is a super-power to set things right. It means knowing how to respond to anything in a way that gives us peace. Emotional strength provides our salvation and reinvention.

Emotional strength means:

We have learned to face our fears and anxieties with intelligence and grace.

We are ready for anything that life provides and understand that setbacks and challenges are lessons.

We can accept our true emotions and allow ourselves to process our feelings.

We understand anger comes from our own insecurities and frustrations.

We consistently believe in ourselves and maintain a set of personal core values.

 We can be resilient and strong in the face of powerful emotions instead of feeling weak and vulnerable.

We can validate our emotions and let them out of hiding.

The road to happiness comes when we stop hijacking ourselves with negative feelings and emotions. Often these subconscious emotions come to the surface when we’re facing change or confrontation. Almost subconsciously we become victims without anywhere to turn. We can feel like we’re drowning and adrift. We can feel trapped by past emotional fears and dysfunctions rather than living in the present and being true to ourselves.

Emotionally strong people listen to and process their emotions but rarely react without introspection and logical reason. They use values and not feelings to make decisions.

It’s too easy to cross the line on a whim. This is the path to unhappiness, regret, and further mistakes. The ultimate expression of our humanity is to make decisions with wisdom and grace.


Now, more than ever in our fast paced and increasingly complex world there are times when even the most adjusted and emotionally intelligent among might feel they’re going to break down. We’re often pushed past our limit and our frustrations are shared and held on to.

This is also the time when we can use our powers and learn to stop and reflect. We can learn to be strategic and realize that our actions and words have consequences. We make better choices and expand our opportunities when we realize this great power that comes from within. All humans benefit when we learn to trust that we know who are and live in our authenticity. These are the steps to creating this super-power:

Self-awareness is the first step. Without the ability to see ourselves clearly and be honest about our flaws we can never grow and be happy.

Empathy is a gift that never stops giving. It’s love in its most universal form.

Social expertise comes when we learn to respect or accept others for their opinions and behaviors.

Personal influence is how we share our dreams and ideals.

Mastery of purpose and vision is how we display ourselves to the world.

Kindness requires strength and is very underrated.

Context is perception-based. We never really know what someone else is thinking.

Stop trying to be someone that you’re not. We are only capable of being the most perfect versions of ourselves.

Words have spirit and never disappear. Be cautious about the words we use for ourselves and others. They have a way of creating tangible results.

We are all made in the most perfect versions of ourselves. In this world that craves conformity and adherence to social norms we have the ability to rise above and be the best versions of ourselves. The greatest ideas are often buried in our subconsciousness. It’s time to open our minds and see ourselves for who we really are. Life is about change and acceptance. The framework we build for our journey is the path ahead for our lives.

Time never stops moving and we can learn to move freely within it. Freedom of the mind and a new state of being is only the beginning!

ERIC NORTH - The Happiness Warrior

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