• Written by Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior”

As the Happiness Warrior, I believe that the attitude we create for ourselves is the foundation for a happy, productive, and successful life. In a world that’s can constantly changing and often feels chaotic the attitude we take is the key to creating the lives that we deserve and dream about.

We all have choices in even the most desperate of times and the attitude we take can be both our savior and compass through both the good and bad. We have the choice to create an attitude of victimhood and dependence, or we can adopt an attitude of self-belief and empowerment to helps us meet life’s challenges. Choosing the right attitude will always make us happier and allows our minds to think freely.

Like most of us, I’ve been knocked around a bit on my journey through life. Throughout my earliest decades, I lived in a pattern of denial, abuse, and self-loathing. I knew I was different, struggled with my sexuality, was too defensive, and stuck in my own head. I had to hide who I was and developed a tough outer shell to protect and coverup my true self. My defenses were strong, and I rarely revealed my real thoughts and opinions. I tried to be happy, but often felt alone, unheard, and misunderstood.

I found false friends and yet another fictitious identity with a fast-moving crowd and began my early adulthood in a series of parties, far-away trips, and nightclubs. I saw and experienced mind-blowing things, but I was far from happy and a long way from the narrow world where I was raised and anything that I once understood. My attitude had drifted into dangerous waters, and I began to care less about my choices and continued drifting. I knew deep down that I deserved better and began to change my circumstances. I cut the world out of my life forever and began anew. My attitude changed and I began to believe in myself once again and the power of my intention.

One of the most important things we can do in life is choose the attitude that we project in our lives and its impact on our opportunities, choices, and consequences.  In a world where the playing field is constantly changing and often feels upside down, the attitude that we adapt and live by is the difference between living an ordinary or extraordinary life.

Nothing serves us more than maintaining a sense of self-discipline that’s needed to be authentic and developing a personal sense of core values that align with our attitude and intention.
In this conformist and often judgmental world being our true self and living in a state of knowing and intention is often looked down upon and even disparaged. Why submit to the values and judgments of those who don’t even like or respect?

As individuals we have choices to make that can alter our lives forever. We all have the power to make choices that raise our integrity and happiness. We can become more grateful for our innate gifts that we can use to create more opportunities and choices. We have the power to change our lives for the better.

There’s often a stigma attached to expressing ourselves as individuals. Just the act of being our true selves is often misunderstood, shamed, and maligned. What’s even more amazing is that we even alter our behavior and hide who we are to please those we least admire and trust. Our chosen attitude is how we rise above this meaningless nonsense and raise our spirit and vibration. It’s how we show-up for our lives and live in gratitude for who we are.

I always thought that life is a great game which we can choose to play with passion and determination, or we can let the game take control of our lives and live in fear and suspicion. I believe that our attitude is the way to overcome these shadows in our lives and remove any doubt in ourselves and our intention.


Most of us have times in our life when we’ve struggled to make important decisions. We know that the outcome could be life changing but often there are so many variables that we become confused, opt for the easier route, or simply give up and make a random choice. Most of the time there are emotional factors in play as well and we make quick decisions without giving them weight or value. We become passengers in our own lives and forget that the attitude we take is steering our journey. Life can be greater and more empowering when we examine these habits and eliminate them from our decisions:

1.       Fear of the unknown is usually fear of something that will never happen. Most decisions we make in life will never give us the answer that we were looking for.

2.       Stop caring about what others think, do you need reassurance for something that might be wrong?

3.       Fear of failure is also the fear of making decisions. Everything we do or say has an impact on our lives. How does this decision add value to your life and the world around you?


When we are more conscious and living in the present we are more able to make better decisions which increase happiness and feelings of contentment. This is how we create more freedom for our lives, find peace within, and align with our authentic being.

I believe very strongly that we are the product of the company that we keep. Know when someone is dragging your life down and look for friends that project energy and light. Say no to things that make you unhappy and yes to new and unknown adventures. Don’t let their attitude bleed into yours!

Keep promises to yourself. Integrity isn’t so much of a concept as way of life. Rely on yourself to be the change you desire and keep your dreams alive. Much of what we do in our lives is to please others but what if we learn to be pleased with ourselves we are authentic to our words and spirt. An empowering attitude makes our lives are happier and most meaningful.


I believe that true happiness comes from within and not from the approval or blessing of others. Belief in ourselves is the way to greater wisdom and fulfillment with who we are. We are always evolving and processing change. Learn to flow with the energy of the universe, practice self-awareness, understand gratitude, and give yourself permission to be happy.

1.       Be content with “good enough” and realize that perfection is as frustrating as it is elusive. Self-discipline is the key to moving forward through life with grace. Our greatest powers come from within when are secure in our personal integrity and values. Know that each day we can be better than the last!

2.       The present is wherever we are right this minute. All that matters is how we feel in the moment. Anxious thoughts are usually filled with a future that never happens. Take a deep breath when stressed and take comfort in your surroundings when you exhale. All will be well when we remove ourselves from unnecessary fear and stress of the unknown.

3.       Purpose is the driver for all of our lives. What is our purpose when we are complaining and fearful? When we listen to our inner voice we often find the answers that we are seeking.

4.       Every time we judge or shame another we are only revealing our own hidden fears and insecurities. Think before speaking and don’t be afraid to shine a light within. Often our biggest obstacle to happiness are self-created doubts and insecurities that have masked our true selves.

5.       Learn to enjoy your own company and be able to spend time alone happy in your thoughts and feelings about yourself. Ask yourself what makes you happy and live in your authentic being.


I believe that words have spirit and never disappear. What we said twenty years ago can still have a positive or negative impact today. Words can lift us up and words can tear us down. Something said a passionate moment can reverberate endlessly.

When we choose our words with care and are conscious of our impact we gain more trust and respect. Self-confidence rises and we can make more of an impact with our ideas and leadership.

Attitude is heightened when learn to think before speaking and follow these general rules:

-         Do you have anything important to add or do you just want to hear your voice? Support yourself with facts and speak with conviction. Less is more is a rule to practice throughout our lives.

-          Words can harm more than weapons. Understand that both can be deadly.

-          Speak slowly and give your words weight and intention. Speak from the heart and speak with love for yourself and others.

-          Don’t engage in negative self-talk. You are not ugly, idiotic, or lazy. Words became truth when they are spoken in haste and confusion.

-          Be able to say no with certainty and conviction.

-          Stop saying yes solely for the sake of pleasing others. Time is a gift that we must use wisely. Be clear in your decisions and intentions.

-          Stop blaming others for poor choices. When we take responsibility for mistakes we grow and learn. Blame and victimhood is the antithesis to happiness.

-          Changing “I wish” and “I should” to “I am doing” is the way to create positive action needed for momentum and growth.


I once went on a journey to search for answers only to find that everything I need to know is found within myself. As enlightening as this was, I felt that it was important to acknowledge the doubts that I had when I started the process and the intuitive sense that I was on the right path.

Intuition is our inner voice that is there to protect us. It never misleads us or does us harm but if we ignore it we only harm ourselves. Intuition is the power that leads to greater wisdom and balance in our lives. Why suppress something that is always so right?

Most of us have a “shadow” or inner conflict that we carry throughout our lives. It holds us back, inhibits authenticity, creates fear, and damages our self-esteem. This shadow can destroy our attitude and keep us from being happy and content. It’s almost like we’ve forgotten the power of forgiveness and think it’s what we deserve. We waste precious time doubting ourselves and reliving long gone memories.

Guilt and shame are evil masters that have no real importance in our lives. Learn and be accountable to failures and mistakes and feel your confidence and integrity rise. The spiral moves both ways and our choices impact our opportunities and results. Attitude is a sacred gift that helps us move forward in life with momentum and happiness.

All through my life, I’ve always believed that attitude is everything. Even in the darkest moments I took comfort in my innate attitude and certainty of my resilience. Why live in fear when we have the perfect guides within our spirit? Attitude and intuition are ours alone and ours to share with the world.

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