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Hate following back? Five tips to get Instagram followers without following back

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Want to get Instagram followers & hate following back? If so, here you are at the right place. 

Without any doubt, there are plenty of options available to boost follower count on Instagram. But, this is also a fact that all of them aren’t so effective. Instead, people these days usually use a strategy that requires you to pay a few dollars & get the desired number of followers. This strategy is the Buy Instagram Followers Australia strategy. 

Other than this, there are a few more real tactics to follow if you want to boost your follower count in real-time. The best thing is that you will be getting followers without following them back. Sounds amazing? Let begin. 

#1 Discoverable profile

Every person who wants to have followers is supposed to have a complete & discoverable profile. For instance, if someone visits your profile & find that it is incomplete, they will hit the back button. They will not even bother to follow you or like/comment on any of your posts. 

If you are too one of those people, you must instantly go to the profile edit option & fill in all the details. Here are a few recommendations for you to follow while filling in your information in this regard:

You are highly recommended to use your name if it is your profile. On the other hand, you are advised to operate your business name if it is your business account. 

The best recommendation for you is to use the same profile’s name across other social media platforms. The reason is that your followers on other social media platforms can easily find you here on Instagram as well. 

Make sure to add your website URL in your profile bio. But don’t add too many words in your bio. Try to make it simple, easy to read, engaging & appealing. 

#2 Marketing plan

Having an effective & clear marketing plan is the most important thing for you. In other words, you can say that you must have enough knowledge about your targeted audience. Other than this, you are supposed to have a clear plan in your mind that how you are going to convey your message to them & how you are going to make it convincing enough for them to start following you. 

While formulating an Instagram marketing plan, you must keep in mind the following things: 

The first & foremost thing to keep in mind in this regard is your own goals. It might include boosting your brand awareness, driving traffic to your site, increasing product sales, etc. 

As already mentioned above, you must have enough information about your targeted audience, i.e. their age, location, work type, online timings, their areas of interest, their challenges or pain points, etc.  

The last but minor thing to mention here is that you must have a consistent brand personality, story & visual look. Try to make sure that all of your posts are relatable at a glance.  

#3 Compelling content

With compelling content, one can quickly get Instagram followers & it is confirmed. With high quality, unique & persuasive videos & images, one can quickly grab the attention of others. Once you are done with your purpose, the rest of the things will be done by your followers. When the followers on Instagram love your content, they like/comment on it & most probably share it as well. 

Scheduling your Instagram posts will get you more engagement, more likes, comments & consequently more followers. By posting the content the followers are waiting anxiously to see, you will have more attention from the people. The more the followers engage with you, the more the people will see it & you will obtain Instagram followers. 

Try to invoke an immediate call to action when you post something in the form of queries. 

#4 Promote Insta account

Now you are done with all the above steps & you are getting more and more followers with time. Haven’t you achieved a million followers yet? No worries & start promoting your Instagram account. There are more than a few ways to promote it. You can effectively use your Instagram stories; go live, run contests, offer discounts, etc. 

If you have profiles on other social media platforms, you must promote your Instagram presence there. However, if you already have enough followings on different media, you can ask your followers to follow you on Instagram. 

Moreover, one more recommendation for you is to throw your account in offline and online promotions (try to find the free ones). 

Last but not the minor thing is to use relevant hashtags along with your posts on Instagram. It makes all of your posts discoverable by the appropriate people.  


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