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OK, you have identified a tree on your property that has to go. It may be growing in a less-than-ideal spot or it's growing close to the house. Whatever the reason, the tree's days are numbered.

After speaking with a friend you have decided to tackle the job yourself as a great little weekend project. STOP.

Discussed below are the top things to keep in mind when deciding whether to DIY your Tree Removal Project.

It Takes A Lot Of Time

Tree Removal takes a lot of time. Not only do you have to cut the tree down, but all of the limbs and branches also need to be removed. This process can take days depending on the size of the tree.

If you have never removed a tree before, the learning curve can be significant!

You Will Need To Rent/Buy Specialised Equipment

Removing a tree requires specialised equipment which you may not have. Chainsaws, chippers, tarps and other specialised tools are required for most tree removal jobs. Not only do you have to rent or buy these items, but it will be necessary for you to learn how to safely operate them as well!

Tree Removal is High Risk And Dangerous Work

Tree Removal is a high-risk and dangerous job. Not only are you dealing with large trees, heavy branches and sharp tools, but there could be power lines or underground cables which need to be avoided. It is not uncommon for people attempting DIY tree removals to suffer serious injuries due to a lack of experience in this field.

Trained and experienced Arborists are able to complete this work successfully. They are able to draw on their experience to ensure the project runs smoothly.

You Will Have To Clean Up And Dispose Of Green Waste After The Job

After the tree is removed, you will likely have to deal with a large amount of green waste. You’ll need to either haul or dispose of the tree and branches yourself.

Depending on local regulations, there may also be additional fees for disposing of green waste.

The Tree Removal Project Can Cost More Than A Professional

After you have added up the cost of rental equipment, disposing of green waste and potential injuries, it's safe to say that removing a tree yourself can often end up being more expensive than simply hiring a professional service. 

Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job has been done safely!

Tree removal is a great job to outsource to a great local tree service company for so many reasons. Professional service providers have the experience, equipment and insurance coverage required to safely remove your tree without putting people or property at risk.

They can also provide you with additional services such as stump grinding which is not something most DIYers are equipped to do. In short, when it comes to tree removal, leave it in the hands of the professionals!

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