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  • Written by Dr. Linda Salvin

The new catch word is 'manifest'. Is it a new word? A new phenomenon? No, it is a new term for the new generation to create, plan, make goals, objectives and work to attain the brass ring.  We do not always reach the goal and often the goal post itself moves. Not to our liking or in our control.  Outer circumstances often interfere with what we humans set as goals, aspirations within ourselves.  Sometimes these goals are to impress others, seek attention, build our ego or simply fulfill a need within ourselves which our soul drives us to do.

Webster’s dictionary defines ‘manifest’ as a verb to make something evident.  Regardless of the term people use to create, obtain, reach a goal or ‘manifest’ the end result will be the same. Someone has in their imagination, the perfect ideal home they wish to move into or a school they want to attend.  Perhaps it is a relationship of a person that fits the ideal of what their mate might-like look.  Do we ‘manifest’ it? Is pre-destined due to our imagery in our mind’s eye from a past life image and recall in our memory?

How it is that we arrive at the goal, it takes work, effort, commitment and follow through.  A sports team has a goal and strategy to win their game.  A student wants to win a contest or pass a class with top grades.  Some people want new acquire new wealth, a new pet, upgrade their cell phone to the latest model.

Call me old school, but having worked in the metaphysical world for over 30 years, I have heard the word over and over to the point I cannot stand the ‘catch’ word of everyone saying they are going to manifest the job, the relationship, the car, the purse the friends or whatever.  Sure, they can envision but they still go out into the world with what starts as an idea and a goal to achieve. Through their dedication, hard work and keeping their eye on the outcome, the goal can be reached.

To manifest it nowadays makes me wonder if all these people have super-powers where they stare at the ceiling or at an object and suddenly it is in their possession.  I do not see life unfolding so simply for the average person.  Certain people with the freedom to purchase what they want can ‘manifest’ the car, the home, the object a bit faster if they find what they are looking for and make a decision.

In soulmate relationships, we can manifest our dream partner. Is it a past life recall? Usually.  Is it our past life at work or is it our dreamy ideals of what he/she looks like, acts like, does for a living or how they live that we bring into our reality. Whatever it is, the connection, the attraction, the feeling is real and we combine our efforts to hopefully have a companionship and partnership where we share, give and take and balance one another with love. 

Regardless of the situation, the goal, objective, final result, whether to invent something new, write and compose a song, produce a series of elements needed to build a home, find the worms to spun thread to eventually make cloth for clothing, whatever it is we are working toward, yes we can ‘manifest’ the end result by working with our passion and love to make it happen.

Whatever it is, it just does not happen by accident. An accident is defined as an unplanned event. When we fall, trip, get in an auto accident or a gun goes off accidentally, without planning for any of these events, did we ‘manifest’ the situation? Many people in today’s world throw the word around in such a way to make one believe this is the true and only way to make something happen.

Communication, connections, asking others to collaborate and build a project for an outcome or create a team effort to make a product, show, article of clothing, a home, rocket, computer, financial wealth or whatever the goal, it is through an idea, effort and working in unison with the universal energy to make it happen.

I am not a great believe in the Law of Attraction any more than I believe in over use of the word ‘manifest’.  We do what is need to be done in order to achieve the result we hope to secure.  Someone once told me “be, do, have’ is what we do in life; you ‘be’ it, ‘do’ it and you will ‘have’ it That is a longer way of saying manifest in my opinion.

It does not matter how you obtain your goals, wishes, desires.  The fact is we cannot give up, we have to keep moving.  We are born and as we are born we learn to live in the world. Each day we live Is one day closer to our ultimate demise, which is death.  Life is lived in between the reincarnation of our soul, to learn new lessons and then at the end of this thing we call life, the body remains, the soul moves on and then will probably ‘manifest’ a new body to reincarnate in, return in and do life again.  The cycle of life and death is manifested in each incarnation.  The goal of the soul is to experience life with love. Unconditional love it the challenge and the release of pain, guilt and shame from the past allows us the freedom to attain new goals, fresh starts and achieve things we may not have had the opportunity to do in the past.  Or, we can start again, pick up where we may have left off and make the goal to open the doors, to meet the people, to network, create, achieve and manifest that next dream.

Life, love, goals, dreams, hope, faith, courage and persistence will keep us going for as long as we are to be alive and experience the journey.  We are all on a journey, accumulating experiences, going through frustrations, asking questions, seeking hope and understanding for a purpose.  The purpose in the end is love. 

Along the way, we find joy.  We want, need and love.  We put it all together as the human being awakens to its own purpose and path.  Whatever it is you or I want, we can create it, discuss it, research it, network about it and ultimately work to reach the goal. Did we manifest it? Yes, we did…but not without the idea, inspiration or passion to go for it. So, in my opinion, the word ‘manifest’ is being tossed around a bit too lightly to the point I tell my clients to drop the lingo and just allow things to happen, make things happen and be happy when they do.

If it’s meant to be, the universe will manifest for us; you and I have no real control except to express, show up and do the work.  The goal post is there and you have the ball.  Now run with it.

DR. Linda Salvin, Metaphysical Clinician

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Evolving from my earlier life as an epidemiologist and environmental health specialist to become a pioneer of “psychic radio, I have helped thousands of people via the airwaves and private practice. My life is proof that sometimes God and the universe have higher purposes for us than we can originally envision. I’ve been known throughout my career as the “#1 radio psychic” and also a “psychic’s psychic” who reads for others and helps people awaken to their gifts. Since earning my Ph.D in Metaphysics, I have fused my medical background and spiritual gifts as a metaphysical clinician, helping people with a unique approach that draws on science and spirit, the physical and esoteric.

I was not brought up in a religious Jewish household. I remember kneeling down at the side of my bed at around age 4 and my mom telling me to say my prayers. I did not understand the concept of God back then. I had a few past life recalls as a child.  Around the same time I learned to pray, I remember one specific evening in Pacoima, CA, where I lived in the late 50s. My dad was pointing to the stars, showing me constellations. I remember thinking, “Here I am again,” as if I recognized the sky.

A year earlier, in January 1957, I was outside playing. Upon hearing a loud crash in the sky, I looked up to witness two planes collide in mid-air. Those planes killed two children on a junior high playground.  It was the same plane crash which haunted Richie Valens until the day he died in a plane crash. I went into shock for about 9 months.

Fast forward to the mid-60s.  One day while the family was in the car, I asked my dad what he thought God was.  He pointed to a tree and said, “If you want that tree to be your God, that’s your God.” I could not put that together with the feelings I had inside, but made the best sense of it that I could.  I was a rather defiant teenager and started to discover God every time I prayed when I was grounded. By the time I was in grad school at the University of Michigan, I knew something was lacking within me, but couldn’t pinpoint what I was searching for.
The road to my ultimate spiritual destiny began on February 17, 1981, when 24 years after witnessing two planes collide, I was in a much-publicized plane crash at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. I heard a voice. Ninety minutes prior to the crash, I had had a premonition of the exact spot the plane would crack in half - and felt 50 feet out of my body for over four months.

I was on company business when the plane crashed. The following year, my car was hit by a fire truck on my way to an interview in public health.  I totaled my car and had the white light experience in 1984. The voice said, “You can come with now or stay and do…”  I was given a message.  I stayed.  When the paramedics extracted me, I screamed, “They want me off the planet, they want me off the planet!” and drove me to UCLA ER.  No one understood my insights, pleas or experiences back then.

I was lost for several years after the accident - but once I began to trust some force, process, light, experience, and watch for the synchronicity and rhythm of the universe, I knew I’d found God.  I let go and allowed things to unfold. Once I stopped trying to control everything and began to understand the will of God vs .my own self-centered will, I experienced some amazing revelations.
I became psychic after the plane crash.  My mind, heart and soul opened in ways which both frightened and intrigued me.  I had no one to talk to about this.  When I told the shrink at UCLA that I felt God put me on that plane, I distinctly remember him asking me what God had to do with it. My inner response was, EVERYTHING. I felt in tune with the depth of feelings, realizations, how events occur and watching for a master plan, much like Dr. Carl Jung wrote about. 

I stopped running after 12 years of becoming psychic and doors began to open for me on radio and TV, where I created a career helping people spiritually. As time went on, I prayed, sought, watched, cried, was frustrated, and embraced an energy and faith I never knew.  This was not just intuition.  I was not just a psychic. I was being initiated by the other side to help people here on earth. I have no idea why I was chosen.  I have insight and wisdom from somewhere I never studied or sought.  It simply channeled through me. 

When my aunt was dying of cancer in 1996, she said she’d toss pinecones to prove she was ok.  Returning to her apartment morning after she died, I heard her say, “There are pinecones”.  I searched the grounds of her complex.  There were no pine trees.  Just before I reached her building, I spotted three small pinecones on the ground…one for my two cousins and myself.  Prior to leaving my house to meet the family, my keychain broke. I had an “Infiniti” symbol on my chain.  I drove a 1999 Infiniti and she had a 2000.  That key chain had never fallen apart.  It did that morning.  The pinecones and key chain were a message that she was ok on the other side.
My life since the plane crash 39 years ago is full of coincidences, acts of God, miracles and messages.  I believe we are all a part of the big spirit in the sky. We all walk in unison if we just stop, watch and observe. This is not about religion.  That’s man made. Spirituality just is…The birds, trees, people, stars and energy…it’s all about Love.

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