• Written by Destiny Malibu

I still remember the day, at the age of five, I put some black headphones over my hair that were nearly as big as my head, and stood in front of a microphone for the first time. The studio was already a warm and familiar place.  But this was new.    

So began my musical journey - and I began to understand that everyone has to make a choice about what they want to be when they grow up.  And the answer was a clear as day then, in front of the mic, as it is now.  

Now more than ever, I believe that music has power.  I believe music can set your mood and that lyrics can inspire and heal. It has become my goal to write, perform, and entertain - to spread positivity, joy, and hope through music.  

My very first job in the studio when I was 5 to recite the pledge of allegiance and sing backup for a 9/11 tribute show being performed by my mother, a recording artist with a successful Latin band.   

That day still resonates in my mind and continues to have an impactful place in developing who I am as an artist today.  Though my love affair with music began with a performance, it did not end there.  My mother saw to it that I understood music at a fundamental level.  As a young teen, I would always instinctively analyze the musical and narrative structure while listening to popular songs.  This really ignited my love affair with song writing, and it is still the core passion that drives my career.  After winning multiple consecutive songwriting contests as a high school student, I knew this was the path I wanted to follow for the rest of my life.  That dream was made a reality while still in High School when I was signed as an exclusive songwriter to an amazing company for two years.  It was an amazing experience and I received my first television placement on a tv show on TLC with my song, ”Sweet Dreams.”  

So it was as a songwriter that my professional career would begin.  I opted for independent studies in my senior year of high school in order to take the job as a songwriter.  As a writer, I developed a hopeful and uplifting style and I always aimed to reflect that message in all of my compositions. When I look at my compilation of work I notice there is a reoccurring balance of the happy and sad dichotomy that is life, reflected in my songwriting. I feel I naturally do this in my compositions because I want the listener’s painful life experiences to be acknowledged, but I also want them to feel uplifted, encouraged, and understood by the time the song is over. An example of this reoccurring dichotomy in my music writing, the lyrics to my song “Love Hurts” portray the word play.  The chorus states “Love hurts, love’s pain... but it’s the only thing we know that can also feel so great. I want it all, guess I’m a fool, I swear you’re the only one I’ll ever give my heart to”. They are actually arguably sad lyrics, but the song itself makes you want to dance, and embrace all the ups and downs that love has to offer. This song accepts that love and life will never be perfect, but that choosing to focus on the good moments, is the best option. This concept can be applied to all areas of life. This bilateral relatable human experience seeks to emphasize on hope, and has really come to inhabit all of my music.   

Perhaps because of my desire to connect with and understand people, my tenure as a full-time songwriter would be short-lived.  I soon discovered that my true passion was to not only write my own songs, but to sing my own stories as well.  Equipped with that insight, I trusted my gut instinct and began recording and performing more of my original material.    

Since then, I have been writing, recording, and releasing music and touring internationally.  I performed an original song in a 2018 appearance on American Idol.  I performed at renowned venues as the House of Blues and Viper Room in LA, as well as high profile festivals such as Texas Rockfest and the Florida Music Festival.  I have performed in Singapore and the Dominican Republic at weddings, schools and even on the roof of my tour bus.  

I always knew one day I would record a bilingual song and recently began to push creative boundaries, experimenting with Spanish-language to honor the Latin roots I owe to my mother.  I continue to tour and perform and am enjoying traveling on my newly wrapped 45-foot tour bus.  Along this musical journey, I have had the honor of forming incredible friendships and partnerships with organizations that fit with my passion to contribute to the mental health and well-being of others, including an initiative with the American Heart Association to spread awareness of heart disease among young people.   I have also collaborated with John Paul Mitchell and Embraze Foundation among others to bring positive music and messages to students in over 8 US states.   

My latest release “Lo Siento” was so much fun to write, record and dance.  I enjoyed writing this bilingual song and adding rap sections and fun lyrics.  It was important to me to keep the song danceable and upbeat.  I love this song so much it is the “title song” of my upcoming album, ”Lo Siento.”  I am particularly attached to this song on many levels.  Many firsts as this is my first ever bilingual song and the first song I dance with a partner and get tossed in the air.  I’m ready for a Vegas show now.  I am blessed to have such an amazing team.  I am enamored with the choreography, cinematography, dancers, makeup and costumes in this music video!  I am awed by the amazing team that has brought this song together.  It doesn't seize to amaze me how much work it takes to bring a song to life.  I am so grateful!   

So excited to share all my upcoming music and music videos with you.  I have 27 songs scheduled for release in 2020 -  so stay tuned.  Much love for all the fans and angels out there.  Sending hugs for all the readers, too.   

Let‘s connect on your favorite platform.  

You can find me as “Destiny Malibu" or click below on my smartlink below

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