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  • Written by King Ashley Ann

Most people think promoting and selling on social media only works for online businesses. This is the furthest thing from the truth. In this article, I am going to share with you a few ways to get more traffic to your brick and mortar businesses, how to get more bookings for your off-line services, as well as how to get off the struggle bus if you are involved in a Multi-level Marketing Business.

First, let’s break down the basic things you are going to need before jumping into this side of social media. Here are the basic systems or items you need to have set-up in your businesses, and it doesn’t matter what platform you are using on social media, these are must-haves,

  • Landing Page

  • Lead Magnet

  • Auto Responder

  • Target Audience

  • Content

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One of the best ways to get more traffic into your brick and mortar location or eyeballs on your products or service is to run strategic social ads, sponsored ads, or influencer ads. All social ads must be run from each social media platform Ads Manager, Power Editor or Dashboard. You could even create an ad campaign to run in between the videos that people are watching on YouTube, right?

So the very first thing, if you want a super successful social ad is you need a super defined archetype.What this means is that you're going to need a well defined archetype for sponsored and social ads. I think it's more important on a social app because you don't have the endorsement of the influencer or the page owner behind you. But I will go more into that a little later.

What is an Archetype? Some of you may know, and some of you may not. Basically our archetype is going to be kind of like a make-believe person or a mascot that represents a certain population of people that you serve. One of the biggest mistakes I see people get out here in these streets making is saying, “My product is for everybody”. The devil is a whole lie and you are going to stay broke phi broke as long as you believe this is true. Here is the thing, everyone could possibly consume your product or service, but that doesn't mean that everybody needs your product or service or can afford your product or service or finds value in your product or service, or is even looking for the solution or has the desire that your product or service, provides at that point in time. So most of us are going to have more than one archetype. It's also important to know who your archetype is because they may use your product or service for different things.

For instance, I love to use the example of pizza. Pizza is one of my favorite examples to use.

Archetype #1:

Let's say you find that you have two archetypes. One is going to be a mom who has kids and a husband. And, you know, she works a 9-5 job. Her husband works a 9-5 job too. She enjoys shopping online. She watches all the real Housewives franchises. She loves everything on HGTV and this mom is in-between the age of 28 and 42. Their household income is about $65,000 a year. So I've given you some interest, which will fall in the psychographics category. I've also given you some demographic information about her as well. That's my archetype one.

Archetype #2:

Since people buy pizzas, maybe my second archetype is a college student because my pizza shop isn't that far from the university. These people are between the ages of 18 and 22 years old. Their average income is closer to maybe 10 to $15,000 a year. Because if you're in college, you may be working a part-time job, but you are not out here getting it like that right now. They live on campus in the dorms or the campus apartments. They like to watch the tv show “Love and Hip Hop.” They also love to watch Fuse. They spend two hours a day on YouTube, these are a few things they do. Another thing they like to do is to watch “Wild "N Out” and they follow Nick Cannon, Jess The Hilarious, and the little cute Asian man, Tim on Wild "N Out. These are people that they follow. Some of you may also be thinking they like “Netflix and Chill”. Yes, that is true sometimes, but they are in college, therefore, they cannot afford a Netflix account, so they use their parents Netflix account. That said, that's not going to help me when I'm targeting them. Blink, blink, blink. So, that's my second demographic for this example.

Now, I own a pizza shop. I have two archetypes. I have people who are parents and their families, and then I have a college student. So if I'm going to run an ad, a social ad to you, I can not run the same type of ad to the college student as I run to the parents. Right?

If I run an ad to the parents, I may let them see an ad that shows up on Facebook or Instagram. My ad may say, “Are you super tired from work tonight? Make every night or Friday night family pizza night, come through and grab our Pizzeria Family Special”. The pizzeria family special includes two large pizzas, a two liter soda, an order of breadsticks, a pasta side dish or something like that. It’s only $19.99 and it's ready for you as soon as you drive up. You can just come and pick it up on your way home from work? That's going to be an ad that's attractive to someone that wants instant gratification. That's attractive to a parent who has a family. Maybe they don't feel like cooking tonight. Maybe they're overworked, overloaded with their workload or whatever is going on.

On the other hand, that same type of ad is not going to be attractive to my other archetype. The college student does not have a family. They're not working a nine to five job. They haven't had to do any overtime this week. They're not hustling and bustling and shuffling kids from gymnastics to soccer practice, to football, to, you know, clarinet lessons for dance lessons and all that kind of stuff going on. They ain't got all that going on, right? They don't have to grocery shop. They'll do all that stuff that you have to do as a parent. For my second archetype, the college student, I may run an ad and say, “I'm up late studying, got the munchies.” The corner pizzeria stays open until 3:00 AM and we deliver until 2:00 AM. All you have to do is call us and we can bring the pizza to your dorm room, right?

Maybe it's around finals time at a university and you can get three medium pizzas for five bucks and a two-liter Coke. We can call it “The Finals Only Pizza” And we'll waive the delivery fee for you because I know you're up studying all night. Even though it's the same pizzeria, I'm serving two totally different archetypes and they both eat my pizza, but they both are consuming my pizza in a different way and for different reasons. So I'm catering to the college students late at night in the second ad. In the first ad, I'm catering to busy parents who don't feel like cooking tonight. They just want to be able to pick up something on their way home. They don't even have to get out of the car, but show up and dinner is done.

I hope everyone is picking up what I'm putting down right now. This is the reason why it's important to know who your archetypes are, even the different types of pitches that you give to them on how to use your products and services are going to be totally different. This is because they have totally different lives, right? So a lot of people mess up because they make the mistake of not knowing who their product is really for or how people are using their product or service. If you can figure that out, then that's gonna put you far above the rest. Now, once I know who my audience is or who my archetype is now, I have to work on getting my ad in front of that archetype, right? So if I'm going for the college student, then it's going to be easy.

Getting In Front of My Archetypes

Static Social Media Ads: Now, I'm going to get on Facebook and I'm going to go into my ads manager or my power editor. And I'm going to target students at local universities, or popular places near the university. Then I may put in the interests of people who like the show “Wild "N Out”, because we already decided that they liked to watch “Wild "N Out” And I'm going to put in YouTube users. Next, in the age block, I'm going to put it between 18 and 22, because I don't want my ads showing to a 35 year old that watches the TV show “Wilding Out”. Right? I'm looking for people 18 to 22, who don't have a lot of change. They want to get this college pizza special. And I want them to come by. Maybe I'm going to start hosting a local game night on Thursday nights because that's a slower day I have, and I'm going to advertise because I want those college kids to come in on Thursday nights and enjoy themselves.

I may say, “Come hang out with us during the game tonight, for great food, great sports, and great people” I may provide a little spoken word or music. So all the artists on campus got a place to come and express themselves. So you see, my spot is going to be jumping, but I'm running an ad to that specific crowd. If I'm going towards my initial archetype and I'm running an ad towards them, now I'm going to go into my ads manager, and I'm going to set my radius to people maybe within like a 10 to 15 mile radius. If I look at my records, I notice a lot of dads come in and pick up the pizza. It makes sense to target men, right? Then I'm going to put in the interest of parents, these are the parents of children who are between the ages of 8 to 15 and parents of children who are between the ages of three to seven or something like that. So now only dads are going to see my ad. Only dads who work or live within a 15 mile radius of my pizza shop will see my ad. Right? And so if I know I'm targeting dads, I may do some type of ad based around dad being the hero or something like that. He’s showing up with the pizza. I literally put in an image of a dad with a pizza and the kids at the table and all the kids are super excited. The dad sits at the head of the table and looks like Superman. Then you may say something like, “Nailed it! “Stop by the corner pizzeria, and get the family pack for only $19.99 after work”. You don't even have to get out of your car”. That is how you start the process of running ads that actually convert for you and make you sales or generate leads. So you've got to know who you are speaking to specifically and stop trying to talk to everybody on the planet earth. If you're trying to make consistent coins, we need to know what groups of people are using our products, how they're using the products so weI can speak to you in a language that you understand, and I can speak to you in something that's going to spark some type of emotional connection and something that is going to be relatable and realistic, blink, blink, blink.

Now that I have my archetype and I know who I'm talking to, I have got to have a very clear call to action. Anytime you see somebody say CTA there, that means a call to action.

In that example, I just gave the dad at the table and a static image of the kids. I may even go as far to have the wife, give him a kiss on the cheek or something like that. Maybe I want to take it a step further, and target divorced dads. I may say something like “Weekend with the Kids” We are not good at cooking. Now we have pizza, okay so I may even target that person, but I'm going to have a strong call to action. My call to action was to be the hero tonight. Come through and pick up the family pack from the corner pizzeria? I got the image of you calling your wife and being like, baby, you ain't gotta worry about cooking. Daddy got it. Tonight.

He comes through with pizzas, I'm going to get family packs. Oh, tell the kids to bring their friends. Oh, you got to give me some sugar tonight. Right? I don't know, however your audience communicates or however you talk to them but you need a really strong call to action in your ad. It's not enough to just put up an ad and say, corner pizzeria, come and visit us any time. No, you need to speak specifically to someone and say, “Hey, Nell pizza tonight?”. Hey, you I know you got the late night munchies cause you are studying for your finals, call us and get a pizza. Make sure you are super specific with that group and tell them, this is what I want you to do.

Video Ads: Now, the next thing you're going to need, if you are going to do a video ad and you don't have to follow this rule, but it's going to help you. If you're doing a video ad, try and keep your ad between 15 seconds and 57 seconds long, the reason you want to keep it under 57 seconds is because that allows your video to show up on all of the audience networks.

Those are other social sites that Facebook is either in partnership with, or they own. Within the first three to seven seconds is when you're going to catch someone's attention. Then if they're really interested, they'll listen to the end and go and click on the link. Remember, people are busy and no one wants to listen to your big five minute long video you put on Facebook or Twitter. Everybody's going to check out on you. This is cold traffic. That means that these are not people who are warm to you or who already know what you do or what you're about. They're cold. They're getting to know you in 15 to 57 seconds. Again, this is for those of you who want to do video ads. Sometimes you need to reach people directly. A webinar by StealthSeminar might be a good option.

Sponsored Posts: Now let's talk about sponsored posts and in the sponsored posts, I'm going to use MLM and network marketers.

Example 1:

For this example, since we just talked about actual brick and mortar business in the last example, if you're doing sponsored posts, these are posts that you do with community leaders, social media influencers, social media pages you like to follow. For instance, if you decided you wanted to sponsor an episode of Late Night Biz that would be a sponsored post. A person will reach out to us then we'd say, here are our rates for doing a late night via sponsorship. Next we would tell them where it will air, “It'll be on Periscope, Instagram and Facebook and we'll put your company's title down there. If you'd like your website included, we'll put that up as well. Next we would ask are you going to have a representative of your company online that night? If so, what's their screen names so we can make sure to shout them out. it depends on what's going on, but that's a sponsored post.

If you reach out to someone on Instagram and say, “Hey, can I get a shout out on your timeline?”, and they say, yeah, I do shout outs for $30/That's a sponsored post. Sponsored is when you're actually reaching out to the individual page owners, and you're not going through Twitter or Facebook's ad platform, you're going directly to whoever that page owner is and you're specifically trying to speak to their audience. Remember content-based ads are winning. Whether you're doing social ads or sponsored posts or a sponsored ad matter, content is the key. Nobody likes to really be advertised to. So the reason you're targeting does not have to be as specific when you're working with a social media influencer, even though it's a cold audience, they already know that page owner or that influencer. That audience already trusts that person and so when the page owner says, this is a good product or this is a cool person, or this is a neat site, they're basically giving you their endorsement. Then people are a lot more likely to come and hang out with you.

Second thing, you need to keep it. I do not try to sell anything on someone else's page. My goal is to get the following. Your goal should be to get the following and because I caught their attention now they're interested in it. And I want to make sure that once they get to my page, they feel that there's enough of my content that they feel is value added to their lives that they want to follow me. If they follow me then I can start to offer you products and services and you can sign up for lead or free consultation with me or whatever it is. Even if you're doing a free webinar, don't go for that. Change the link to them. Nope, get them to follow you. And then you say, Hey, y'all, I'm doing a free training Thursday at 6:00 PM. Click the link in my bio to sign up. Okay! So please keep that in mind.

Third, we want very clear ads when we are doing social ads. Stop putting out these flyers with a bunch of stuff on them. These are not church flyers or club flyers. People don’t like flyers with a bunch of writing and little pictures on them. Think about it, Twitter is quick, people are scrolling through Instagram quickly, even Facebook moves quickly now. People are trying to see what’s going on with their friends, family, and co-workers. People need to be able to assess what you are trying to tell them. Statistics say you have 7 seconds to get your point across, I say you have about 3 seconds to make it happen. This is why people love memes, because you can see a big picture and a big title that tells you what the meme is about, right? This is how that works.

Let's say you decided to do a video post? That's fine, but keep in mind, with your video post you need to make it have a title, a short video, in other words, it needs to be short and sweet. On the first line, it needs to say, Post via (@screenname) or follow @whoever, then give a description of what it is that they are seeing, and if you can get it down to one or two lines, you are winning. You will pick up a lot of followers. Again, you need a specific and strong call-to- action.

Another example, let’s say I own an MLM or Multi-level marketing business and my goal is to sell more Mace Cartridges, hypothetically. I don't know what type of MLM you would work for that sells mace cartridges, but let's say you sell mace cartridges, okay. This is what you sell and you want to sell more of your mace cartridges. So, if I know that mostly women buy my mace cartridges and there are women who are between the ages of 25 and 35 and they are single women. That’s going to be my demographic for this single woman in between the ages of 25 and 35. They work middle to upper management jobs. They travel frequently and they like live music and lounges and stuff like that. They like getting out in these streets and maybe they use a couple of online dating websites. That's what I found out about these people who need the mace cartridges.

That’s what we are rolling out and I want people to buy my mace cartridges so what I may do is, I'm going to say, “Hmm, who already has my audience's attention?” This is where you need to know a little bit about your audience and what they're interested in. Maybe they really are into women empowerment pages on social media. This means, I'm going to go find some women empowerment pages and I'm going to show up on the @bossgirls page. I don't know if that's a real page or not but this is just an example. I go to @bossgirls timeline and I'm gonna reach out to the owner or manager of the @bossgirl account and say, “can I run a promo?” and she's going to say, “Heck yeah”, you can run a promo on my page and It's 50 bucks. I say, “Great, do you use a cash app or PayPal? She's going to say cash app. Then I will tell her, “I just sent it over to you, @bossgirl,” and she's going to say, “thanks, when do you want your ad to run?” Then I tell her when I want my ad to run. Finally, I'm going to look at the content on the @bossgirl page.

This is another common mistake people make is when people don't actually look to see how the audience on that page consumes information. Then you put something up there other than what someone on that page would want to see so they keep scrolling past it. Remember this page owner has their followers and their audience conditioned to consume information the way that they deliver it as part of the reason that those people follow. Let's say, I noticed that all of the images on the @bossgirls page all have a pink transparent filter on top of all of her posts. I noticed either their fuchsia pale pink or magenta, but this is an awesome shade of pink, right? So the first thing I know is when I create my sponsored posts, I want it to look similar to @bossgirls. I'm probably going to create a post and put a pink filter on top of my post. So it catches her audience's attention. Then the next thing I'm going to do is come up with an ad and maybe I'm going to go and find a still image of Wonder Woman or Catwoman. It would probably be one of the Wonder Woman though because she’s a little bit more relevant. Next, I'm gonna go and find a still image of Wonder Woman, where she’s kicking butt or something like that because I am looking for women who are into this kind of thing and they are on @bossgirl page, so they're like, “yeah!!” Women empowerment. Right? And then I may make my caption and say, “Stay ready ain’t gotta get ready”. Follow @KingAshleyAnn. She teaches single women simple self-defense tactics that can save your life. That's it short, simple captions that are to the point. I really may pick up 700 to 1200 followers from that ad. This is the thing the ad gave an emotional connection to women, right? Everybody sees more than the woman. She's a heroine and she's strong, powerful and she's beautiful and she's kicking somebody's butt. People automatically like that.

I went to a page where I know it already has an audience of women. I went to @bossygirl page, right? Again, for the record, I don't know if this is a real page on Instagram. I'm just making it up. So I went to the bossy girl page because bossy girl, I know for a fact, has my audience, she already has my audience's attention. My target audience, the archetype I'm looking for, she already has their attention. So I'm going to go and promote on her page so that her 255,000 followers know that I exist now and I kept the caption simple, right? I found a picture of Wonder Woman kicking butt and I said, follow @ kingAshleyAnn, and she teaches single women simple ways to defend themselves. At this point, I called you out as a single woman who was interested in learning ways to defend herself. She's going to come over and follow my page. So now when she comes and she follows my page, then I may put up a video or something and I might say, Hey, welcome to the kingdom! I have a really cool free ebook!! It gives you five self-defense tips that you can master this week or something like that. People are going to download it and then I may offer a trip wire and it's going to convert these new women over. it's going to say, “out by yourself a lot, consider getting a keychain mace” or whatever I want to sell. I may also say regular price, $19. 99 today for you only $9.99 with free shipping or whatever I want it to be. I may offer a lead magnet immediately and say, go get my mace but I'm showing it. I have it coupled with my lead magnet. This is how people can use it.

So whether you sell skinny girl tea, whether you sell girdles, whether you sell jewelry, whether you sell inspired pads, whatever you sell, you need to be coupling it with some type of information that's valuable to that audience. Some of y'all are having a hard time getting people to come to your websites and order because you're not showcasing the value.

Now let's say I want people to come over and join my team. So I may make a post. And I may say, are you looking for an awesome way to make a few extra hundred a month?” I may post a picture of my check and I may say, look, “I did $1,200 this month and I only had to work three hours to get it.” Then I may say, “DM me, if you want to know how”, or I may say drop your email below, if you want to know how? Now that I have people wanting to know how, I'm not going to send them over to one of those cheesy videos you see online all the time. Please don’t do that. Unless it's a video of you speaking to the people directly, that's a no-go. I would encourage you at this point, to set up a webinar or to set up a link so people can click the link and schedule a one-on-one with you.

I know some of you are saying, “Ooh, that's a lot of work!” and I say, Baby, do you want to build this team up or not? Blink, blink, blink. You better get out here and hustle. So if you're going to make a link so that people can sign up and speak with you for 10 or 15 minutes, I would include some type of form.

This form could ask the following questions:

  • What do they do?

  • What are their goals?

  • Why do they need to make some extra money?

  • What would they want to do with it?

  • Have they ever heard of my company before?

Once people fill out the form, they can sign up for the appointment with me, or I may have a webinar and say, I'm going to have a webinar and maybe that's my thing. Once a month, every Sunday night I get on and I do a webinar and tell them the advantages of X,Y,Z, or working for Paper Company, MLM.co or whatever. That's how that works.


When y'all are running ads:

  • Keep your description simple.

  • Make sure that your image or your video is relevant to that audience.

  • If you are doing a sponsored post, do not try to sell anything or, or recruit anybody on someone else's page, wait until they follow you.

  • Once they follow you, you can start to recruit and sell them other products and services.

Bonus Tips:

  • Unless it's drugs, you need to be getting high on your own supply, real talk. For example, if you're promoting a girdle, you better be wearing that girdle. This is in conjunction with your testimonials and images that come from the company and other people. If you use the weight loss powder, then we better see you making smoothies with the weight loss powder.

  • If you want to take it up a notch, you can give people a smoothie recipe so they can see how to put it together.

  • If you run a physical business like a brick and mortar location, do in-store promos on your social media. You can say. “This weekend we're giving 25% off, but this is only available to people who come into the store. You can do this if you have a boutique or a restaurant. You can even own a daycare and maybe you're trying to get enrollment up in your daycare and say, “Hey, y'all, we're having an open house this weekend. Come over, we're going to have a bounce house set up for the kids. We'll have cookies and punch.” You can take a tour of the facilities and learn what all we have to offer. Right? That's an in-store promotion. So anything to get somebody there, whether it's a discount or an actual live event or maybe something top secret and also showing behind the scenes or showing day-to-day inside of your space and putting it inside of your Snapchat, your instant stories on your wall, things like that.

  • If you have an MLM, there is something else I would like for you to do. Y’all need to make it a point at least one time a week to try to build your team through your posts. Your stories are really, really good for that, or go live and literally say:

  1. Let's get to know one another.

  2. This is how I got involved with this.

  3. This is why I started.

  4. This is what it's done for me.

  5. This is why I really love it.

  6. You know, I think that you would love it too,why don't you come and sign up for a consultation with me? There's no pressure to commit, but we can really find out if this is a good fit for you and if you'll be successful with it or not.

Stop popping in people's inboxes, sending them these crazy videos that you get from the company saying, Hey, are you interested in making an extra $500 a month? Just watch this three minute video. Ain't nobody watching your three minute video. Get on down. Blink, blink, blink,

Tips For Service Provider:

  • You need testimonials.

  • You need to showcase yourself, doing your work,

  • Showcase yourself learning,

  • Showcase yourself at different conferences and classes you're going to,

  • Showcase when you're out on meetings,

  • Take pictures of your books, your stacks of work, your laptops. I'm notorious for taking pictures in my truck with all my flowers behind me, right? Then people say, “Oh you do parties?” and they hit me up for consultations all of the time.

This is how you get it done. Blink, Blink, Blink..This is how you get more eyes and ears on your social media platforms. I know this is a lot of information to consume at one time. My advice to you is to go back and read this and take what you need from it and apply it as soon as possible.

If you like what you’ve read and learned here, please follow me on all social media platforms at: @KingAshleyAnn or visit www.KingAshleyAnn.biz. Don’t forget to text the word, “Kommas” to 501-285-8966 to grab a FREE Social Media Marketing Plan.

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