Business Success


  • Written by Ashley Ann

Today, I wanted to give you guys seven no-cost ways to make sales because 1) You have to market and promote when you're in business. Some of y'all be like, “no, I don't want to.” And I'm like, well, then you don't want to make money. I do know when you're navigating the business waters, especially when you get into these social media streets, honey, it can get discouraging. It can get overwhelming. There's a lot of information. It's hard sometimes to decipher what is the right information for you. A lot of times, because you're new to this, you don't know what order the information that you're finding should be pieced together in.

A lot of times you may be missing a couple of holes. worth in information. You may have, a couple of those holes need to be plugged. You can have some real life situations. Then once you do find your footing and you figure out that you need this thing called a funnel that everyone keeps talking about and that you need your backend emails and that you need pixels and you need to retarget and you need to list build. Then you're like, well, crap, I've been out here in these streets ramming. By the way, ramming means random acts of marketing. So, when we say ramming in the Kingdom, that's what we're talking about. So then you're like, well, dang, I've been out here ramming in the streets for a gazillion years and now, I got all this stuff that I have to build. You'll be like, dang!

One of the things that I see is when people get ready to build, a lot of you guys forget that you have to build your new system and sell simultaneously. Thinking about that can make some of you guys become overwhelmed because I speak to thousands of small business owners a week at this point and I know. So, if you’re reading this and you have found yourself becoming overwhelmed, thinking about still trying to get your product out there, trying to build a brand, trying to build a business, trying to make some sales, trying to learn everything and build these automated systems you’re in the right place. Go on and tell the truth and shame the devil, because that is the very reason that I decided we should focus on some, no cost tactics and some easy sales tactics.

So, one thing that's very unique about these sales tactics that we are covering is you don't have to have a funnel in place for these to work. These sales strategies actually don't cost any money. A lot of the things that I'm going to talk about, have 30 day free trials, or at least 14 day free trials. So, you can snag a customer quickly and get the coins in your account. Also something else that's really important about these particular strategies is that you don't need any skillset to be able to get these done.

The reason I'm giving seven, is because everybody's gonna pick whichever one that feels better for your spirit, okay? You're going to ask your spirit what you need to do, and you're going to choose what fits best for you.

Now remember, I didn't tell you to stop building your system. You still need to build your system. Yes. It's a lot of work, going into the infrastructure, but the work is going to pay off. It's what's going to put you in a position so that you can make hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars on a regular basis.

These tactics that I'm doing don't cost any money, remember that when you're not spending money, you're going to have to spend your time. When you have to give some sweat equity or some creative equity to get these to work. Are y'all picking up what I'm putting down. That how that works. So you got to put in some time and if you over here rolling your eyes and you’re like, I ain't got no time. Well, I say boo you want to be broke!

Either you're going to run them pockets or you're going to run yourself. One or the other. Take your pick but it has to be done. I always like to put that out there because sometimes y'all are unrealistic and y'all have ridiculous expectations and I'm like, I don't know how you think that’s going to work in these streets. Okay. Blink, blink, blink, but it's not.

Please remember when you're doing something and there's a very, very low cost. Sweat equity is going to have to be put into it. Time. Equity is going to have to be put into it, to make it work. I'm just trying to let you know, okay!

One or the other and sometimes you gotta give both. I’m just putting that out there because I get inboxes sometimes and people will be like, “oh, I was out there looking for someone to do this or to do that but, uh, everybody's prices are so high. They all charge too much.” And I start laughing and I'm like, no, that is that's called the market rates maam. That’s the industry standard and you are devaluing these people and their services right now.

If everybody is coming back to you and almost everyone has the same price point, then boom. Everyone's not high. That's just what it costs and you're outside of reality right now because if you don't want to pay that, then that means you are going to have to do that. Blink, blink, blink.

#1 - Create three lead magnets. The reason you need three is because different people are attracted to different things. Normally this is when you're thinking about the process of something, what people need to know immediately before they get to your product or service or what they're going to need directly after. We want to focus immediately before they get the product/service. That's how we're going to do our lead magnets.

Now, each of your lead magnets should answer one specific question. Don't get out here and get in these streets and try and make something that's really complex and really convoluted.

The best lead magnets that convert at the highest rate are lead magnets that answer one question, or they solve one problem or one complaint.

I like to go to YouTube, Reddit and Quora. I literally like to go through the complaints or go through the questions because that for me is what shows me what my lead magnet should be and why people will come to download it at a high rate.

Now what this is, is the beginning stages of building a list.  But we just don't have all the automated part in the segmentation attached to it yet but what this is going to do is it's going to actually create leads for you.

A lead is a person who is a prospective customer or a client. So, it's very important that your lead magnets correlate with whatever your core product is or whatever your offer is.

A lead magnet is a free 99, a free gift,  or a freemium. Technically the article that I'm writing right now, that all of you guys are reading could be considered a lead magnet, right? I'm here giving you free information. Then I could say, Hey, you want to join Emergency Sales Kit? Click the link in my bio, tap the first button, it's a thousand dollar course that shows you how to sell with your face and your phone. You don't need a large following and you don't need a website and you can get out here and start making sales right now without an automated system. Right? See how that works? Because I'm talking about sales tactics, then I'm offering you a product that helps you make more sales and gives you a strategy.

A live stream can be a lead magnet but a lot of times I like to do things like checklists, PDFs. People like eBooks, people like to watch video recordings. For example, I could take one of my live streams and put it on a buffer page to tell people you’ve got to put in your name and your email to watch seven, no cost ways to make sales.

So many of us have seen lead magnets before. When people click to get your lead magnet, your free 99, your freemium and all of us have seen lead magnets before. When you go to a website or when you go to a landing page and someone says, “Hey, do you want a 20% off coupon put in your name in your email?” That's a lead magnet. When someone says, “Hey, do you want the cheat sheet or cheat codes to call of duty” or something like that? That's a lead magnet. Y'all picking up what I’m putting down. You're offering someone something.

You can get a lead pages account. They have space to add lead magnets and it's really, really easy. For example, when I did zero to 10 K strategy, I showed everybody how to make an opt-in page. If you go into lead pages, they have opt-in page templates. So then, all you’ve gotta do is just replace their template with your stuff. You can even host it on lead pages, straight up hosted on lead pages. Then, it's going to give you a URL once you finish the page and you'll put that in your bio and bada bing bada boom. Now, people can go over and click a button and they can get it. Then what's going to happen is Lead pages will actually deliver the lead magnet to your customers as well.

I started, alluding to it but let me get into some more lead magnet ideas that convert really well. People love checklists because a lot of times, if it's their first time doing something, they like knowing that they're taking the proper steps. People love a good cheat sheet. People love video trainings. I think this is because you can listen to a video training, while you're driving, when you're working out, when you're cooking or you can sit down and watch it but people really do enjoy video training. So that's a really easy one to do.

If you sell something retail, a free coupon but if you are going to do a coupon, you need to give a real amount. Don't be like, oh, you get 10%. Nobody cares about 10% anymore. It's old, it's done and it's not exciting anymore. You’ve got to take it up a notch. For example, you need to offer 15 or 20% because people want a real deal. Another really good lead magnet that people love is an email course, so you can give them an email every day for seven days or give them a task each day. People also like to come into group memberships, those are really good lead magnets too. Finally, you can give somebody a how-to, that would be a lead magnet. For example, I could have made this article a lead magnet. I could have typed up all this stuff, made some cute little graphics and wrote seven no-cost ways to make sales on social media and that would be a bomb lead magnet.

I probably would have about 2000 people opted into it within three days. Y'all picking up what I'm putting down? You just make sure that your lead magnet, your free 99 correlates with the pay 99. Once these people download your lead magnet, you're then going to go and look at the emails and you're literally going to send an email to them.

Your email would say, Hey, I see that you downloaded such and such and such (lead magnet). I have this bomb product, or I have this bomb course, or we're having a sale, yada yada yada. Yip yip yip. Here's the link. Bloop, just like that.

#2 - Next way that you can make some schmoney quickly is to create two low cost products that are paid, that are known as trip wires. A trip wire and a lead magnet is interchangeable. Blinkity blink, blink, blink. So, typically, I encourage people to create digital trip wires. Even if you sell physical products. If you sell a physical product most of the time your digital trip wire is going to revolve around how to wear, how to use, how to consume or multiple ways to do it.

This could also be if you do something that's complimentary. So for instance, um, okay, I'll give you a prime example. So I'm working with the Tava company now, and it's helping me lose weight. So I may create a 30 day meal plan and it includes grocery lists, and includes recipes or something like that. Then I may sell that for 14.99. So even if you don't buy my Tava and you see me losing weight, you may say, oh, well, let me, let me buy this 30 day meal plan. Maybe I'll make a little cookbook and I'm going to put a hundred recipes in my cookbook. Inside of my cookbook, I'm going to have 20 breakfast ideas, 20 lunch, 20 dinner, 20 snacks and I'm going to have 20 drinks. So, I'm going to make some cute little cocktails too. Y'all pick it up when I'm putting down, y'all see how that works? Tava is a physical product. It's consumable. There's the liquid vitamin inside of Tava. There's a detox tea inside of Tava. There's the Vita and they've introduced CBD coffee. Those are all physical products that help you with weight loss, immune health, and energy, but the lead magnet that I'm creating is focused on the weight loss portion. So the lead magnet that I created correlates with the retail product, does that make sense? The reason I like digital products is because they're really low priced.
Now, if you don't have a cart or anything like that, yet don't freak out. If you have a lead pages account, they have one that does e-commerce on it. It'll link into your PayPal. And then you can set up your little digital products as products that people can buy. There's also another company called Gumroads and gum roads, has a fee that's $10 a month, but they will house all of your digital products. They will deliver them automatically to your customers and if you ever make any edits or updates, or if you want to do a presale or something like that, Gumroad will allow you to do that as well, too. So that's how you can do that.

If you're not picking up what I'm putting down, I would highly encourage you to go and find yourself a coach. It does not have to be me, but you find somebody and you can understand the way that they communicate and that coach can tell you what your lead magnet should be. That coach can tell you what your tripwires should be. That coach can tell you what your funnels can be. The coach can tell you all of that. That's why people pay people like me so much money, because we can just tell you like, boom, here it is.

If you know, business is not your own thing or you know, you have a difficult time figuring out how you apply the information for yourself then, that's why you get a coach or consultant and you pay that good old one-to-one fee. Blink, blink, blink.

Now, #3 number three. Y'all are not going to believe this, but this works making weekly blog posts. If you make a post every single week and you have some valuable content, you can overview an article, talk about real life events, review one of your products, put a tutorial on there. You can do whatever you want to on your blog, but every week putting up a blog and then you're going to put it on your timeline and in your stories, and tell people Hey, go check out my blog posts.

Now it's very important in the blog that you have a call to action. So whatever product that you're talking about or whatever it is that you have to offer, you need to make sure that at the end of the blog, there's always a, “use this link, click this button, send a text to whoever etc. You always use a call to action. It works because what blogs do is establish people as a resource that have written a blog. It also creates a sense that they are an authority on that subject matter and on that content. So because you are a resource and people are getting used to you consistently doing it and they like going to get the information. Whenever you have an offer for a product or a service, people are likely to purchase it. It really, really works.

Think about it. If you're out here and you're searching and let's say you want to know about the fashion fall fashion trends of the year and you stumbled across some blog. Say they’ve got all the hot, new stuff, they are giving you all the dish on what's coming out, they got behind the scenes, they are showing you seven or eight different ways to style something, how to mix your new with your old stuff and what accessories work to take something from work time to evening time etc. If that's there and then you're going to the page and then they always like, Hey, if you like this, look, click the link to get this new t-shirt dress, click the link to get these new shoes, send me a DM and we can hook you up with a custom style session or something like that. That's how you roll into sales. So you can do it for whatever, but it works for show for show.

If you're not willing to write that blog post every single week, then you don't need to be blogging. Here is the real gag: people who have popular blogs now who built them up rapidly, when they first started, they put out between three to five blogs a week because it helps their SEO. It helps get, get it out there. It helps start circulating information. So if you are not willing to do it once a week, don't blog. Now, I can blog once a month because I live stream three times a week. I can blog once a month because Ashley Ann has been out here for a minute and it's a lot of information floating around out there about me and a lot of information that I’ve provided. I'm on a lot of podcasts, I'm on a lot of interviews, I'm on a lot of shows. Now at this point, I get fair media coverage. So, do I have to do a blog every single week? Nope. But again, if you don't have a sizable audience yet, and especially if you're not paying for ads and you're not paying for marketing, you're going to have to do it every week. Yep, sure. Do. Yep.

Number #4 four, is interviewing industry leaders or industry influencers. This is literally one of the easiest ways to build up your audience, show that you're a resource, pick up your know, like and trust factor with your audience and number four, offer people products that correlate with whatever you're interviewing about. It works. If you're going to be interviewing industry influencers or the industry leaders, I do think you need to be consistent and you need to think about this like it's your own show so I would definitely tell you to be trying to do an interview at least once a week so you can build up steam. Also, if you're going to do this, I would tell you to get a little app on your phone, like over, word swag, story art or canva so that you can make some graphics or you can pay somebody to make the graphics for you.

You basically want to make little flyers so it can provide them to the interviewee. So if they want to put them in their stories or if they want to promote, tell their audience that they're going to be on your live stream with you, on Tuesday at seven o'clock so that they can get those done. Y'all picking up what I'm putting down.

You can do a blog and do everything on lead pages. You can also do a blog on Wix, WordPress but now y'all see why I'm always saying lead pages is because you can do so much stuff on lead pages, sell products, send out your lead magnet, make a little blog, build a website, create a link tree all on lead pages. Lead pages is the ish.. Anyway, you want to make some graphics so that you can send them to your special guests so that they can put them out, or maybe at least drop it that day. Now I will say this. If you're making graphics for them, don't be all in their crawl if they're not promoting their interview with you, like it's going out of style. You didn't pay these industry leaders or these influencers for the advertisement space and you need to be thankful and grateful that they're willing to interview with you and that they're not charging you a fee. Okay? Blink, blink, blink. Again, I'm telling you that because some of y'all don't know, and some of y'all have wild expectations and then some of y'all get crazy and then y'all get mad whenever people block you or don't want to deal with you. Don't feel some type of way because you made them feel some type of way because you came at them crazy. They are not entitled to do anything for you. Don't get in your feelings if they don't even post your flyer, but somebody's going to post it. So you make sure you provide a story flyer and a timeline size flyer for all of them to promote the event and that it's happening and you put it on your page.

You can @at them or tag them to the post and then they'll put it up and then make sure that if you're doing your interview series, you need to make sure you're recording wherever you're on Instagram, Facebook, Stream yard, Zoom, it doesn't matter but you need to make sure that you are recording it. And at the end of the session, you always tell people to click the link in your bio and that they can get either that free lead magnet or they can get the paid product. And that's how that works. Also, which I showed you guys in zero to 10 K, you actually can take the interview series and you can package that and you can sell the replays as well. So there are several different things that you can do with those interviews.

Number five, number five works stupendously. I did number five for a while when I first got out here in the social media streets and I loved it. And I think some of you guys should try this. There's two different ways to do number five. Either way, you're going to offer a discovery call or a strategy session. This call needs to be 20 minutes. Definitely no longer than 30 minutes, especially if it's free. This is where you're going to come in. You are going to learn about your customers. You're basically going to perform an audit for them and then you can suggest whatever product or program is a good fit for them or what it is that you can do. This works really well for those of you who have courses, classes, consultation, services, things like that. Now, if you are doing this discovery call or a strategy session, you may want to consider making it a low price. Maybe like 25 bucks or $47 or something like that just to start. What I have found is that when there's a fee associated with it, I get a more serious client. I get someone who does not waste my time and someone who is appreciative of the time that we're spending together, working on their plan or working on their strategy or their assessment.

If you do charge a fee, what you can do is say, if you book with me, tell them that you will give them a credit. For example, if you make your discovery session $99 and they book with you and let's say your overall fee is a thousand dollars, then they would just pay you $901, right? Does that make sense? Y'all picking up what I'm putting down? If it's free, you need to keep it in between 15 and 20 minutes. That way you can get rid of all of the leeches that will try to come because there's definitely some dishonest people that will come. I wish I could say that all people were honest and upright and they won't try and use you and take advantage of you. Lies. Okay? People try to use me every day and I have to remind people that I don’t mind helping somebody out, baby. I don't mind giving the people a hand up boo, but I don't like doing handouts and I sure don’t like it when people try and take advantage of me.

So I learned that having a smaller fee, I ended up getting a better quality client on the phone and I ended up actually working with people that were serious about their business instead of somebody that just wanted to come and kick tires and waste my time. Now, to set up these discovery calls or strategy sessions, you can use Acuity. I use acuity scheduling and also Calendly is really good. Either one is good, you can use Acuity or you can do Calendly but they're both good. So, if you have a PayPal, they will sync into the PayPal and then you will create, in Acuity its called an event. So you will create the event, then will put a price point on the event. You will make a form for the event so that's how you're going to get people's pre qualification questions. Then we are going to put all that together. It's going to give you a URL and you'll put that URL inside of your tree.

Now, do I still do discovery calls? No. but when I first started building, they were very, very helpful. I think when you're rolling into a new marketplace is definitely the move to make.
I think discovery calls and what I used to use them for, for example if I had a program launching. Please note that I have all kinds of classes and courses that are inside of my vault, that all the new people, y'all have never seen. So whenever I bring it out, about once a year, y'all are like, dang, how did she sell out of that? She didn't even say anything about it. It's because the people that have been with me for a minute, I send an email to let them know that it’s back and they've been waiting a year or a year and a half for me to bring that particular program back out. So before I built the list, I would have my discovery calls. So, let's say I have a program. Let's say the program is $1,200. Let's say you got a $1,200 program, it's a small group you're going to work with people for six weeks and every week y'all are gonna have a meeting.

Next, your meeting is going to be comprised of training, some homework, individual Q and A time and your meeting is also going to review the people inside of your small group. Let's say, this is what you have and so you charge $47 for your discovery calls and you’ve got your form set up with all the questions you need, then y'all pop on the line together and you talk to your people and when you do the discovery call, cause people always ask me, they're like, well, how do you get these people to convert?

You don't do anything special when you get on the call, just give people real information, give people things that are really going to help them. So when you get that form that has the information in it about them

Take me for instance, I would wanna know your website, social media handles, your favorite platform, what's been your biggest challenge, what budget have you set aside to solve this problem. I just had questions like that around things that I really needed to know. So when I would go to their social media pages or their website, or whatever it is that you're helping people with or whatever you are doing, you basically perform an internal audit on your side and you make your notes. So then whenever you get on the call with them, you can have them elaborate more on these questions, you can say, okay, well, this is what I found, this is what I think you need to do, this is a good place to start. Yada, yada, yada, yip, yip, yip. And they're going to say, oh, this is great. I'm excited about it. And most people will ask you, how can we continue to work together? Or do you have a program or a product that can help me do that? But that only works.

If you get out there and you give them information and people think it's a magic trick, you got to do. I told y'all, you do not have to hustle anybody. You ain't gotta try and come up on anybody, just get out here and, and do what you, you know, what you were born to do, do what you're supposed to do. So once you give them that, then you roll them into, let's say, like I said, my example is a $1,200, six week program. So I'm going to put you in this small group, $1,200 mentorship program. I'm going to send you the link. I'm going to send you a recording of our call and bada boom, bada bang.

It works really, really well for business, especially if you're still, in the smaller stages. So I was doing that and I was making $10,000 a month. Then, I wasn't on the phone all the time. I would just do my discovery calls two days out of the week, I would do my live streams and I would say, Hey, if you want to talk to me, one-on-one click the link in my bio. They would always fill up every single week. I would do my calls on my call days back in the day, Wednesday and Thursday were my call days. I would always do Thursday morning because Thursday afternoon I was on site visits with brides and stuff like that. So I would do my little discovery calls or whatever and I would roll through. We would normally have about eight out of every 10 people to say, okay, I want to come into the program. I would send out the email with the recording, I would then give them a link to the program with a couple of details and I would say, here's the link and if you sign up before midnight, you're going to get an extra 10% off. yes, yes. Since I have been doing this for a long time, honey, I can tell you all about the evolution of consulting and coaching and that's, that's how I would do it.

Then I would get my course filled up and then we would roll onto the next thing. Then that would be that, and you can do the same and that's how it will work. So whenever you do your call, the next thing you're going to need, you can sign up with a company called free conference, I do have a zoom account, but I still have my to this day and when zoom is acting up, guess what? I go right into and I can get everything handled. What you're going to love about is that the service is free, but you can purchase storage. So you can purchase $10 a month in storage. Maybe you're not doing that many calls. So $10 a month will work for you. You can host webinars in, video chat, screen share and it protects your personal information. It also makes you look more professional so instead of you giving people your cell phone and telling them call me at this cell number instead, use where it is going to give you a phone number and a pin and that's what you do. That's what you provide to your clients every year using acuity scheduling. You're going to be able to set up acuity so that it sends out reminder emails and you will just put the free conference call phone number in the pin inside of the reminder email. So now it's going to be set up to do everything for you. Then at the end of the night, you'll take all your calls, email them to your customers, with their links and badaboom badabang. Then normally you make a follow-up list and so, like I would normally wait two or three days and if somebody didn't opt into the program, I would shoot them a little email and say, Hey, Jessica, how are you doing? You know, we met on Wednesday, and we went through XYZ. You know, we're getting ready to get the program started on Monday. I wanted to check in and see if you have decided to move in another direction, or if you're still interested in the program, if you are, do you have any other questions and if you don't have any questions and you are ready to move forward, here's the link again. So you don't have to look for it. Now, if y'all pick up what I'm putting down, I literally just wrote somebody's whole business model. You’re welcome. Whoever was wise enough to pick up on what I just said. You’re welcome because I just gave you a whole business model for the free 99, a whole six figure business model. That's a whole way to make a hundred thousand dollars with under a thousand followers in a year. Stop playing with me.

How many of you ever thought to utilize free conference call in this way? I'm not going to lie. I prefer zoom over free conference call but free conference call com will get you through honey. Not to mention your girl rocked with free conference call for at least the first year, maybe a year and a half that I started consulting through live streams and I still use it today.

Now, number six is doing a contest or a giveaway. If you're going to do a contest or giveaway, what I would recommend is to do the contest or the giveaway to your customers. I'm always down for supporting people who support me. So let's say, you're going to get on to livestream and you're doing the giveaway Friday, you need to start promoting the giveaway the whole week before that. This is the same as if you are doing a cash giveaway, free merchandise, consultations, whatever you're giving away, just make sure that your customers are going to like it.

If it's something that people don't care about, they're not going to come. Also, I learned that people just like winning stuff. A lot of people are so excited to win. Now, I don't want y'all being like, but Ashley Ann you give away thousands of dollars. Let me say this, you don’t gotta be like me. I wasn't always sitting around giving away $10,000 a month or giving away laptops to people, either. Things progressed for me because sometimes I would give people free courses. Sometimes I would give people a free discovery call, $20 gift cards. We would buy those $20 gift cards for people then and now you can send people a $20 cash app and say, lunch is on me today.Those are good giveaways. Everybody would love that.

You literally could say, lunch is on me today and I'm going to give 10 people $20 in their cash app to buy their lunch. That is a giveaway that people will be really, really excited about. So, just think about what your audience likes. If you're in beauty, giveaway, lip glosses, give away makeup brushes, giveaway, lashes. Just giveaway whatever it is that is going to get your customers hype. Again, if you're going to do a giveaway, you need to tie into a sale.

So let's say you start that sale at the top of the weekend and tell your customers, hey you guys, remember on Friday, we're going to do a live stream and I'm going to give away bananas. Again, I'm giving away bananas on Friday but the only way you can get entered to get a banana is that you have to purchase something this week.

What is up with me and fruit? Have y'all noticed that I always use fruit for my example? I'm always talking about things like apples or strawberries and stuff anyway, but that's what I'm giving away in this example. I'm giving away fruit salad or gold kiwis, bananas, strawberries, blackberries, mangoes. I'm giving away all the fruit and it’s going down on Friday, but the only way to get this fruit, you need to purchase my cookbook. You gotta purchase this cookbook! Anybody that purchases this week, they are eligible to get the fruit salad, right?

Then when you do your live, there's a couple of different things you can do. You can pre-pull winners or when you start into the live, you can talk to your audience a little bit and you can say, hey, there's still time for you to get into the drawing for the fruit. All you gotta do is click the link in my bio right now and buy. I'm going to give you guys another five minutes to get in there.

So then you can play a game for your giveaway, you can spin a wheel, you can ask questions. We used to do trivia all the time inside of the Kingdom. For example, I would do trivia and the first person to answer it. I would say, Ooh, you won!!

Then, I would tell people, don't answer this if you didn't buy nothing, because I personally use SamCart so my sales are real time. This means you can search somebody's email and see if they really bought your stuff. While I am live I would just search it and be sure to right it down.

Also, you can do the same thing with whatever you're using, even if you're using PayPal, you can check and make sure they did buy and boom. Then I tell them to DM me their cash app to cash them out. Just like that and we'll get it done. So giveaways are a lot of fun. They are exciting for you and for the audience. It is just bomb dot com!

Then number seven. First of all, I want to know who here is surprised that I actually am giving you real deal information on how you can sell on these no cost ways to actually gain customers. How many of y'all are like whattttt? Like she really gave me the tea! She really gave me the sauce! Sis was not playin wit me! I mean, me and Ashley Ann go together, blink, blink, blink. They betta not be messing with my boo! So how many of y’all are gon’ pull up and ride out for me!

Finally, number seven, doing a live tutorial, a live demonstration or a live training, blink, blink. Tutorials work really, really good though, for those of you who have any type of consumable or any type of retail, especially my beauty people, my hair, people and my fitness people. Tutorials work really, really well to be able to move people into your programs and your products.

Those of you that make things like dolls, hats, clothes, things like that, it works really, really well for you guys too, if you are someone who's focused more on strategy and intellect. We can break down and explain prices or systems or ways that you can do things, Again, you do just like I do. You can say, click the link in my bio and this is how you get it.

If you have an actual hair care product, skincare product or something like that, or you have makeup brushes or you're doing beauty tutorials. You just make sure that you type it and you pin it to the bottom of your livestreams. Then you tell people, click the link in the bio and tap the second button or the third button to purchase everything I'm using tonight.

So number seven is literally doing live tutorials, hanging out with your audience, telling them, you know, where to buy, how to get the product so that they can get that look. And more importantly, how to use the product and how to use the process. Y'all this works amazing too! For any of you guys that are in beauty, a lot of y'all won't do that. And I don't know why. Literally just get online and use the product with your people. You'll be surprised. You will make so many coins. You'll make so many sales!

So that's how it works. Everybody I have given you seven, no cost raise to get your sales up. Hm, Hm, Hm, Hm, Hm, Hm, Hm. Hm. So if you enjoy this I know you will enjoy all the sales you get from it!

Please visit our website to view our work! and

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