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The TCC Teleplex IAP Kiosks Include a High-Res 360-Degree Webcam, a 22-inch Interactive Touch Screen, Free Wi-Fi, Credit Card Reader, Audio Headphone Jack, 5 USB Charging Ports, POS Terminal And 911 and 311 Buttons

Once again establishing itself as an industry visionary set on revolutionizing the way millions of people interact with their world and the people in it, TCC TELEPLEX, NYC’s premier Public Telecom and Informational Services giant, is fast-developing a groundbreaking new technology called the IAP (Internet Access Portal) Kiosk – with plans for wide distribution throughout the NYC Metro and Tri-State area in the near future.

The multi-media “EVERYTHING KIOSK” will be integrated into the Company’s new digital fiber-optic network. Featuring high-speed, free Wi-Fi informational services, apps, media and advertising including Public Service Announcements (PSAs) targeting TCC TELEPLEX’s 180 unique markets, the kiosks will offer a powerful array of visionary new services.

Features include a high-res 360 webcam, accessible 24/7, which will allow app users to learn in real time the conditions and waits for all public transportation – trains, buses, subways, ferries, and planes; a large 22-inch front-facing interactive touch-screen; a keypad with braille for ADA compliance; and a credit-card reader with contactless pay, for POS purchases from many major online retailers, from Amazon to Macy’s.

Other selling points: an audio headphone jack; 5 USB charging ports; a 911 button for emergencies; a 311 button for city services; a “0” button for live, multi-lingual operators; a MetroCard dispenser; and 55-inch digital ad display panels. For NYC, the digital “MESH” network is designed to showcase the best of the City’s cultural, arts and events in real time 24/7 with full use, 2-way interactivity.

Using a direct network-wired connection to make phone calls, the IAP kiosks will always be reliable, which is crucial for emergencies. Existing VoIP-connected technology experiences widespread system shutdowns. The kiosks will be New York-crafted and union-powered. They will be manufactured, assembled and installed by union labor – because as TCC TELEPLEX President and CEO Dennis Novick says, “We know the value of treating our workers right.”

The initial rollout of TCC TELEPLEX’s “Everything Kiosk” is envisioned to include installations throughout the New York MTA Transit System (with Wi-Fi and high-speed internet available in all tunnels and terminals), the region’s three major airports (JFK, LaGuardia and Newark), and on the rail and ferry services. TCC TELEPLEX’s markets will serve the public and all levels of local government. According to Novick, “We will target New York and New Jersey first, then the other American municipalities on their sidewalks and subway systems. Once they prove their value here, future cities we want to introduce the technology to include Chicago, Houston, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Philadelphia and San Francisco.”

TCC TELEPLEX has provided Public Telecommunications and Information Services since 1984. The Company introduced thousands of state-of-the-art public payphones throughout NYC, and was proud to be the City’s largest independent provider of Public Telecom, Internet, Wi-Fi and Informational services. In 2002, TCC TELEPLEX introduced the World’s first outdoor multi-media kiosk with Wi-Fi in midtown Manhattan and later in dozens of other highly trafficked locations.

“New Yorkers have relied on TCC TELEPLEX for 35 years to give them the best services in all communities,”Novick says. “We don’t ‘red line.’ We serve everybody. With the new IAP kiosk, we are offering tomorrow’s high  tech digital network today, and we truly believe it will knock the public’s socks off when they have a chance to use and benefit from its multitude of services.”


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