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Whether they are searching online for a service or a specific product, in many cases customers tend to look for online product reviews. They often want to make a comparison to other products or simply to get the overall feeling from others that already have some experience with it. Nowadays, there are many popular affiliate websites that give starred ratings, such as the well known Amazon or Best Buy.


Regardless of the niche you're in, probably the very first interaction your potential visitors will have with your site will be viewing your appearance in organic search results. The online review has a powerful effect on the way your audience will perceive you, which also means it has a great impact on the performance of your brand.


Let us talk about the benefits of having online product reviews.

Help Your Customers Make a Decision

With each day, the number of online consumers who put their trust into online product reviews is increasing. Some of the surveys even show how big percent of customers trust online reviews almost as much as they trust their friends’ recommendations.

This also means that a huge number of consumers use these reviews as a huge step before closing a deal.

In order to impact your customers in the best possible way, offering user reviews on your website is crucial. By doing this, you will give your users all the information needed for them to choose your service or product.

Quality Over Price

Price is definitely not the most important factor for purchase but on the other hand, quality is. You will find that many customers really value a good experience, which often means they are willing to pay more in order to get it.


Creating Trust

Many consumers use popular affiliate sites, for finding the online review they need. They put their trust in platforms that have already proven be a great starred sites. If you want your potential customer to choose your product, it means you need to advertise on such affiliate websites.


AskGamblers is a great example of one such affiliate site, whose mission is to provide transparent environment and accurate information in order to build trust in the igaming community and help their users stay on the safe side of online gambling.


On-site Ranking Benefits

Having customer reviews on your website has a positive effect on your business’s organic search rankings. on your company’s organic search rankings in search engines. Following good practice, each new review that has been left on your site about your product or service will increase the amount of unique, user generated content your site is offering on that particular product, meaning you’ll be percieved as authority on that type of products, will gain relevance, and, will eventually even get a higher chance at ranking those pages.

Off-site Ranking Benefits

We already mentioned the importance of affiliate websites. In most cases, the number of positive reviews you have on those sites can have an even bigger impact than the reviews you show on your own site. Consumers already use the affiliate sites to search for what they want, and if those online reviews are positive, your chance to rank better on Google is even higher. The more reviews you have on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, and the more positive they are, you will have the higher chance to rank better on Google.




Additionally, some of the Google reviews can be included as “rich snippets” that will be connected with your business.

Higher Conversions

The more product reviews you have, the higher will be your conversion rate. This includes both good and bad reviews. Even bad reviews can have a really positive effect on your conversion rate. The combination of bad and good reviews create a trustworthy image of your brand, telling your customers you aren’t hiding anything from them. People tend to be suspicious when they only can see good reviews, especially if there are many of them.

The Importance of Starred Ratings

When we are talking about online reviews, one of the first things that pop up in our minds has Google starred ratings. Measuring ratings in golden or silver stars is a popular way of showing seller ratings, especially in paid results. Having starred reviews makes your ads stand out from the crowd, giving comfort to your potential customers and the credibility to your business.

The star ratings in the SERPs (search engine result pages), help your users decide on your product, as well as encourage clicks to your website.


It is really important to clearly display your reviews on your own website and even in Google search. Having a satisfied customer telling others how good your product or service is, it the best marketing you can do for free. Displaying online product reviews of your happy customers, mixing it with updated technology will give you amazing results. Don’t forget that the customer's voice is extremely powerful, and it can help you grow your business each day!

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