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STOCKHOLM, May 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- 200 tonnes of waste are generated in the Mount Everest region every year. That is why Sagarmatha Next, an experience centre at 3,775 meters on the foot of Mount Everest, is dedicated to raising awareness on the issues through art and design. Sagarmatha Next is now releasing a new film to help raise awareness and support for the important cause of keeping Mount Everest free from waste.


Mount Everest trash, photo by Martin Edström Mount Everest trash, photo by Martin Edström


"We are excited to celebrate our first anniversary and the release of our new film. The film shows how this remote region attracts thousands of visitors and how we must all come together to preserve it for future generations," said Varun Saraf, Director at Saraf Foundation and founder of Sagarmatha Next.    

With 80,000 yearly trekkers visiting Sagarmatha National Park, approx. 200 tonnes of solid waste are generated. Given the lack of infrastructure and connectivity, this waste is left behind in the mountains. Sagarmatha Next works with the local NGO SPCC to find innovative ways to remove and upcycle waste from the mountains. Started in 2019, carry me back is a crowdsourced waste removal system, that offers every trekker an opportunity to remove 1 kg of waste from the mountains. The program has successfully removed 10,000 kg with the help of 6,000 participants who have voluntarily carried them out of the national park.

Powered by DELL Technologies, the high-altitude experience centre Sagarmatha Next has become a must-stop for visitors. Since opening, more than 15,000 visitors have been educated about the challenges in the region and the initiatives to solve them, and enjoyed the interactive digital exhibition and several VR experiences that transports visitors to the highest peaks.

Sagarmatha Next is excited to announce the release of its new film that showcases the impact of tourism and waste in the region and hopes it inspires further action globally.        

"The entire world comes to Everest, the highest place on earth and this is where the change begins. We wish to spread the message and replicate projects to remove waste to other environment-sensitive regions across the globe," says Varun Saraf.

More information about the film can be found here: https://youtu.be/Jgg8P2KGSMU[1].    

For further information, contact: Eva Villardón GrandeGeneral Manager Marketing & Communicationcommunications@sagarmathanext.com[2]+9779822382388


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