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Acclaimed New York City #IndieFlamencoRock band Gasoline Tequila has released the video for “Sonder,” a haunting ode to the desolate streets of Manhattan during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, and a poignant tribute to the enduring spirit that has kept New Yorkers hopeful, and ultimately, connected.

Written and recorded entirely by Gasoline Tequila frontman Massimo Lusardi during the city’s initial quarantine period, “Sonder” came to life, chord by chord, as Massimo played nightly concerts from his lower Manhattan balcony during the Seven O’Clock Cheer for front-line workers.

“Sonder” is the realization that everyone around us, even those we don't know, are living a life just as complex, tumultuous, and meaningful as ours. Brought to life with visuals recorded by Massimo himself, the video documents a wide array of everyday New Yorkers, and Massimo’s own introspective mood as he wandered the city, largely alone.

“I went from playing some of the most exclusive rooms worldwide to being stuck in my room,” Massimo remembers. “I started Gasoline Tequila to bring New York City’s creative class together for indulgent, wild nights, but ‘Sonder’ showed me how sharing my deepest personal vulnerabilities during a time of widespread anxiety was the key to creating even deeper connections with people, and finding my true artistic self.”

“This video is very raw, and very much from the heart,” Massimo continues. “I didn’t want anything too polished, because as we New Yorkers know, our city has never been more ragged, but also never more ours.”

Stream “Sonder” on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube

Since 2016, Gasoline Tequila has brought its vibrant live performances and unique #IndieFlamencoRock sound to chic venues across the United States and Europe, playing live on catwalks at New York and Paris Fashion Week, and collaborating with iconic brands including Oscar De La Renta, Cartier, and Veuve Clicquot.

Gasoline Tequila frontman Massimo Lusardi credits his background as a restaurateur and event designer with helping to create the band’s legendary experiences, attracting the doers, the makers, and the risk takers from across the globe for nights of memorable music and lush debauchery.

Gasoline Tequila music is available on all streaming platforms.

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