FiberSense Technology: All You Need to Know

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The continuous growth in technology has led to the evolution of what might be termed as a sixth sense. The groundbreaking technology is known as VIDAR. Vibration Detection and Ranging is a technology designed to help you sense things before they happen. Besides, it’s sensory that can be used to visualize, record, and label objects.

Also, it’s worth noting that the sensory system works in real-time by capturing and analyzing vibrations within a geographical grid with the help of fiber optic cables. In this guide, we look at what VIDAR uses to analyze incoming pulses.

So, what’s FiberSense?

It’s the technology used by the VIDAR sensory system to track and analyze vibrations. It’s an upgrade to the sensory systems which were used in the past decades, namely;

  •     * Sound Navigation and Ranging (SONAR)
  •     * Radio Detection Ranging (RADAR)
  •     * Light Detection Ranging (LIDAR)

Although the above is rarely used today, VIDAR uses some elements but on a high notch by offering real-time detection of events.

About the Video Detection Ranging

VIDAR is regarded as the most effective sensory system since it operates with the help of optical fiber cables, which are responsible for transmitting the internet and optical fiber technology.

Notably, the technology doesn’t depend on facial recognition, cameras, or video recordings to function. But instead, it uses FiberSense technology to detect events or objects by location and time; thus, making it highly accurate compared to the old technologies.

What’s more, since it uses sensing fabric, it can capture all objects and events within the sensing location in a third party without creating any gaps.

VIDAR Benefits

Various capabilities are demonstrated by the SuperSoniQ platform, which is not possible by using discrete IoT systems. Nonetheless, the platform shows a wide range of benefits, including;

  •     * Safety and security.
  •     * Increased productivity.
  •     * Increased efficiency and accuracy.

How does it work?

FiberSense works through the use of vibration detection and ranging. With sensors fixed at different locations, the system works by detecting, recording, and labeling objects on the ground and then collating, analyzing it and transmitting it through fiber cables. And with the SuperSoniq platform, you now have access to real-time results via cloud services.

Apart from promoting road safety and monitoring natural gas, FiberSense can be used in other different setups. Some of the application areas include;

  •     * Detection of leaking tanks.
  •     * Watching unauthorized digging near gas pipes.
  •     * In detecting undercut sea cables in the Fiber industry.
Final Thoughts

The FiberSense technology, through the use of VIDAR technology, provides real-time information about the events taking place with cities and their environments. If well applied, this technology can help improve people’s interaction with the public. Besides, it can help reduce road accidents or the effects of natural disasters on human nature. And with the SuperSoniQ new digital platform, built on the same technology, will help bridge the gap that currently exists between the digital and physical world at high rates. And this will help change the way we respond to emergencies in public places.  


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