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  • Written by NewsServices.com

We may not think about it every day, but the packaging materials used around the products we consume have a major influence on our health and the environment. When you take a minute to think about it, you realize that packaging materials are everywhere. Whether it’s a plastic wrapping around your vegetables, the plastic tube for your toothpaste, or the aluminum bottle used for your cosmetics – we simply can’t get around packaging materials.

Just as with any type of product on the market, when it comes to packaging materials, certain options are better than others in terms of health, safety, and sustainability. It is no secret that, by far, the most commonly used packaging material is plastic. The truth is, however, that plastics are extremely bad for our environment and can furthermore affect the products stored inside which, in turn, may lead to health-related risks. As such, the use of plastic packaging materials is not advised, especially in industries related to foods, cosmetics, and other consumables.

Luckily, there are plenty of safer, healthier, and environmentally friendlier packaging options available. One of these is aluminum. The popularity of aluminum packaging is increasing significantly throughout numerous industries. Aluminum packaging can mostly be found in the form of bottles and tins. This makes them a great packaging option for food products and cosmetics but also for other, every-day, items such as toys and electronics. Below, a closer look is given at aluminum packaging and its benefits; allowing you to see the real reasons why this type of packaging material is currently going through an immense increase in popularity.

Aluminum packaging does not cost a lot

When it comes to packaging materials, aluminum is relatively cheap. Sure, it may not compete with plastics in terms of price, however, aluminum is much cheaper compared to, let’s say, glass and tin-plated iron. Added to that, aluminum is furthermore very light in weight. This makes it both simple and cheap to transport. Thanks to its low price tag in combination with its premium design, aluminum offers a popular packaging option to both small and large companies alike.

A versatile and high-end product that is easy to customize

With its sleek metal appearance and seamless design, aluminum packaging certainly is a feast to look at. Aluminum packaging features a high-quality appearance that adds a certain touch of elegance to any type of product. This makes it a perfect packaging material for companies that are looking for a premium yet affordable way to wrap up their goods.

Aluminum is furthermore a soft and bendable material. Nevertheless, it is extremely durable as well. Thanks to this, it brings along countless possibilities when it comes to the customization of your packaging materials. Aluminum packaging is available in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. Added to that, it can be personalized through countless customization options including direct print, sticker labels, laser engraving, embossing, and more. No matter how unique your packaging requirements may seem, aluminum will always offer a solution.

An increased shelf-life without worries about corrosion

Aluminum is an extremely durable natural material that does not rust or corrode. Thanks to this, it can be safely used in any type of humid environment including the bathroom or kitchen. This feature furthermore makes aluminum suitable for the storage of both solid and liquid products alike. Hence, it’s no surprise that aluminum packaging is highly attractive to use by companies in the food, medicine, and cosmetic industries.

Besides the fact that it does not corrode, aluminum furthermore creates a solid barrier between the product stored inside and the outside environment. The seamless and durable design of aluminum tins and bottles keeps out external air, moisture, smells, and sunlight. As such, you can be assured that your products won’t be affected by any outside factors. Thanks to this, aluminum packaging significantly increases the shelf-life of the goods stored inside.

Keeps out air, moisture, and smell

Aluminum tins and bottles are highly durable and seamless. Just like glass and other types of traditional metal packagings, aluminum creates an outstanding barrier that protects the products stored inside from being affected by the outside environment. Most aluminum jars and bottles are completely airtight. Added to that, they keep out external moisture, smells, and sunlight. Thanks to this, your products won’t be affected by external factors and their shelf-life will increase significantly.

Aluminum is 100% food- and body-safe

When it comes to packaging materials, perhaps the most important aspect to consider is how safe it is. Certain packaging materials such as plastics may contain numerous chemicals that can affect the products stored inside and with it our health upon consuming them.

Aluminum is a natural material that does not need any chemical coatings to maintain its original quality. As such, it is a packaging material that is 100% free from chemicals. According to the FDA, aluminum is one of the only materials that are completely food- and body-safe. As such, there is no need to worry about your packaging affecting the products stored inside. The fact that aluminum offers one of the safest packaging options available today makes it an attractive alternative to other, less safe, materials such as plastics and tin.

A perfect chance to go green

In today’s world, people and companies alike are becoming more and more aware of their impact on the environment. This is why, besides health and costs, the sustainability of packaging material is very important. When it comes to sustainability, aluminum packaging tops the list. Aluminum is one of the only materials that can be recycled time after time without losing any of its original quality. As such, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of aluminum packaging in circulation today already includes recycled materials. Choosing for a recyclable packaging material such as aluminum allows you to significantly reduce your waste production. As a result, your impact on the environment will become significantly less. Thanks to its full recyclability and sustainable production process, aluminum offers one of the most sustainable packaging options available today. This makes it an attractive choice of packaging for green companies around the globe that are looking for a way to work towards a sustainable future.