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  • Written by Brigitte Evans

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has shaken health and economic stability to the core throughout the world, bringing a radical change to our everyday lives along the way. We are seeing the normalcy of our lives changing rapidly – daily routines have transformed, public events have been replaced with online meetings, everyday turmoil with the comfort of home, and masks are put where makeup used to be.

Looking at the current picture, we see this pandemic is affecting almost every aspect of our lives, from work, travel, and entertainment to fashion.

Fashion lovers are wondering about the future of fashion shows, as well as whether this global change will have an impact on the way we dress. Some say it certainly will, which makes sense, as there are already noticeable changes in the way people use makeup, combine colors, treat their hair, have there nails treated at places like sns nails and skin, etc. In this article, you will find out why and how Covid-19 changed the way we approach personal style. 

Nurturing beauty during a pandemic

We’ve seen that style is a delicate manifestation of human behavior and that even beauty didn’t pass through the jaw of the Covid-19 pandemic untouched. Compared to 2019, China's beauty industry sales fell by up to 80% in February. Still, as beauty industries have been pretty resilient and adaptable so far, experts say that the future is not as gloomy as it seems with the online market growing and glowing.

But what in the meantime? The sense of uncertainty and a pervading smell of fear simultaneously cause restlessness and apathy, leaving style, beauty, and self-care in a spare drawer. Psychologists suggest that nurturing beauty and style during this difficult time can be an extremely positive boost for mental health. So, try to maintain your personal beauty and style routine as close to regular as possible.

The bottom line of the story is, experiment with your eyeshadow, buy a new lipstick, try on creative boho hairstyles by using stylish long clip in hair extensions and experimenting with hair dye, make an online fashion show with your friends – get creative and make the best of what you got right now.

Style is a kind of social phenomena

Quarantine, lack of social contact – parties, cinema, gym, work, travel, etc. – and ultimately, mental health crisis: all this played a huge role in the shift of the overall attitude towards self-care, and almost eliminated the ritual of "getting ready." Most of the ladies have left their morning makeup routines, students have listened to online classes in the comfort of their beds, and others could barely find the will to get out of bed.

Developing and nurturing a personal style is a social phenomenon. Why? Simply ask yourself: would you bother to find a perfect combination of clothes, makeup, jewelry, and hairstyle every day if no one ever saw you? The truth is, the most passionate fashion artists and lovers out there probably would, but we, common people – less likely. 

Style and fashion are deeply connected to culture through habits, customs, religion, etc. The sociological influence on fashion has been a subject of many studies and discussions, as the relationship between the two is not easy to define. 

Nevertheless, this year, 2020, has shown to us that style and social conditions function reciprocally, as the beauty industry has suffered a big crisis during this period due to the buyer’s financial problems or plain lack of will and motivation for buying beauty products. On the other hand, some handled their days of isolation by turning to impulsive online shopping and hoping there may be a Macy's promo code available for them to use to save some money on these impulse purchases!

Pandemics aren’t a new occurrence, but we’re still unused to them in modern times. How did we react? Well, civilization is still capable of being completely shaken because of a microorganism, so the good news is we're still good old humans. Nevertheless, almost every aspect of man’s existence has suffered one way or another. Attitude toward style and self-care was affected as well, but since it is available to get any product or piece of clothes online, in the end, it is a matter of choice and motivation. Remember, only you create your happiness and beauty. 

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