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As technology is bringing new trends into almost every field, it’s only aim is to make life easier and help consumers have a more personalized experience. The beauty industry is no exception. The age-old myth that beauty is just for ladies is diminishing as well, since more and more people are becoming aware that they need to take equal care of their skin and hair. In case you had no idea, the male beauty industry is worth $50 billion already. Though the beauty industry has been using technology for some time, like the laser hair removal method. The new trends in technology are especially important now since the shopping is done mostly online. Though most products ranging from groceries to apparels to gadgets, can easily be bought online, when it comes to makeup, most people prefer going to the shop to buy it. To solve issues like this and many others, the beauty industry is embracing technology.

L’Oreal’s Kerastase Hair Coach

L’Oreal’s Kerastase Hair Coach was launched last year and it has been called the first smart hair brush. L’Oreal’s research and technology department partnered with Withings and hair care brand Kerastase to invent this unique brush. The brush helps a lot to find out your brushing pattern and how it might affect your hair health. Based on the reports you can change your habits or use products that might suit your hair. There is a microphone attached to the brush that finds frizziness, dryness, split ends, breakage. Other technologies used here enable it to find out how much pressure is being applied on the scalp while brushing, the quality of hair during or after brushing, and even find out the brushing pattern. The brush has an algorithm that can detect various hair care routines and give reports on what is working for you. There is a mobile app associated with the brush.

ModiFace Skin AI

ModiFace is a well-known name in the world of augmented reality, as they have been providing technology to the beauty and medical industry for quite some time now. They have come up with an app now that can detect the slightest change in your skin now over a live video. It can also find out if certain products are working well for your skin. The technology patented by ModiFace was born in the labs of Stanford University and is currently being used by the biggest beauty brands like L’Oreal, Sephora, Unilever etc.

Estee Lauder’s Night Time Expert App

After the night cream, here is an actual app that might help you with your night care routine. The app has teamed up with Google and can be used via Google home too. Once you ask google to enable the app for you it will ask you a series of questions to determine your skin care and your skin type too. Based on that, it will give you a personalised night time routine. The company is planning to expand this app beyond night time.

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