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Endodontic treatment, commonly known as root canal treatment, is a complex restorative procedure. It is your dentist’s last attempt to save a severely damaged tooth before considering its extraction, so patients need to acknowledge that the treated tooth is already in a delicate situation. 

Dentists should be e extremely careful when carrying out an endodontic treatment to ensure long-term success. That’s why a specialist in endodontics usually performs this procedure, and in many cases, it can take more than one visit.

Why is root canal treatment necessary?

The main reason your Endodontist in Brooklyn might indicate this procedure is to remove an infection, as tooth infections that remain untreated for a long time will eventually lead to tooth loss. This infection affects the dental pulp (the inner soft tissue that keeps the teeth alive) and is typically caused by long-standing dental decay or severe dental trauma. When the dental pulp gets infected, there’s no choice but to have it removed by a specialist in Endodontics, who meticulously follows several steps to complete this treatment. 

Why can a root canal treatment take more than one visit?

An Endodontist might choose to break root canal treatment into different sessions for the following reasons:

  • * Anatomy of the tooth being treated: some teeth have multiple or curvy roots, complicating the treatment. In many cases, the procedure requires too much time to be carried out in only one session.

  • * Severe infection: sometimes, specialists in Endodontics prefer to wait and see how the tooth reacts to treatment before placing a permanent filling.

  • * Non-stop bleeding: if the tooth bleeds too much after having the pulp extirpated, your dentist might decide to temporarily seal it and continue the procedure in the near future.

  • * Cracked teeth: teeth that have undergone dental trauma need time to heal correctly, so your dentist will check the progress throughout multiple sessions until the healing process it’s completed.

  • * Patient factors: patients might opt to visit the office multiple times to avoid long clinical sessions.

Single vs multiple visits: which is more convenient?

It is difficult to tell which one is more convenient, as it varies from case to case. Although it’s a fact that many patients prefer to visit the office only once, in most cases, this decision is taken by your Endondtist in Brooklyn based on the particularities of your dental problem. 

Looking for an Endodontist in Brooklyn?

If you have been referred for root canal therapy or think you might benefit from it, book an appointment with an Endodontist at Bow Tie Dental Studio and clear up all your doubts!

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