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SINGER-SONGWRITER GENE-O: “Music - Our Medicine | Our Soundtrack”

  • Written by By GENE-O - Singer-Songwriter & Pioneer of Classic Twist

When I originally sat down to write this article, I was hopeful that the words might find someone else in need of healing. This piece is about music's power to heal, not just the body, but the heart too. We see it all around us—music in the background at the therapist's or softly playing while you wait in the doctor's lobby. It’s part of the healing, as essential as any medicine. And it’s everywhere, and for good reason. I’ve seen it firsthand—music is a lifeline, a comfort when little else can reach us. This piece, I hope, is more than just a collection of stories — it's a testament to the soothing touch of music.

Music - Our Medicine | Our Soundtrack

In 2021, a friend faced a fierce battle with COVID, ending up on a ventilator in a fight for his life. While he was lying in that hospital bed, secluded from friends and family, he reached out and asked me to send over some of my tracks—the ones he’d loved over the years. When he finally beat the virus and left the hospital, he made a point to call me up just to say thank you. He told me those songs were like a lifeline to him in those hard times. It wasn't the first time I'd heard how my music helped someone pull through, but knowing it helped him, that meant everything. More than anything, I was just relieved he was okay—healthy and free from the hospital. To this day, when he shares his experience with people, he always includes how those melodies helped carry him through one of the toughest ordeals of his life.

Music has been my healer too. Not so long ago, I had a battle with severe, chronic pain. It was during this period that the music became my safe haven. Focusing on the music not only spurred some of my best writing but also kept the pain and overwhelming sensations at bay. Then, when that pain became too much and I found myself in a hospital with a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis, music was the lifeline I clung to amidst the onslaught of kidney failure and sepsis. In those hours filled with doubt, I'd hum along to a melody or let my phone spill out the tracks I had laid down, crafting new lyrics right there in that hospital bed. Those rhythms and rhymes I created were more than just distraction—they were a salve for both my body and my spirit. Each note I hit, every line I scribbled, felt like a step closer to recovery. For the lengthy weeks I spent in that hospital room, music wasn't just a pastime; it was my faithful friend, my co-combatant in the fight for my health.

This younger generation, they've got a rhythm for every moment—pulsing, up-tempo beats to pump them up for the gym, or to keep the energy high while tackling homework or just cruising in their cars. The tune changes with the mood, see. My boy, he's got his own playlist too, especially when he's wrestling with his bipolar episodes, something we didn't even know was part of his world for the longest time. Finding out about it, well, it opened our eyes in more ways than one. It wasn't just about the music being a soothing force for him; it educated us, made us wise to what he was living through. He says the music quiets the noise in his head, with the song's vibe matching the weight of his symptoms.

Now, I'll be straight with you—the stuff the young ones listen to, half the time, it’s noise to my ears. Makes me want to yank the cord out of the wall. But then, I reckon that’s the circle of life in music taste—my parents probably wanted to do the same with my records. But here’s the thing, music, it's got this magic to it, doesn't it? It pushes them, pushes us, through the rough patches, the confusion. I've seen it do its work with my son. Believe me, it's got power, and in his case, it's been a game-changer.

“Time for Change” - A Message of Healing

Now, as I reflect on my latest single, "Time for Change," I think about the eclectic musical influences that have shaped me. I have loved all types of music and have sung most styles at one point or another just to see what really caught my interest. My childhood home was filled with the sounds of Motown, Jazz, and Gospel, which I believed to be the music I was supposed to listen to, until my brother's love affair with rock 'n' roll introduced me to a new realm of expression. The rebellious riffs of Hendrix, played at 5:45a.m. after my mom left for work, were a stark contrast to the soulful melodies I'd grown up with, but for my brother they were his healing. Over time, those raucous mornings laid the groundwork for my own musical exploration.

Now, I’m not about to hand all the credit over to him, but that noise, it must've seeped into my subconscious or something, because now here I am with "Classic Twist;” a fusion of Classic Rock, Country, Alternative Pop, all seasoned with a dash of Soul—my kind of vocals. This blend, it's like it’s been marinating in my head, playing on a loop, and it surfaces at times—whenever I was experiencing something significant in my life, and it wasn't always negative stuff. It could be the start of a new relationship, the process of my divorce, moments with my children, or stepping into a new job – basically, any life event that made step out of my comfort zone. Change has never been my strong suit, but embracing this new sound has cracked open doors I never even knew were there. "Classic Twist" isn't just a style; it’s a gateway to new beginnings.

“Time for Change” was born in the aftermath of 2020—pandemic fears, political upheaval, global heartache. I watched the world face senseless conflicts and bewildering disasters, like a fire engulfing an island surrounded by water, and wondered, what can one voice do? The answer came in a song. It’s a call for unity, love, and yes, change. Because without these, what are we even doing here? This song, it's simple at its core. It’s about stepping out, shaking things up, and doing the right thing. And it’s not just talk—music has this way of cutting through the noise, reaching in, and flipping the switch in our hearts. It’s not about grand gestures; it's about the small moves we make towards one another. Love’s the easiest thing there is, and it's time we let it flow freely.

I’m not just a singer; I’m a messenger. My mom always said I’d touch souls with my voice. I used to think that was just talk—I wanted to be a basketball legend, not a crooner. But here I am, and if my message of unity, love, and change can set off a chain reaction, then let it be. If my song can reach just one person, make them feel a little less alone, a little more hopeful, then I’ve done my part.

So, listen. Let the music do its work. Let it heal the hurt, bridge the gaps, light up the dark. And remember, the first step towards a brighter world starts with you. I’m taking mine by pouring everything into the music and the message. Now it’s your turn. Give it a chance—let's start healing, together.



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