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A modern smoke alarm system is essential to ensure the safety of your property as well as the people residing in it. Fires can happen at any time and in any area of your building. The older the structure of your property is, the higher the probability of fire incidents occurring. Having a fire modern smoke alarm in Sydney is a huge difference between life and death.

Smoke detectors are electronic fire detection devices that send off signals whenever there is smoke or fire in the immediate vicinity. They can be battery-operated or hardwired to the main power. The type of building you have is a determining factor in what kind of smoke/fire alarm system is best for you. 

To give you an idea of how beneficial having an installed modern smoke alarm system in your building is, Gordon Powers level 2 electricians in Sydney have put together 10 reasons why you should get them installed.

Early Fire Detection

Early detection of incidents related to fire is one of the major benefits of having a smoke alarm system. Countless lives and properties have been saved just by having this device. The cost of this system is nothing compared to the lives and properties that could be potentially lost.

Avoid Life-threatening Effects of Smoke Inhalation

The main and most important reason for installing a smoke alarm system on your property is this. The majority of deaths and serious injuries during a fire is due to the inhalation of smoke. The mixture of chemicals, gases, and particles in the smoke can cause irritation and swelling to the airway and lead to respiratory collapse. A smoke alarm can provide the people in the building a headstart to get out before the fire gets worse. 

Faster Firefighters Response 

The smoke alarm system will be able to detect fire during its early stages. If the alarm system is connected to the local fire department, the firefighters can be notified at the soonest time and promptly respond to the situation and ultimately prevent the loss of life and huge property damage.

Lessens the Damage From Fire Incidents

Early detection and prompt action to fire incidents enable quick and faster response time from the residents as well as the firefighters. A smoke alarm coupled with a sprinkler system and/or a fire suppression system can save your property and further reduce the damage and corresponding costs of repairs.

Get Discounts on Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies love when their clients show due diligence and preparedness. If you install a fire alarm system along with fire suppression agents and sprinklers, the insurance companies will offer you discounted premiums. That will be your reward for reducing the risks associated with fire incidents.

Flexible Installations

No matter what type of building structure and modern kitchen design you have, there will always be a place to install these highly beneficial smoke alarm systems. However, take note that you can maximise a smoke detector’s benefits if you strategically install them near areas with fire hazards like the kitchen. Installing them near the rooms where your family stay is also a great idea.

Constant Monitoring System

Just by installing a functional fire alarm system, you are guaranteed constant, 24/7 protection. Whether you’re away from home or catching up with your hours of rest and sleep, you will be confident that you are protected from any fire incident.

Affordable and Easy Installation

There are a lot of variations of fire alarm systems available in the market. The prices widely vary and depend on the features that come along with the system. The ionisation smoke detectors can come very cheap at $5 while the aspirating smoke detectors will cough you up to $5,000.

Smoke alarm systems are also very easy to install. You can do the installation yourself or have the professionals do it for you. There is no wiring required for most models while the more advanced ones will require the help of qualified local emergency electricians near you.

Low Maintenance

Smoke alarm systems require little to no maintenance requirements. You just have to make sure to change their batteries occasionally and have them inspected by professionals on a yearly basis. The cost of having a functioning fire alarm is basically nothing compared to the multitude of benefits it provides you.

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