• Written by Dr. Linda Salvin

Having earned a Master's in Public Health Epidemiology over 40 years ago, my knowledge of epidemics is still the same. I do not work in the field as I evolved spiritually and entered parapsychology, broadcasting and created an integrative metaphysical clinical practice. As a psychic and healer with a scientific background, I see the Corona Virus as overwhelming and mischievous as any practicing medical scientist, physician, epidemiologist, social behaviorist, psychiatrist, statistician, politician or layman.

While seemingly out of control and spreading rapidly, we do know ways to protect ourselves.

* Isolation is excellent for us to slow down or prevent the spread of contact. We need to get through the incubation period. Prevention is priority. Following guidelines and suggestions is the key to succeeding.* The virus cannot live in heat so being outside for 15 minutes, holding your hairdryer to your nose and moistening the nasal cavity has been shown to help stop the spread. Natural supplements like zinc, Vit. C, and immune building supplements could assist in strengthening the immune system.

*The Covid19 appears to start in the throat. Gargle, drink warm fluids and help kill the virus.

* Most us will probably become infected with the virus. That means we are the host. That does NOT mean we fall ill. We can carry viruses all our lives and never get sick...measles, herpes, chickenpox, shingles, even HIV...i.e., Magic Johnson carries and tests positive for HIV but he has never had AIDS, the actual disease.

*People are not understanding the, carrier, testing positive or a false negative. We can test negative now and in 2-4 weeks, be positive. A case can be someone identified with the virus. Another group of cases are those with the virus who are not sick, vs. those with symptoms, those with symptoms who get sick, and heal or those, unfortunately, who get sick and pass away. A case does not equal death.

* Healthy people do not need to test right now. Statistically and for DNA, reports, projections, yes, I understand but the average person in good health will probably not get sick.

*There is talk about the virus being man made for germ warfare, to get back at the USA for the trade problems. There are reports of the virus being associated with chemtrail smart dust we all inhale from the planes dropping the chemicals. The virus travelled the world as people left China.

*There are posts online that the Chinese population was inoculated with vaccines which contained a digitized replicating RNA which is activated with 5G, thus controlling who gets sick, heals or dies.

*Talk that Covid19 is a cover up to the dangers of 5G radiation and that it will be easier to blame the virus than the technology of 5g.

* There are talks that Bill Gates funded and help create this to rule the world, use it to promote mandatory vaccines which WHO announced will be here by 2030. Many vaccines harm more than protect people. Is this another Big Pharm control of the population where many will be harmed or die?

* The China Flu is absolutely a correct name and is certainly not racist. It originated in China. The type of virus is corona. People are wrongfully attacking asian pacific people. If the virus was originally discovered in Sydney it could be the Sydney or Australian virus. Or, Los Angeles, United States, Paris, France, virus. People are over reacting and reading into the simple categorization of a virus.

*Some are calling this the "beer flu" for it's name, also related to a specific elite group of the population who becomes infected with the virus.

*There is a spiritual sensation of cleansing the planet. With storm of panic and fear, clearing out every store of food, sanitary products and isolating in chaos, there is peace and serenity returning. Dolphins have returned to the canals in Italy while their population suffer. Here in Los Angeles, birds and swans have returned to our Venice canals. The lack of frequency, planes, cars, crowds, noise pollution and other environmental factors upsetting life, is helping nature balance.

*We are communicating with loved ones more; we are more respectful of the neighborhood. Appreciate the sunrise, daytime, God's beautiful work called sunsets at the end of the day.

*I walk my dog, converse with others outside in a different way. Some cross the street as we approach, others walk by fearlessly, smile and we exchange a few words. We are all experiencing the shift.

*Years ago as computers and technology evolved, I said we were destroying the planet. Wealth, greed, technology, imbalance of power, investments, holdings, taxes, stocks, all had to peak to fall down and rebuild. The world is having it's own psychotic break, to be given a new set of eyes to rebuild in a safer, more balanced mode. To prepare for a more fulfilling future.

*This does not mean the end of racism, greed, power...but a lot of people are resorting to cleaning their pasts emotionally, spiritually and even out of the house, getting rid of items they no longer need. People are gardening or being creative in their new time. The finances will take care of themselves...they always do.

*From worshiping celebrity, the arts, political leaders, athletes, games and other distractions in life, we are being forced to reexamine our priorities. We hopefully are returning to our selves, our spirt, creativity and love.

*This is an opportunity to turn fear into faith; find the God or higher power, regardless of religion and belief and trust the timing, synchronicity and bigger picture of the master plan. Again, this is an opportunity to return to LOVE Life Openly & Vigorously Expressed...the planet is ILL,

I Lack Love. It's time for everyone and thing to heal, balance and re-prioritize. Most won't take the opportunity but if a few eyes open and see the message, I have done my job today.

Dr. Linda Salvin
Metaphysical Clinician

Dr. Salvin is available for private consultations.

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