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To start the moving process, the very first thing you have to do is to get moving quotes from different reputable movers of your area after getting all the information about them. The methods used to estimate the cost are different by different movers though most legitimate movers charge based on the shipment’s weight. To avoid a surprising bill in the end, it is important to ensure that everything is included into the quote and ask professionals if there is any kind of hidden fees associated with it. The point of getting it is to get an accurate idea that what your mover will cost you so you can plan your relocation process in a better way. If you want to know what does a general quote includes legally then here is a list. Check out:

Transition distance

How far you are going to shift the stuff contributes a lot in estimating the relocation charges. The moving quote calculated by the movers includes one major element and that is the distance of the transition. If you are relocating to another city but within the borders of the state then it will be considered as short distance transition and the relocation quote will be estimated based on the time spent by the relocators to shift your stuff. In simple words, an hourly rate will be provided to you. When shifting across the borders of a state or country it will be considered as long-distance transition and thus, the relocation quote will be evaluated differently. The price in such a case will be estimated based on the weight of the whole stuff.

Packing cost

If you are inexperienced in packing different shaped and sized belongings then it is best for you to work with reliable packers in return for some price. The cost for packing as specified in the relocation quote is usually evaluated based on the shape and size of the possessions and also the packing material to be used. You just need to coordinate with the relocation company about the size of the relocation so that the required workforce and quantity and type of packing material, and thus, packing cost can be estimated for the relocation.

Loading and unloading cost

If you are hiring the relocators for loading and unloading the stuff in and out from the truck, then the cost for the same will be included in the moving quote provided by the relocation company. The price charged for loading and unloading the truck depends on the belonging’s number and weight, relocators and equipment used.

Insurance charges

When relocating the stuff to another location, there are chances of your stuff getting damaged even after taking all security precautions. It is the insurance cover that comes in handy to reduce the financial risk that you might face due to loss of the precious items. Almost every relocation company offers financial coverage to provide a sense of security to their clients. The insurance cost as specified in the relocation quote is evaluated based on the type of insurance coverage opted by the client.

Storage cost

Sometimes there is possible that the new home or apartment you are moving to might not have enough space to accommodate all your belongings lying in the old home. And it’s not convenient for you to purge them out due to their good condition. It is when storage units come into the picture. You can ask the movers if their company provides access to the storage units. And if they do you can store your belongings in the same for the time being in return for some price. The storage cost mentioned in the relocation quote is determined based on the total possessions and time for which they are to be stored.

Additional cost

Apart from the above-listed costs, there are some additional costs that are specified by the companies in the moving quotes and these include:

  • Specialty items

If you want to move specialty items along with regular items then extra fees is charged in return for the same service. Specialty item includes piano, vehicle, bathtubs, or any other heavy items.

  • Long carry or stair carry fees

If it is not possible for the movers to park the truck within the range of 100-200 ft in front of the house or the stairs are to be used to them to take the stuff out then the customers are charged several hundred dollars.

Wrapping it all up!!!

To not to get any financial surprise in the end of the process, get quote in written form. Also, it is recommended you to read it carefully and check the terms and things included into it. This helps you to avoid a moving scam and unexpected expense. If you find any special services you require are not added then ask movers for the same and if you find any charges are unreasonable then movers might negotiate those.

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